`` Install Flash Player in Galaxy Ace, Gio, Fit & mini Android Phones

How to Install Flash Player in Galaxy Ace, Gio, Fit & mini Android Phones

Adobe Flash 11.1 LogoHave an issue on Flash not working on your Low end Samsung Galaxy handsets? Not anymore as we will in the due course of the article will be discussing about on how you can easily install the latest working flash player  for Galaxy FIT, Galaxy mini, Galaxy ACE and also for Samsung Galaxy Gio. Please be informed that this is not an Official work around released by Samsung Electronics Ltd. and is developed by a third party developer, neither we nor the developer should be held responsible for any damage happened to your device which is very unlikely if you follow all the instructions mentioned in the article.

Requirements to install Flash Player:

  • Device should be rooted,
  • Root Explorer should be installed in your Samsung Galaxy device

Assuming that you have followed all the above mentioned instructions, you are now ready to proceed to the procedure mentioned below.

Procedure to Install Flash player in Samsung Galaxy Devices:

extracted adobe flash files

  • After extracting, you will get an apk file along with the “lib.zip” file. You need to extract the “lib.zip” file too. After this, connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable in the USB Mass Storage Mode.
  • Now, copy the extracted files of “Lib.zip” and also the flash player apk files in your phone.

adobe flash lib extracted files

  • Now, after copying, remove the connected USB cable and install the Adobe Flash Player Apk in your phone as shown in the below screen capture.

flash player

  • Now, copy the “lib.zip” extracted files to the path “data / data / com.adobe.flashplayer” which you can find the path from Root Explorer.

extracted files 1

  • Next up, you need to set the permissions for all .lib files as shown in the below screen capture. Ensure that all the options are ticked.

permissions adobe flash permissions 2

Note: After this, you need to install the smart swf player in your phone too.

smart flash

After this, all you need to do is to just restart the phone and there you go, you have now successfully installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in your Galaxy FIT, Galaxy mini, Galaxy ACE and also for Samsung Galaxy GIO handsets. Do share with us if there is anything you need assistance on.



  1. I forget to say I have a Samsung GALAXY FIT GT-S5670 I wait for a feed-back GOOD DAY (Y)

  2. Hi there HAPPY NEW YEAR this trick is working on CYANOMOD too? or only on android stock rom?and if it work how I can make it nbecause I tryied on cyanomod 10.1 and it don’t work :( how I can do that?

  3. i mean,,i need your advice..?thanks again.

  4. gosh,i end up editing those Permissions and already having troubles but still unable to use flash player on my galaxy ace..rooting it is already done,or you mean upgrading the device to enable the permissions..Im complete In tools like swf player,adobe flash player and Do the instructions that you said but still i failed…what can you say about it sir…i need you advice,thanks and more power!

  5. The downloadable file is not available on the given Link

  6. hotfile: “This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.”

    Will U uploading this Galaxy Low End Flash Player Zip Package again,pls?! thank you
    or post an another link.

  7. will this work in galaxy pocket…?

  8. very nice work, it is working with me on Samsung Galaxy fit :)
    thank you very much

  9. Really need a hand I have went through the first step with buying the Root Explorer and than installing it on my phone but geting to step two where it says “Download Galaxy Low End Flash Player Zip Package” I have done this step about 12 times and the same result it says adobe wont allow me to download that content as I am already using google chrome but I have tried it in internet explorer same result someone tech savy HELP!!! please

  10. Hello,

    I just tried to install adobe flash player 11.0 but it didn’t work out. I got the screen “Adobe Flash Player Apk” but I got the message that this application is not installed. I can only select ready then but nothing is installed.
    Can you help me out what I do wrong.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6

    Thanks in Advance!

    Grtz. Sep from the Netherlands

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