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How to Increase the HTC One S Battery Life

HTC One S is certainly among the top phones available in the market surpassed by only HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III.  One X smart phone is the small brother of HTC One X smart phone and this is spotted with 1.5 Ghz Krait processor with 1 GB of RAM and 16 Gb of internal memory storage capacity. With impressive 4.3 inches Super AMOLED display screen and 8 mega pixel cameras the specifications looks beautiful. The devices is supplied with 1650 mAh rechargeable battery and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system is best known for its new features addition and best user interface.HTC One S battery

The 1650 mAh battery is just good enough for the device to run it for complete one day normal usage of video playback, calls, SMS, internet access. The better side of One S is that the Ice Cream Sandwich is the Android version which comes pre installed on the device which comes with the better battery management, but still there are lot many things by which you can extend the life of your battery. The battery drains out quickly if you use few functions like Wi Fi tether or internet for considerable amount of time. The Wi Fi tether and the 3G HSDPA internet usage are the higher battery draining components than the others.

Given in this guide we optimized your HTC One S smart phone to increase the battery life of your devices to considerable amount of time.

  • It’s important for you to understand how you are charging your phone. This has the great impact on the battery life and the heath of your battery. As we see most of the batteries comes with certain number of fix charge cycles. So instead of always charging your device on timely manner, it’s recommended you charge your device when you have 10 % or 20 % battery life left. And it’s recommended that you fully charge your device without disconnecting it from the charging point.
  • It also depends on what charger that you are using for the charging of your devices. Various chargers have different operating voltage the power supplied. It’s recommended that you go with the original HTC One S charger which has come along with your device kit. If you have lost that one or its missing from your side then you need to purchase one original one meant for HTC devices only.
  • Also make sure that you don’t overcharge your device for longer period of time. While the battery goes older, due to the aging of the components the battery life as well goes to the lower side too.
  • Don’t remove the batteries too often is the tip for all the smart phone but luckily this will not happen on the One S smart phone as its powered with non- removable batteries, this prevents the device from getting damaged during the removal of the dust.
  • As we all know that the various connectivity options communicate with the nearby cell towers, its recommended when you are not using the function, toggle it Off.
  • GPS is one the highest battery draining component, so when you are using the Google Maps or location based applications, turn it ON, but when the work is done make sure that your turn it off. So until GPS is connected, the device will communicate with the nearby satellite connection for the location of your device although you are not using it. Make sure you turn it OFF when you are not using.
  • One of the other major battery network connections is the 3G network connection. Make sure your turn it OFF when not using it or set it in the Auto mode.
  • Wi Fi tether is also one of the highest battery draining component for all the devices not only One S. So when you are sharing your internet connection then its fine or when you are not using them please turn it OFF to save battery for future.
  • The background data or Auto syncing does the job of the synchronizing the application and the date running the background like apps updates, email check up from time to time and this option should be turned OFF. The background data can be a major battery draining component. Alternatively you can set up to check for the updates once every 6 hours or once in a day.
  • Some applications which you have opened on your phone consume memory all the time. These functions although you are not using it, its stays and you should kill these applications to save memory and make your device perform faster. There are applications called Advanced Task Manager which keeps the application running in the background easily.
  • Managing the brightness level is one of the basic things which you can do to reduce the power consumption. When you are inside the room or in office or home, setting up the display to be 10 % of the maximum is enough. This is the best way to save the continues drain of your phone’s battery.
  • You should also take care of camera flash because this drain the battery pretty quickly that you will run with low power if you turn it for more than 30 minutes.
  • Live wallpapers are also one of the battery draining components. In my recommendations, you shouldn’t use them. They consume the continue CPU usage and the RAM resources which runs the One S smart phone slower and this inturn decreases the battery life.

By following the above tips we ensure that your battery on One S smart phone will last almost double the time which you get right now. Try this and do let us know about this.

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