iElection : Costliest Android App in Indian App Market

Until now Indian government used to manual procedure of sending out the election slips to the voters about their details of the polling booth which they are allocated and till now it has been followed. Things might look changing as an Android application is noticed at Android Market which is developed to reduce the woes of voters during the election time.

Dr. Shailesh Deshpande has developed an application by name iElection who is the founder and director of Intellection Software and Technologies Private Limited firm. iElection application will enable government to reduce the tedious task of manually sorting the name and the slips to the voter which is time consuming process. iElection will enable government to easily send the voter details to the candidates and this also becomes easier for the voters too.

iElections Android

iElections applications works only on the Android powered tablets which has minimum of Android 2.2 Froyo and higher than that. Any party which buys iElections will be able to provide the login ID and password for the party she belongs to. They would be easily able to locate the ward. After providing the Voter’s name, the users will get their polling station, room number and the poll both number on the screen. Then users can send the information via SMS to the voter with the click on buttons after providing the voter’s mobile number.

Among the other features of this application is that users would be easily able to correct the mistakes like name or the age or the address which is feed in the database and this however ensure the correct information of the voter set by them. The changes done by the users are not mentioned to the other users except they are notified to the administrator by the changes. More additional feature we would see during the development of this application.

Price of this application is between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000 and Deshpande has shown the application demo to various party chiefs and PMC officials too. If this happens to be true then iElection could be the costliest Android application ever sold. So Indian government ready for change or they want to have another scam?

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