How to Improve the Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Y right now is the best low-range Android phone with the price of just around INR 7000, and it is pretty good for all ages but the main concern for every user would be the battery life, which needs to be at its best. Generally for the low processor and not-so-high graphics level of the Samsung Galaxy Y, the battery delivers a good life but we share a few tips which would help in extending the battery life much more.

samsung galaxy y battery

  • Basic Necessities: Turning Off unnecessary connectivity options
  • Based on choice: Background data disabling if not needed
  • Kill it off: Kill the running app if its taking up the load
  • Brightness level management – Viewable but not extreme

data enabler appTurning the Connectivity options “Off”

As its always said in most of the battery saving tips tutorials, the connectivity options should be toggled off whenever you are not using them. The connectivity that is usually seen is the data network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

  • GPS is used only when you are using the Google Maps or some location-based apps, or sometimes when some background apps need it. You should keep it off whenever you are not using it, because the GPS satellite connection is one of the commonest battery eaters.
  • One of the other connectivity options which use a lot of battery is the Data network connection, i.e. the 3G.
    There is a simple app named Data Enabler which works as a widget in the phone, and a single touch is enough to toggle the data network on/off.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don’t use a lot of battery, but why not turn them off when you really don’t find any particular reason for keeping them on.

Background Data / Auto Syncing options turned “Off”

The background data usually does the job of keeping the updates on, and the apps running using the data network even when you are not using that particular app. Some apps that need the background data include the Mail, Google Talk, Social Hub etc. which are set to update regularly for the latest content. They are for sure helpful but they keep using the battery because each minute of the usage needs the connection to the data network, and if the network is 3G, rather than EDGE/2G the battery eaten up is more.

Kill the running applications: If they kill the battery

Some of the applications keep using more memory of the phone, and most of them function normally while using a big percentage of memory, which might be hard to handle for the processor of the Galaxy Y. Just killing the app, i.e. force stopping it would be the best way. There is an app called Super Task Killer for Android which keeps a check on each app and its usage, and the memory it is using. You can choose to kill the application from there.

Managing the Brightness levels

Brightness level management is one of the basic things to do, but many miss it as they feel the brightness level set at its best even in the low-light conditions would make the display look better. When you don’t really have a need of high brightness in the phone, it would be the best to adjust the brightness level to a low one. That saves the battery by a considerable amount.

Here is the easiest way to increase/decrease the brightness levels:

There are many other task killer apps but most of them would instead increase the load and use the battery, so the best one would be the super task killer app which we have tested and used in the Galaxy Y too. There are a few better ones too, which can be used if the Galaxy Y is rooted.

  • Yogendra Karki

    Dear Hari Om First of all you install Go Power Master in your gadget via Google Play Store & there is a option Optimize in this app you click on it & it will kill all process. Not only this there are many option to save battery in this app. Belive me it works

  • hari om

    mere phone kiraat ko battery 93% the. jb mai subah ko utha to 72% ho gye the. maine phone ko switch off kiya or yeh 66% ho gye plz suggest me my phone’s gps,wifi, is off nd brightness is 10%

  • John

    What is the the highest capacity battery that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Y ?

  • Pete

    I have two Samsung Galaxy Y in my house. Both bought 1 week ago. On one the battery only lasts for about 8 hours before it tells me it needs charging. On the other, so far it has lasted 4 days without it needing charging again. The only difference is that one has wi-fi enabled and the other doesn’t. I have now turned off the wi-fi and will let you know how it goes once it is fully charged again which it is doing at the moment.

  • Arshad

    My battery is draining lik hell… I charged it for 4hrs aft 1 mins its switched off coz of battery low.

  • hunter

    how can i manage my phone memory ??

    • swarn

      hi i have seen that galaxy y consumes lot of battery in idle state and stand by..please can smeone explain why and how improve this


      • Ahmed

        You can decrease brightness, Dont keep any files on home screen uninstall unwanted apps

  • hunter

    how can i manage my phone memory ??

    • Pradeep Neela

      from manage apps

    • Pradeep Neela

      from manage apps

  • Muzzi

    just charge your battery 70% and just once charge it 100% in month it will help you to and improve your battery backup :)

  • Jack

    If i use a 1500 mah powered battery instead of 1000 mah will the battery back up improve?? Will it affect my phone ??? Please anyone reply??

  • Zene G.

    My galaxy y only lasts for 1day and every time i wake up from my night sleep its lowbat. It says that the one that consumes it is phone idle and sleep. Please help

    • Pradeep Neela

      what are the apps which you are using?

  • prem raj

    I have recently bought Samsung galaxy Y and I am not having any such problem with it but then I have found that the battery is draining quickly, it was working fine in the starting but then now I have to charge it twice to have it working throughout the day, so is there anyone who can provide me some tips to save the battery of my phone.

  • fate94

    y is the battery drain fast every time i played games? it no fun that i have to charge the phone everytime after i played games in galaxy y

  • Satya

    I want to buy a new confusing that which mob. I should buy….should i buy a galaxy y or wave y…..plz any body reply me..

    • Akash Rajendran

      galaxy y

    • Akash Rajendran

      galaxy y

    • dharun

      ssssssss its a good choice but the battery level is draining . but galaxy y is best cell in the android cell

  • dhare

    what is the best battery that i can use on my galaxy y.?

  • Raymond Briones

    is it ok if I stop all of my running apps in my galaxy just to save battery?

    • Aditya Chintha

      Yes you can !! :)

  • cjoarr

    hey. i do have the same problem..isn’t battery saver truly working to save battery long lasting..???? isn’t harm to my galaxy y if im going to use samsung battery that can fit on it..?? thanks

    • Pradeep Neela

      yes you can change the battery at a service centre near you!

    • Vishnudath

       No, you should not do like that. it will affect your mobile.

  • andy

    my phone is new,but then the battery is good only for 1 day.How is that?

    • Vishnudath

       Yes Andy, Its Good :)

    • dharun

      because any one android cell’s battery level is only one day

  • andy

    y is it that my battery is only good for 1 day?

    • Pradeep Neela

      yes Android phones have battery issues!

  • RAtul

    can i use samsung S2 1500mAh battery for galaxy y?? do they come in the same sizes??

    • Pradeep Neela

      yes you can use!

    • dharun


  • Jen

    where can i purchase the 1350 mah batteries for galaxy y in Malaysia?

    • Neela Pradeep

      you can purchase from mugen power batteries!

  • Fernando

    Using the Wi-Fi drains the battery in my Galaxy Y.
    But even if I don’t use the Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth in a day the battery becomes very low and need to be charged in the night again. Is there any problem other than these?

    • Aditya Chintha

      yes sometimes the phone gets hanged when calling and lots of pros and cons check them out in google!

      • Neela Pradeep

        go to recovery mode and clear everything!

    • sani

      ya the batt. backup is not good.

  • sandy

    plz tell me which broweser is faster & better for samsung galaxy y?..&tell me some applications for utilizing this mobile betterly?..plz sir

    • dharun

      oprea mini

  • eStine


    Plz tell me if we use a 1350 mAh battery for samsung galaxy y , can it harm the handset

    thank you very much

    • Pradeep Neela

      use original batteries, though there is no harm if you follow the usage pattern as mentioned by the battery manufacturer!

  • eStine

    can we use a battery of more than 1350 for samsung galaxy y and tell me how much more mAh’s battery can we use?

    • Pradeep Neela

      yes you can use the batteries!

  • Vimal Solanki


    Can we use 1350 mAh battery for Samsung Galaxy Y instead of 1200 mAh. Will it be compatible ?


    • Pradeep Neela

      yes you can use the battery!

      • dharun

        may be we use the 1350 mAh battery for galaxy y .mhhhhh it will be comfortable /

  • khalnayak

    I have recently bought Samsung galaxy Y and I am not having any such problem with it but then I have found that the battery is draining quickly, it was working fine in the starting but then now I have to charge it twice to have it working throughout the day, so is there anyone who can provide me some tips to save the battery of my phone.

    • DD


  • sambath

    neal the no.of people using galaxy y is increasing day by day you know….but still there is no support from adobe,cyanogenmod team,even custom rom developers wouldn’t mind this mobile…for what reason they avoiding this mobile?

    • Pradeep Neela

      due to hardware limitations, there are not many developers opting for this phone for custom roms!