How to Increase Pantech Crossover Battery Life

Pantech CrossoverThe Pantech Crossover available on AT & T network is one example of durable phones and yes it is very much true thanks to the design and intuitive performance. If someone is new for buying an Android phone then Pantech Crossover is very good option, well not to forget that the design simply makes the workaround so much easy. The smart phone Pantech Crossover has a hardware QWERTY keyboard which proves the swift ability impressively. It runs on a 1500 mAh battery with 600 MHz processor and 512 MB internal memory. Android 2.2 Froyo OS makes the smart phone even more open to the grand Android Market which will provide us with loads of useful applications that we can use in our day to day life. Pantech Crossover works on multiple networks like GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA; thus people can enjoy some other facilities that come attached with these networks. The facilities include AT & T apps like AT & T Code Scanner, My AT & T, AT & T Navigator, YPmobile and more. More network feature like media streaming support and other important internet related features can thus be enjoyed. The 1500 mAh capacity battery works quiet well but the talk time and the working hours vary tremendously as per usage demands. To make the phone battery last for more hours we need to tweak our usage. There are certain parameters that must be changed time to time and there are certain features which must be set to OFF as they are not used for longer periods.

I Display.

  1. Brightness.
  2. Time out time.
  3. Wallpapers, themes and widgets.

II Keyboard.

  1. Hardware Keyboard vibrations.
  2. Hardware Keyboard sounds.
  3. Onscreen Keyboard haptic feedbacks.
  4. Onscreen Keyboard sounds.

III Connectivity options.

  1. Wi – Fi connectivity.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Mobile data connectivity.
  4. Background data.

V Notifications.
VI Multimedia settings.
VII Application settings.

  1. SYNC settings.
  2. Running applications.
  3. Update checking.

VIII Battery charging methods and habits.
The display on Pantech crossover has a 320 x 480 pixel resolution which is not bad and is quiet decent. The major battery reduction takes place because of the high display brightness and long display time out times. Thus in order to save up on these, we need to appropriately set the values.

Display brightness must be set to LOW. Low display brightness is actually the recommended setting but if you find it to be a little dark then, you can set the display brightness to MEDIUM settings. Use of Power Widget can help you set the display brightness quickly and as per requirement.

The display time out time is another setting which must be set according to our usage. The recommended setting is 15 seconds but this normally becomes very annoying to many users thus, the value can be set to 20 seconds.

We may think about decorating our display using wallpapers and live wallpapers but, this decoration often eat up most of our important resources like memory and processor. If we avoid any of these and use a plain background as wallpaper then, it certainly improves performance and eventually battery life.

Pantech Crossover comes with hardware keyboard and this particular keyboard can become a reason to reduce battery life but, only if not configured correctly. So, the settings required to be changed is to turn OFF keyboard vibration. Whenever we press a button there is a vibration and this must be avoided. Keyboard sounds is another setting which again must be deactivated. Keyboard sounds are generated when we click a button and these can be set to OFF.

The onscreen keyboard also comes with settings like Haptic feedback and touch tones. These settings again must be turned OFF. The ON settings like these ones are normally not a required and it is recommended to keep these settings OFF.

Connectivity Options:
The connectivity options are many but; usage of these options in a way to conserve power can help you save up more battery. Thus, whenever you finish working on any of these options make sure that you turn these settings to OFF state.

Wi – Fi settings are actually preferred by many professionals and other frequent users for accessing internet resources but, the ON state of Wi – Fi setting in places where there is no Wi – Fi connectivity available will simply waste the battery power. This happens because when Wi- Fi is in ON state, it continuously scans the area for an available Wi – Fi network and therefore the Wi- Fi settings must be kept OFF when there is no Wi – Fi network present in the surroundings or when you do not wish to browse internet.

Never try connecting to open Wi – Fi networks. Open Wi- Fi networks are those networks which are not secured, which means there will be no WEP / WPA / WPA2 authentication between phone and the network. In other words Open Wi – Fi networks will not ask you for a passphrase or password or Router pin to logon to the network.

Try to avoid Wi- Fi Hotspot as this option uses most of the battery power. If you need to use it then make sure you use it for fewer intervals.

Bluetooth connectivity will help you in file transfers and media streaming but never keep Bluetooth setting in ON state. When Bluetooth is in ON state it continuously scans currently active neighboring devices and reduces battery life.

Mobile data connectivity is normally similar to internet connection but, it is often connected through the service provider, here it is AT & T. So, if you do not wish to browse over internet and if you do not wish to sync content like contacts then for time being this setting must be turned OFF. The OFF state of this setting will save a large amount of battery because it stops all the internet traffic. It stops SYNC to access internet and also stops internet access for applications which check for updates on a regular basis.

Background data must always be kept OFF as this setting normally allows internet access to applications which run in the background. Even if the background data is OFF, sometimes certain applications still will be able to access internet therefore, it is recommended to turn the mobile data connectivity OFF.

GPS settings actually help you in getting your accurate location. For this, you can make use of Google Maps or any other maps application with GPS turned ON. The same task can be performed by using less accurate network provided values by disabling GPS and using ‘wireless network for location’ setting. Well, in order to use GPS accurately, you need to be outdoors as GPS needs to acquire line of sight with the GPS satellites. Thus, GPS uses a lot of power in acquiring location. Turn OFF GPS after use or you can always use the network provided location values.

Pantech Crossover Power Widget

The ringing tones, message alerts, chat alerts, etc all fall under this category. The volume for these notifications must be selected as LOW as possible. HIGH volume for notification tones uses higher battery power as compared to LOW volume. Similarly the vibrating alert must also be turned OFF. Whichever setting is possible must be set accordingly to save battery power.

Multimedia Settings:
Multimedia includes pictures, audio and video. Never play audio and video files with full volume as this normally use certain amount of power from the battery. Well, even using wide range of formats for audio and video can reduce battery lasting time. To avoid this try using media formats that are hardware decodable and try avoiding use of software decodable media formats. Now, how can one find out, what formats can run on Pantech Crossover? Certain audio and video formats will not open in the normal default player and this happens because the default audio and video players support hardware decodable media formats. If you are using any 3rd party software for playing audio and video media files which cannot run on your default player then, it is certain that those formats are using software decoding.

Avoid software decoding as it uses a lot amount of resources like RAM and processor.

Application Settings:
Many applications require SYNC settings in order to synchronize certain amount of data with some application specific remote server. Thus, through the SYNC functionality these applications use up most of the internet traffic. SYNC setting is also used in order to synchronize calendar, contacts, notes, etc with some server. Turn OFF SYNC as it is not always useful; actually this setting must be utilized for small intervals in a day in order to avoid battery usage.

On Android system, certain applications are designed to run in the background and for this the applications must be controlled. In order to control these applications Pantech Crossover allows you to close running applications as shown in the picture. There are more applications available on the internet which allows you to control these applications in a better way. Close applications which you do not require.
Close Running Applications
Some applications are scheduled to check for application updates, this setting must be turned OFF as applications can be manually updated.

Battery Charging Methods and Charging Habits:
We tend to charge our phones 3 to 4 times a day but, this is not a right habit for charging. In order to save battery from damage we must charge phone only once a day but, make sure that you fully charge the phone. Other habits include; talking on phone while charging, charging phone while using Wi- Fi hotspot, etc can damage the battery and thus battery life.

Pantech Crossover can be charged using the charger provided and also using USB charging methods but, USB charging is not efficient and becomes a reason for damaged battery. Preferred method for charging Pantech Crossover is using the charger provided.

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