How to Increase Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy mini S5570 to 1GB+

Galaxy mini LogoFor all those who own Galaxy mini S5570 smartphone, here flows in the great news as in the due course of this article we will be discussing about on how you can choose the internal memory without much issues. This work around will actually increase the internal memory so that you can make the most out of your memory space without compromise on your applications use. The best part of this work around is that you need not install any custom ROMs in your phone, all you need is a memory card which is formatted in the FAT 32 file system and last but not the least, you can apply this work around with the help of Odin which is the best part. This fix will enable you to increase your internal memory to a whopping 1GB plus which even Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn’t have it.

So let’s check out the same with the help of simple instructions but please it’s recommended from our side to back up all the data present in your phone so that just in a rare case if the data gets lost or corrupted, the same can be restored easily with the help of below mentioned steps. We are really thankful of user in XDA who has come up with this fix.

SMS – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app”,
Contacts – Sync with the Gmail application,
Notes – Manually save the notes in your mail as these will be lost in the process of firmware update
Call Log - Call Log and Restore
Images, Songs, Videos, Files – Copy to internal / External SD Card,
APN and MMS Settings – Note down from the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names

  • By applying this method there is no way that you will be losing the warranty and the warranty will be intact. Up next enable the USB Debugging Mode in your phone. Enable USB Debugging in your device from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. The USB Debugging option should be ticked in your phone.

USB DebuggingNote: Please note that this procedure will only work on the phones which are non rooted rooted phones.

  • Also last but not the least, you need to ensure that the phone is left with the minimum charge of 60% so as to ensure that the phone doesn’t get turned Off in the middle of firmware update.

Assuming that you have followed all the above mentioned instructions, you are now ready to proceed to the next page where we have summed up the instructions to apply this work around.


  1. dasfsadfdfasdfa

  2. PDA = S5570XWKT8 not in your post, PLS try

    Thanks :)

  3. Phone wont restart after the process…

  4. nothing happen still 181 mb internal help

  5. nothing happen, internal is still 181 mb
    i followed all d procedure
    help me plzz

  6. to increase my internal memory by this method i need a custom ROM r a stock ROM?

  7. There’s might be a problem. My PDA code is S5570BVKT4 which isn’t in the list. :D
    I’ll give you all the codes:

    PDA 5570BVKT4
    PHONE: 5570BVKT2
    CSCS: 5570ROKT2

    Thank you in advance ! :)

    I’m from Romania and i bought this phone 2 years ago from Orange Carrier. Thank you !

  8. i cant get pda image for s5570 DDKA6 android version 2.2.1

  9. Well, everything works until I try to put the usb on my mob, and after that I do the ops & pda file finding job, then I try to use “Start”, it says please connect phones, but the mob is already connected.

  10. why my PDA S5570BUKT4 there’s nowhere, where i could to create this file?

  11. my PDA is GTS5570XWKTT.How can i have the PDA? cus it is not listed.

  12. My PDA is S5570BUKT4 which is not on the list what i do?

  13. Hey Galaxy Mini=Galaxy Pop=Galaxy s5570
    You said it works on Mini and now you are saying it doesn’t on Pop
    Plz make it clear

  14. is it works on galaxy pop

  15. all u need is to

    1. format ur card SD FAT32 and ROOT UR PHONE
    2. install, flash via ODIN CWM(clockworkmod) and format SD to 1GB in Recovery CWM mode or how much u wanna, max 4GB if ur card SD is 8GB in example
    3. flash PDA file via ODIN v4.38 , pda file u can find in

    ITS ONLY for GALAXY MINI, u need minimum Gingerbread 2.3.4 to have.

    In this tutorial, who created it, jsut forgot that u need to format SD card again via CWM to 1GB (max 4GB if ur SD card is biger then 4GB)

  16. Hi Pradeep, Good day
    I am interested to try the trick but
    1) Tass Ops, not available “First up you need to Download TASS OPS”
    2) My galaxy mini, PDA=S5570XWKTN (Phone= S5570XWKT6) & not listed on above

    Awaiting your support

  17. Fritzmûllweiser

    Hi my PDA which is S5570XWKQG isn’t attached as a downloadable boot image. I have rooted my phone already. What can I do?


  18. yesss!!i successfully made it for my galaxy mini …thnks bro…

  19. after process my cell phone is not restarting….why???
    please reply me with solution.

  20. After successful procedure, can I remove my SD card safely? What happens to internal memory and phone stability if I do that?

  21. Just wanted to know that can I remove sd card safely? what happens to built-in memory after I remove sd card?

  22. PDA is not there. PDA code: S5570XWKQG

  23. Just want to knw that after this successful procedure, can I safe remove my SD card? And if yes, will the memory shows the original 181 MB again?

    P.S. Nice effort man. It’s not easy to constantly reply to 200+ comments. Great work. Keep it up.

  24. my PDA is not in here :( my samsung galaxy mini PDA is S5570XWKTN

  25. how to change back to original internal memory ??
    i tried to factory reset & upgrade firmware but it’s not working

  26. ive got a PDA code of: S557OJPKC1 for my samsung galaxy mini android version 2.2.1
    can you help me please because there isn’t a matching code on your website.

  27. is this procedure still working??

  28. I have the new edition of galaxy mini GT-s5570i with PDA : s5570ijplc1
    can I increase my internal memory or not ???? please help me

  29. Hi, i got one samsung galaxy mini phone, its internal memory is 180MB, i ‘ve tried to increase its memory through the provided procedure in your site, everything went fine with the procedure shown, still the phone memory has’nt increased, what should i do, my phone belongs to middle east country. please help me out.

  30. will be there any hanging type problem in the future by doing this in the phone

  31. i have 2GB microsd but my galaxy pop has only 600 MB free space can i still apply the trick or i have to format my sd card with fat32?

  32. can this process applicable for samsung galaxy y pro duos if so please ay me how to increase my internal memory of phone

  33. I have a galaxy mini phone and my PDA phone is: S5570IJPLF1 but its not in your PDA list.

  34. my PDA is S5510IJPLF1 . where can i download this PDA???

  35. Thank you it works on galaxy mini or Pop…. I want to use this trick for galaxy y. Can i do this sir? Please help me…..

  36. Thank you it works on galaxy mini or Pop…. I want to use this trick for galaxy y. Can i do this sir? Plz help me…..

  37. ive got a PDA code of: S557DDKA6
    i am using galaxy pop the code is not maching

    plz help!!!

  38. i have a galaxy mini but its PDA IS PDA=S5570IXXKL3 wchich is not among any of the mentioned in the boot image PDA option what should i do?thnx(reply to if possible thnx again.

  39. for increasing internal memory in htc explorer is there something like this ?

  40. is there something like this for htc explorer ?

  41. I tried the above on my S5570 non rooted phone with PDA=S5570DDKQ7 (2.3.6)…
    It doesn’t worked for me.. Althow i have 8GB FAT32 inserted….
    Admin….! Any advice……?

  42. HI My PAD No is S5570DDKA6 Could you please let me know which PAD should i download i have Samsung Galaxy Pop.

  43. PDA s5570jvkq3 does not appear on the list

  44. TASS_V1.O.ops does not download as the size is 0mb

  45. What happens if sd card is removed for some purpose?……..will it still show internal memory as !GB+?………..please help me….

  46. I did it and was successful but facing a problem.
    When inserted the double partition card ie, increased memory with sd card stock messaging app doesn’t sends sms, but sticks to as sending. Without sd card or with simple sd card(not being used as memory) it send flawlessly. could someone help.
    Samsung galaxy mini stock gingerbread 2.3.6 rom. already rooted.

  47. I did it and was successful but facing a problem.
    When inserted the double partition card ie, increased memory with sd card stock messaging app doesn’t sends sms, but sticks to as sending. Without sd card or with simple sd card(not being used as memory) it send flawlessly. could someone help.
    Samsung galaxy mini stock gingerbread 2.3.6 rom. already rooted.

  48. Hi, I got to pressing the start button on ODIN, then panicked and unplugged my phone from the computer. I’d done everything right up to that point. It was then stuck in download mode, so I took out the battery as people suggested. It is still stuck, but with a screen saying connect phone to computer with an exclamation mark between them. What have I done, and how do I recover my phone please? My husband said to reconnect my phone back to Odin, and pressing start again, but that’s not working. Please help, as I now don’t have a phone.

    •  its just soft brick…..
      1)remove the battery
      2)reinsert it.
      3)press the volume down key,home button(the centre key) and power button
      4)after doing this your phone will be back in download mode
      5)connect ur phone to ur pc and reflash it…..

    •  its just soft brick…..
      1)remove the battery
      2)reinsert it.
      3)press the volume down key,home button(the centre key) and power button
      4)after doing this your phone will be back in download mode
      5)connect ur phone to ur pc and reflash it…..

  49. Is there any way to increase the internal memory of Galaxy ACE I589?

  50. What do you mean by “non rooted rooted phones”? Will it work in galaxy ace duos I589?

  51. Irfan_ali_bhatti

    how much time it takes to reboot?

  52. Gr8! Will this work on Galaxy ace S5830

  53. hey
    i tried you’re steps precisely but my internal Phone memory still 181 MB , my PDA is S5570XWKT7 so what is the problem 

  54. hey i have galaxy Fit can i use his I mean This will Work on it to ? 

    Model S5670 :( 

  55. after rebooting and all the procedures done, its still showing 280MB itself,.. ???
    can you help me out with this… mail me the step by step video plz…

  56. how do i partition my sd card ? :O

  57. hey ! can you please provide me the pda file for I5510XWKPG (galaxy 551) …
    or any other way to increase internal memory of my galaxy 551…please i really need to increase it…

  58. I do this but internal memory did not increased

  59. do i have to partition two driver in single memory card of 8gb to 1gb
    and 7gb

  60. its not work on my s5570 2.3.6 rooted phone. can any one help me ? plz

  61. * cable is ok
    * samsung usb drivers are installed
    * phone is rooted
    But still odin doesn’t detect my galaxy mini

  62. * cable is ok
    * samsung usb drivers are installed
    * phone is rooted

    But still Odin doesn’t detect my galaxy mini.

  63. Thanks a lot man …. u r awesome ….guys its workin …. dont forget to partition ur SD

  64. My One is S5570JPKC1 Its Not here Help

  65. My One is S5570JPKC1 Its Not here Help

  66. My samsung pop PDA Version is S5570JPKT2

  67. My samsung pop PDA Version is S5570JPKT2

  68. My samsung pop PDA Version is S5570JPKT2

  69. My boot image for galaxy mini is S5570XXKPM.

  70. It doesnt work. After following all your instructions very properly the software shows an eror. I dont no the error.
    Please help me. I really got problem with less internal memory

  71. my phone has just stop working , after doing this there is a checksum fail error can u help me please ?

  72. anyone please help me!! my galaxy ace is suffering of low internal memory,, i uninstalled ALL the apps.. yet it says 150 MB is used.. what is the damn problem?? :(

  73. Phone rooted, followed all steps and nothing happened!

  74. My samsung pop PDA Version is S5570DDKA6, will i able to increase my mobil IM upto 1GB. Sir plz suggest me from where i will get PDA file for my mobile

  75. I have read full article and instruction.
    Sir iam using samsung galaxy pop gt s 5570 which have android 2.2.1 version.
    Baseband : S5570DDKA6
    Kernel version :
    Build number FROYO.DDKA6
    Am i able increase internel memory upto 1GB.
    Plz suggest me hat to do.

  76. Pradeep,

    This blog entry clearly doesn’t explain fully what do we have to do to increase the internal memory. Can you rewrite it indicating what do we have to do before doing what is already indicated?

  77. how long does it takes after flashing will be done? i do it and it took 1 hour and still in downloading mode..

  78. I have Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570 With Froyo 2.2.1 Baseband version S5570JXKC1 KERNEL VERSION ROOT@SE-506#1 BUILD NUMBER FROYO JPKC1 AND PDA Code Given by my Phone is s5570JPKC1

    I Do not see the PDA Boot Image for my PDA code in Your Above Listed Download Options. Does it mean It Does Not Apply To My Phone?

  79. liezel samaniego

    how long do the process take?? i tried updating but nothing happens and i dont know how to do the partition.. plz help.

  80. i have rooted my phone but is it necessary to partion my sd card

  81. can you explain how to make partition of sd card into ext4 or whatever it is

  82. hey i.have tried in my rooted…bt not worked…bt say me first sd card will have to formatted in to fat 32 systm…??before process or after..??i have not formatted it…so..

  83. hi sir i have galxy b5512. with 160 mb internal memory i want incrase memory.
    can i try this method. Increase Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy
    please help me

  84. can i try this on my Samsung Galaxy Fit….
    i am using DDKT1 2.3.6 on it….
    please suggest me…..


  86. please provide the appropriate Boot image for PDA=S5570XWKT2
    Thanks in advance

  87. fu** not working try everything….

  88. after i do this…
    my phone cannot be on…why???!

  89. there is any thing to increase internal memory of samsung galaxy ace s5830

  90. Works it or not ? Please to be sure, that I can install this without any trouble. THX

  91. any thing helpful about how to root my device??

  92. Do i need a version of root update?
    for that update? please help,.

  93. Hi!


  94. dear sir

    i am doing this downloading 2 hours but not successful please how many hours take this download please tell me

  95. please provide the appropriate Boot image for PDA: S5570BVKQ4
    Thanks in advance

  96. I’ve upgraded my Mini to POP.
    Rooted, mSD formatted to FAT32 file system.
    but, not working.
    Model: GT-S5570
    Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband: S5570DDKQ7

    I’ve try with PDA: CODE_S5570DDKQ7_boot.tar.md5
    5 times… still not working.

  97. Guys it WORKS!!!
    1)You need to install custom recovery
    2)Partition sdcard using custom recovery
    3)Then follow the above given procedures

    • Yes guys!! vik it’s right!! i’ll do the same procedure to my galaxy mini 5570 and it’s works!! yes!!!

  98. After i did, my mini only show SAMSUNG logo…
    what is ROOT? why didn’t mentioned @ the first place?

  99. i hope you can provide a video how to increase it, if it work succesful !
    ….. please please mail me when u done video :) thanks…

  100. 100% not working, tried with un-rooted, then with rooted phone,nothing happens… PDA:S5570XWKT7, PHONE:S5570XWKT3, CSC: S5570RGKT1

  101. Get “Swapper for root” from android market. its free and competible with GT S5570. (others Swapper and Swapper2 are not competible with GT S5570)
    Works like charm

  102. It doesn’t work on even rooted phone. (Most of your replies suggesting that)
    I have read all comments but not a single one reading success.
    Dear Pradeep Neela,
    Please provide update if “YOU” or anyone else had this done successfully. I guess this is an experiment which failed to work.
    Else update on title of this post so, people coming with hope.

    P.S. If you moderate this message, then also pls change the topic title as (experimental or not working)

  103. i tried this the whole thing even rooted it but it did not work man!!!! wht the hell. do something about it FAST.

  104. wat will happen if i remove the sd card after applying this???

  105. What will happen if I remove the sd card after applying dis?????

  106. sorry. *not working

  107. hi. can you help me ? i have followed these steps but it still now working. btw, how to know if my phone is rooted or not ? reply A.S.A.P please. thank you :)

  108. Hmm….what if my PDA number not listed here :( !! ]
    is it a problem to use any closer one !??
    please feed me quickly >>>> waiting

  109. Galaxy Pop GTS5570, which is Galaxy mini after upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3.6
    It is rooted phone.
    After taking backup, I connected and followed the procedure, but didn’t work
    Do I have to format my memory card? if yes then won’t I loose all data and applications?

  110. its not working

  111. *sd not sc lol

  112. Hello please email me back. I have formatted my sc card to fat32 specifically and followed your instructions exactly. Do I need to also re format my phone in some way? My version is gingerbread 2.3.6 and is rooted. I have tried it multiple times now and still nothing has happened. Do you have any other advice? I used windows to format the memory card in Fat32 mode. I would love to have more internal memory for free but so far it seems like it wont work, shame really. Please help if anything comes to light :-)

  113. same with me, i had root my mini and tried 4 times but still nothing change in RAM

  114. but the bad thing is when you remove the SD the memory again resets to 181MB…even if switched off and then removed SD …the storage is indirectly saved in SD only..

  115. yeah…..alrite !!! \m/ internal memory upto 1 GB successfully increased….:)

    thank a million pradeep..

  116. pls tell me how to increase samsung galaxy fit s5670 ddkt1 internal memory……..
    waiting for reply…..


  117. link to download “TASS_v1.0.ops”, is broken…..

  118. hi again ..,I rooted my cell….. formatted sd in fat 32. but no change in memory…..again made partition primary FAT 32 & EXT4 then again followed the procedure but nothing changes…PLZ……HELP..:\(

  119. Is there a Boot image for 2.2.1?

  120. Can you confirm this unlocks internal memory or is the boost in internal memory just something that apperars to increase but is instead mapped to the external sd card? I.e., can I run the phone without external storage and still have 1 gb of internal storage? Thanks.

  121. Should i wait??

  122. So should i wait for ur response????

  123. I have rooted my device,, & also tried 3-4 times at the given process,, bt the memory is same,, why this is not working??? :(

  124. can this be done on the ace

  125. pls explain full details about how root the phone

  126. Guys here is video to formet sd card in nxt4 filesystem and make partition

  127. Guys, post ot this process is missin a main key. I am now using 1 gb ROM in galaxy pop/mini. First do process of pda reset u must formet the sd in FAT 32 and after formet make partion od sd card in two primary part 1- fat32 filesystem, 2- nxt4 file system. Partsion make by minitool partition softwere/gpartition. Now u r ready to reset ur pda by Odin. This process work . Do this and like this if u workdone properly. Any proble contact me on

  128. i rooted my mini and tried several times but nothing changed pls help what to do ???

  129. Hi pradeep i am trying this many times and also root the device by superuser but did not changed in my internal memory. i am formet sd at FAT 32 and use insert card in phone before doing this process, but not sucessful, pls guide to my mail or upload any video regarding this process.

  130. pls..make a video to see how to install properly thanks… nothing happend… HUHUHU :(

  131. when it will work on samsung galaxy fit 2.3.6 DDKT1 ?

  132. Hi Guys, i followed d steps and even unrooted my galaxy mini but d internal memory stil remained d same. kindly assist. pls anyone who has succesfully done dat shld comment. Thanks.

  133. It is not working guys…
    I tried on my Galaxy Mini. Repeated several times.

    Why ???

  134. hey ,tried the procedure correctly,but no change in internal memory…plz help .

  135. nothing happen.
    repeated all the steps three times but memory remains same.

  136. Pls give video tutorial for this process…………

  137. its not working..nothing happend…. still 181MB my Storage Memory plz..fix this tnxs a Lot

    my phone is galaxy mini 2.3.6 and i used WKT7 nothing happend…

  138. I too did it in my mini,there’s no change in memory…..followed the procedure correctly…plz help…thanx

  139. What is the minus??? After Increase….Can I root that Mini??

  140. Did I read it right that this fix is applicable only to NON-ROOTED Galaxy Mini?


  141. Did I read it right that this fix is applicable to NON-ROOTED Galaxy mini phones only?
    I think I really need this but my mini is presently rooted.


  142. Nothing changes. All the step done again and again. Memory remains the sams. Explain

  143. mine too. done it twice still the same

  144. is this trick works on GingerBread 2.3.4 ?
    or this trick will work on Froyo 2.2 only ?

  145. didn’t work on my galaxy mini 2.3.3 S5570XXKPF. I’ve done it twice, memory is still 181MB

  146. Thanks pradeep

  147. 4 me nothing changed. Internal memory is same as of previous one.. :( some 181MB or somthing.. :(

  148. it is not working.the process is completed but there is no change

  149. i Did all as explained but nothing changed in My Galaxy S5570. Kindly explain

  150. There is no increase in the phone memory……

  151. there is no increase in the memory…….

  152. Thank a lot Guys for all your helps and tutorials esp on samsung s5570. With ur help have been enjoying my samsung galaxy mini. I now ask should d memory card be inside d phone while flowing d steps above? You said it will b formated in FAT32 so does dat mean d internal memory extension comes frm d memory card? Thanks. I hope soon somtin can b done abt d Phone RAM. God Bless.

  153. nice…will these work on any other phone????

    galaxy 551 user

  154. I did all the steps fine, but the memory never changes still have the same

  155. I did that on my Mini and nothing has changes, memory still the same

  156. can this be done for galaxy ace???????????

  157. This is a very necessary thing and thanx for your post but i wanted to know does this requires root? or anything else which is not in initial, means provided by samsung in new galaxy pop. I also want to know, hard disk is hardware so how could it increase hard disk with software patch with such a tremendous amout. Please explain me.

  158. sir,
    is this trick ..possible in samsung galaxy fit ????
    please give me all the files for my fit -s5670ddkt1.