Karbonn Smart Tab 1 vs Micromax Funbook Tablets Comparison

The Micromax Funbook and the Karbonn Smart Tab 1 are the two tablets which debuts with a strong specifications and still coming in the price range of affordability. Indian vendors are fighting hard with their own tablets and it’s raining tablets this year. Micromax Funbook P300 which was announced few weeks back has impressed the users much but Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is just announced.

Micromax Funbook Karbonn Smart Tab

Here in this article we will go through the detailed comparison of Karbonn Smart Tab 1 and Micromax Funbook. We have previously gone through the comparison of Micromax Funbook with HCL MeTab U1 where Micromax clearly won the battle, let check it out head to head with Karbonn Smart Tab 1.

We have gone through detailed comparison.

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Display Screen

FunbookMicromax Funbook P300 – 7 inches
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – 7.1 inches display

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 has 7.1 inches capacitive touchscreen display with 5 point multi touch support. The screen measures a width of 17.8 mm wide. Micromax Funbook P300 comes with 7 inches capacitive touchscreen display which provides a maximum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The good thing is both the tablets comes with capability of displaying 16 millions colors to make up the perfect picture for display.

Micromax comes with silverfish back side and the body is plastic from all the sides. It has three physical keys : Home, Menu and back.


Micromax Funbook P300 – 1.2 GHz Single Core Processor, 512 MB RAM
Karbonn Smart Tab 1  – 1.2 GHz Single Core Processor

Micromax Funbook comes with ARM A8 processor and it’s clocked at 1.2 Ghz single core processor. Same comes with Karbonn Smart Tab 1 as it has 1.2 Ghz processor. Anything over 1 Ghz with single core processor for tablet is just good enough and processor performance is directly related to the price of the tablet, so considering that these tablets are under $ 170, these are just the ideal specifications.


Micromax Funbook P300 – Front Facing VGA Camera
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – 2 mega pixel front facing camera

The reason to include front facing camera instead of rear camera is to provide a provision for video chat and video calls. Both these tablets includes camera for the name sake and they have no choice whatsoever because the price of these tablets are just over $ 100. Both these tablets comes with a front facing camera but Karbonn takes the pride with 2 mega pixel camera on the front in comparison with Funbook with VGA Camera. With no doubt that there is no rear camera and so is the price of the tablet low.

The pictures taken from both the camera wouldn’t be that great and it’s obviously understood by the users. Surprisingly though these two tablets comes with video recording as well.

Nothing much but we consider 2 mega pixel better than the front facing VGA camera and so its Karbonn Smart Tab 1 ahead in camera comparison.

Winner : Karbonn Smart Tab 1

Operating System

Micromax Funbook P300 – Android 4.0 OS
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – Android 4.0 OS

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest operating system available for both tablets and smartphones and tablets with Android 4.0 are very few in the market, especially Indian manufacturers does come up with the latest version. But the trend seems to be changing as both Micromax Funbook and Karbonn Smart Tab 1 comes with Android 4.0.3 OS pre installed.

We tried out Android 4.0 on the Funbook P300 tablet and it was quite wonderful but we need to get hang on with Karbonn Smart Tab 1.

Storage Capacities

Micromax Funbook P300 – 4 Gb internal, 32 GB via microSD card
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – 4 GB internal, 32 GB via microSD card

Both Funbook and Karbonn Smart Tab 1 comes with 4 GB internal storage capacity provided by the vendors itself and both have a micro SD card slot by which users can pump in extra 32 GB of maximum storage using the micro SD card.


Micromax Funbook P300 – 2800 mAh battery
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – 3700 mAh battery

Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is with 3700 mAh rechargeable battery which provides 7 hours of internet surfing time, 8 hours of video play back time using head phones and 24 hours during the mp3 playback with ear phones. The Micromax Funbook P300 comes with just 2800 mAh battery only.

As the battery life plays an important roles, Karbonn Smart Tab 1 is just a step ahead with its competitor here.

Winner : Karbonn Smart Tab 1


The Karbonn Smart Tab 1 tablet comes with Wi Fi connectivity for internet access and users can also pump in the USB 3G dongle and get internet on this tablet as well. Users can make use of 2G plans as well if they find 3G costlier.

Micromax has similar support with 3G USB dongle for internet access and comes with Wi Fi internet access well. Both the tablet have the option of Wi Fi tethering, Bluetooth tethering and USB tethering as well.

Price Comparison

Micromax Funbook  – Rs 6,500
Karbonn Smart Tab 1 – Rs 6,900

Micromax Funbook is priced at Rs 6500 in the Indian market and its beats other tablets in terms of price by a long margin. Karbonn since they have launched Smart Tab 1 in competition to Micromax, they will certainly price this tablet anything less than Rs 7000. As of now Karbonn have fixed any price of it to Rs 6,900.

Other Comparison

Micromax Funbook comes with Vriti marketplace for educational content where in you can download material and content from various publishers priced anything between Rs 50 till Rs 1,000. The Funbook offers scalable and independent plans with its marketplace.

Nothing much than the normal use of tablet here. The good thing is that both the tablet comes with the Android Play Store access by which you can add applications, widgets, tools and lot more on your tablet.


We haven’t tested Karbonn Smart Tab 1 but we have performed various features, review and hardware check out of Micromax Funbook and here is what we have come to conclusions –

The newly announced Karbonn Smart Tab 1 easily takes down Micromax Funbook in certain areas like camera just higher with 2 mega pixel, battery standing at 3700 mAh far better than 2700 mAh.

Karbonn have come up with 3D G Sensor for this tablet which provides gaming experience at its best. Micromax Funbook is ideal for games playback but nothing much has been described with hardware acceleration point of view. The good thing about Micromax tablet is that they have setup exclusive toll free customer support at 1800 103 3155.

Considering the response Micromax Funbook has generate within few days of its launch, it would be tough for Karbonn Smart Tab 1 to make a presence and in our comparison we leave the answer to the users as both the tablets performs equally enough to the pride.

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