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How to Increase Internal Memory Samsung Galaxy Ace & Install A2SD

If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, there are high chances you could have encountered the low internal memory space error while installing applications or accessing regular functions/during regular usage in the phone. This happens as the internal memory space that’s available to use is so low that another application cannot run or install using the free memory available.

We have here, a neat and small way to go about changing this situation on your Ace smartphone. The only pre-requisite for this would be a memory card reader that can be connected to your computer, or an in-built SD card reader on your desktop/laptop computer.




  1. Download the MiniTool Partition Wizard Software and install it on your computer. Download Link
  2. Now, insert your microSD card into an empty microSD-SD Card and plug it into your computer through the card reader. Do note that you should not access the files of the memory card through the phone or its mass storage device mode and this has to be strictly followed.
  3. Now, copy all the files within the memory card and back it up locally on your computer. This is very important as during this process, all the data from the memory card will be erased while re-partitioning occurs.
  4. Now, open the MiniTool that was installed previously in Step 1 and select SD Card.
  5. Right click on the option and pick ‘Delete’. Upon confirmation, the contents of the memory card are now deleted.
  6. Now, right click and click on ‘Create New’. Here, choose FAT32 file type and allocate a good amount of memory space as you desire. Note that this space will be used to store the media and other files, so do allocate accordingly.
  7. Now, similarly, select ‘Create As: Primary’ directory as an ext2 partition and allocate some memory as you would need. Note that in this partition, all the necessary applications will be fitting in.
  8. Click the Apply button on the top-left corner of the application and insert the microSD card into your Ace smartphone.

That’s about it and now, you have as much memory as needed by you to install applications and have an increased internal memory setup on your Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone.


  1. Galaxy Ace Internal Memory problem.

    I have read in numerous forums that people are facing the internal memory problem. All the apps store their data/lib files/apk file in the internal memory. Over the period of use, the memory gets full and user has no clue why since he hasn’t installed that many apps/games.

    Well, I am no different and suffered the same. I tried various techniques includes Link2SD but the data still gets stored in the internal memory even though the apk is stored in the SD Card.

    Here’s a link to my blog and the vital steps to overcome the memory option — IT WORKS !!!


    Cheers Guys

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