Huawei Glory Android 2.3.3 Phone Features Review & Price

The Huawei Glory seems an interesting device running the latest version of Android and priced at just 300$. It packs quite a lot more than what a mid-end phone would do, almost making it to the high-end category.


It runs on a 1.4Ghz Processor, however it might be single or dual core processors ’cause we’ve seen gingerbread run on both. It looks like PC Magazine had their hands on the Sonic device recently and it packs a gorgeous 4 inch display along with lots of power, 1900mAh to be precise. They also report it comes with 2Gigs of internal storage, a Memory card slot and the typical basic Wifi-GPS-3G stuff and all that.

There’s also an 8 Megapixel Autofocus camera which comes with an LED Flash as well, we guess it should do 720p by the looks of it, that’s really amazing for a 300 buck device. With all that said, it looks like a real neat phone which can do some quick processing and gaming.

Is Huawei trying to capture the high end market from leading mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung and HTC who are competing in the same segment? If that’s their plan, I guess it is going to work well. With the pricing strategy Huawei seems to have adopted for the Glory, it certainly looks like the Glory will be in all glory.

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