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How to Install MIUI 8 ROM on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Smartphone

Samsung had launched the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone in 2015 it is in fact yet anther variant of the Galaxy S6 smartphone. The company launched a total of three units i.e. the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and the S6 Edge Plus. Well, if you own either of the three smartphones, then you already know how good these devices are, except for a few minor drawbacks. One of them is the software. First of all, Samsung is extremely slow when it comes to software updates and also the UI is not all that intuitive.

Well, in this case, your only option is to flash a third-party ROM manually. If you have been following our website then you might already know that we have covered a bunch of tutorials for the same. However, this time we decided to switch things up a bit. Today, we will be showing you how to install MIUI 8 ROM on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone. MIUI 8 ROM as you all is Xiaomi’s software build which all the Xiaomi smartphones are powered by. Let’s see how can we flash that MIUI 8 ROM on the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. But before that, let’s take a look at some of the features which it adds to the smartphone.

About the ROM

The MIUI 8 ROM which we are about to flash today is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow software. Once you flash this ROM, all your standard marshmallow features which be supported by the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smartphone. Below are some of the working features of this ROM –

  • Bluetooth
  • Audio
  • 2G-3G Network Switch
  • Smooth
  • RIL
  • Sensors
  • Lineage Boosts
  • Hotspot
  • Fingerprint
  • All sensors
  • GPS

Now that it is out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the


  • The first thing which you need to make sure is that you need to create a backup of your smartphone. Since we will be completely wiping the internal memory of the smartphone, you will end up loosing all your data if you don’t create a backup.
  • You also need to have a custom recovery software installed on your phone. You can install anyone you want, however, we suggest you install the TWRP custom ROM.
  • You also need to have at least 60-70-percent battery left on your phone. If your smartphone ends up shutting down during the installation, then you may end up with a completely bricked smartphone.
  • You also need to download the MIUI 8 ROM file, Magisk manager, Root Explorer Zip files from below links. All these files are extremely necessary for the setup and hence we suggest you download and install them.

Download MIUI 8 ROM For Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Magisk Manager

Root explorer


  1. Assuming that you have downloaded and copied all the files to the external storage from the link given above, it is now time to begin the installation process.
  2. The first thing which you need to do is turn off your phone and enter into the recovery mode. You can do this by pressing Volume UP+ Power Key at the same time.
  3. Now, once you are in the recovery mode, look for wipe and format option ⇒ wipe data, system, cache and Dalvik cache ’ via recovery.
  4. Once that is done, return back to the recovery menu to proceed further.
  5. Now simply tap on install button and naviagte to the file which you downloaded from the link given above.
  6. Once done, click on add more zips and select the Magisk manager”, Root Explorer.
  7. Now just select the file and swipe to install.
  8. Once the process is done, just reboot the smartphone and you will be greeted with the new ROM.

Do make a note that the first reboot may take more time than usual since it has to initiate all the files. Hence we suggest you stay patient with the same. Having said that, if you have any queries, then be sure to let us know by dropping a comment down below and also, stay tuned to Android Advices for more tutorials like this.

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