Intel Medfield Android smartphones from Lava to be announced at MWC

Orange was making a news public at the MWC about a phone they are going to launch with the Intel Medfield processor, but at the same time we hear news that the Intel Medfield Android smartphone is coming with Lava in India, where the CPUs would be clocking at 1.6GHz speed and the strength would lay both internally and externally.

The screen size is not yet confirmed, but sources claim that to be around 3.5 to 3.7-inches, and there would be an 8MP camera, and no no one has managed to get more news than this, and one can only wait till there is an announcement at the MWC. Lava was rumored to be working on smartphones that were based on the Qualcomm, NVIDIA processors too but there was no official announcement about the same.

Lava intel phone

What hit the gadget savvy people and the reporters is the price, which is expected to be way above Rs. 20,000 in the Indian markets (BGR reports that to be Rs. 25000), but would one try to get their hands on a device from a local manufacturer paying so high, when there is nothing much launched from their side in the past.

Update: We got news that there would be a micro HDMI port, 16GB of internal memory and 4-inch 1024×600 pixel display and the 8MP camera of the phone can shoot 1080p videos, and the processor is fast enough to capture pictures at 10 per second.

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