How to Import and Export Contacts from Android Phone to SD Card

In the age of smartphones if you are still managing your contacts manually then you make an easier process time-consuming. With phone memory providing you the option of unlimited storage and the contacts storage capacity in SIM has been increased too, it’s easy to manage your contacts if you are rooting your phone, installing updated firmware’s or reset your phone.

Managing and organizing contacts in Android phones is quite easy and provided with various options. Apart from normal functions like Copy from SIM card, Copy Contacts and Memory Status you can restore your contacts from SD Card (importing contacts) and backup your contacts to SD card (export). Various mobile phone manufacturers name it restore or backup or other name but finally they serve the purpose of importing and exporting contacts from one phone to another.

Export Contacts to SD Card

  1. Go to Contact application.
  2. Click on Menu and select Manage Contacts.Manage Contacts
  3. Now from the various options select Backup to SD Card.Manage Contacts Options
  4. Confirm your action.Manage Contactd Export
  5. Your contacts would be exported in a folder on your SD card.Manage Contacts Exporting

Importing Contacts

  1. Importing contacts is very much easy, you just need to open your memory card and navigate to the folder where you have kept your contacts. Generally it’s stored in Contact folder in your memory card.Manage Contacts Import
  2. Click on the VCF file and your contacts backup would automatically be imported to your contact application.

The importing and exporting of your contacts is very much useful when you are rooting your mobile phone or updating your mobile phone with the latest firmware. With it you can restore and backup your contacts easily.

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