How to Increase LG Revolution Battery Life

LG RevolutionThe LG Revolution released in May 2011 with support for Verizon LTE network is simply very powerful enough and the users will appreciate its company in the near future. The Dolby mobile sound enhancement simply keeps your headphones connected to the phone and enhances the movie experience, it is not only the sound but the 4.3 inches display simply completes your movie experience. Wi – Fi with b/g/n support makes your life over internet much simpler and easier. Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity provides faster data transfers and thus audio and video streaming feels much smoother. Video capture capability with 720p resolution makes this phone a choice among CDMA lovers. The phone has a HDMI port which simply completes your High Definition needs, thus we can play the videos directly on our HD LED / LCD TV or Monitor. Thus LG Revolution is definitely a very powerful and enjoyable phone but what is the thing which makes this phone more special? It is the onboard 16 GB storage will never let you run low on memory. Thus, using this phone is surely run your battery out but no worries as you can make the battery last longer by using the phone appropriately and using the features thoughtfully.

The features that you need to keep watch on are Wi – Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, Accelerometer, A – GPS, SYNC, Display brightness, LED flash, 720p Video recording / playback, LTE support, Notification alerts and Android OS. So by managing these settings to make the optimum usage will help in conserving more battery.

  • Wi – Fi b/g/n capabilities must be turned OFF after its usage, the Wi – Fi feature uses a lot of battery power. The Wi – Fi Hotspot must be used only if no other connectivity option is left.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 requires more power compared to its predecessor versions. Keeping the Bluetooth connectivity OFF when not in use will eventually add up in more battery saving.
  • Accelerometer is normally used for changing the orientation of the screen with respect to change in phone orientation but it is also used in many motion games and other applications. So to save battery we must not select the option for automatically changing the display orientation.
  • A – GPS must be turned ON only when finding directions outdoors. The GPS functionality will not work if we use it under the shelter, GPS requires clear view of the sky.
  • One the most important feature that contributes in draining the battery is SYNC facility. If any SYNC entry is set as active then the entry will continuously download the updates for that particular entry, thus SYNC must be turned ON only when the updates are very important and you cannot afford to miss them. Facebook SYNC can be turned OFF and only Google SYNC can be left ON or vice versa as per requirement but keeping both the services ON will use up more battery.
  • Display brightness must be set to low or medium, this will allow you for comfortable viewing as display brightness is also automatically controlled according to the amount of light present in the surrounding. The display timeout time must be set between 10 seconds to 15 seconds as this setting will allow comfortable workaround on the device.
  • LED flash light must be used only when there is not enough light present in the surroundings. Flash light must be avoided when capturing a shiny subject in macro mode if used then it might result in over bright images.
  • While recording a video the 720p resolution requires quite a lot of power and resources also it is the same scenario while playback, hardware decoding is preferred over software decoding.
  • For notifications and incoming calls the vibrating alert must be turned OFF. The haptic feedback also must be avoided.
  • Android OS allows us to run applications and services n the background but this requires lot of memory resource and processor, thus in order to control these applications and services applications like advanced task killer must be used. Software decoding uses lots of processor as well as memory thus try avoiding Software decoding. For better performances convert videos to native video format like mp4 this will allow hardware decoding which comparatively uses less amount of processor and memory.

Use the HDMI port very rarely; it is advisable to use this port and its functionality for smaller length videos. This will allow you to use your LG Revolution for a complete day or maybe more.

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