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How to Increase HTC EVO View 4G Battery Life

HTC EVO View 4GHTC tablets like HTC Flyer and HTC EVO View 4G are really good on the terms of battery lasting time but, if certain attention is paid on the use then we could just save more. HTC EVO View 4G is powered by a high capacity of 4000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. The high capacity battery is the reason why tablet lasts for long but, at the same time one must keep in mind that HTC EVO View 4G comes with a large display of 7 inches with 1024 x 600 pixels resolution, 1.5 GHz processor + SQN1210 (WiMAX), GPS unit, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi – Fi 802.11 b/g/n and more to increase the user experience. The hardware implementation is directly proportional to user experience and thus battery needs to be strong enough to handle the resources and at the same time the battery ratings must not exceed the proposed ratings. The rating helps in protecting the environment and the device aswell. Charging HTC EVO View 4g once in a day completely will help in better performance and you can be worry free as battery will last longer. Always try not to charge the HTC EVO View 4G using USB. Simply keep few things in mind and this will solve most of your battery lasting time problems.

Display and Sound:
Large display provides larger touch area and display resolution further makes certain aspects a little complex. Here, what are the things that are in our control? Display resolution is not in our control even the touch area is not in our control but there are two things that we can control. We can control our display brightness and time out time. Always set your display brightness to LOW as this will help you save a lot amount of battery. Display time out time must be comfortably set and the value can change person to person thus, try to set the time out time to as low as possible. There is one more optional setting that you can turn OFF, turn OFF auto rotation. To turn OFF auto rotation from home screen navigate to Settings > Display and then uncheck Rotate screen option. Never play movies with high brightness settings.

The notification sounds, movie sounds, audio playback, etc must not be set to HIGH volume. Use LOW volume settings as far as possible.

Connectivity Options:
Whenever your tablet is not in use, disable Wi – Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 4G connections. This is observed on a large scale that people leave the Bluetooth, Wi – Fi and GPS settings ON even after the use, and this must be avoided as leaving Bluetooth, Wi – Fi and GPS will only worsen the scenario. Bluetooth tries to connect to paired devices if available in its vicinity, and also keeps scanning for active devices if left ON. If Wi – Fi is left ON then Wi – Fi scans for available Wi – Fi networks, and tries to connect to Wi – Fi networks that are remembered. GPS tries to connect with the GPS satellites and this takes up certain amount of battery power.

Multimedia features like audio and video handled very beautifully but make sure you play only the hardware decodable audio and video formats. Audio and video formats which are not hardware decodable perform software decoding and this uses a little more amount of processor and memory resources.

Applications tend to run in the background and they must be controlled. To control the background running application make use of Task Manager, Task Manager can be accessed pulling down the Notifications bar. Certain applications use SYNC settings and this also leads to usage of battery as data traffic is used. Turn OFF SYNC settings if not required. SYNC can be configured from home screen navigate to Settings > Accounts & Sync. Turn OFF Background data to avoid certain applications to access internet while running in the background.
Task ManagerHTC Connection Widgets
Make use of applications like Juice defender to increases battery lasting time even more.

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