Kindle Fire : How to Connect to Windows PC & Sync Media

Congratulations for purchasing the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has come a long way with a history starting from Kindle Touch as eBook Reader available at $ 79 to a tablet PC for $ 199. The Kindle Fire has 7 inches IPS display with anti reflective and multi touch capabilities.

In this article we will go through on how to connect your Kindle Fire with the Windows PC  that you have. Since Kindle Fire doesn’t have any microSD or microSDHC card slot for expandable memory storage, you should connect your device to PC to have any media like audio songs, video songs or files.Kindle FireKindle Fire

Connecting to Kindle Fire to Windows PC

You can connect your Amazon Kindle Fire to your Windows PC and sync media like audio, video and photos. With the application not just limited to sync media and content, when you are going with the firmware upgrade, the connection with your PC using the USB cable is quite essential.

Remember that Amazon Kindle Fire doesn’t come with any accessories except the charger and they advice you to purchase it separately but there is no need to purchase as any normal Android phone USB cable will do it. Alright so you are ready with USB cable, Kindle Fire and your Windows PC.

  • Connect one end of your USB cable to your Kindle Fire and other end to one of the USB slot onto your Windows PC. Make sure that the connection is direct and there is no use of USB extenders in between.
  • As soon as you connect your device, the Windows will automatically configure and install the necessary drivers required for the device to establish connection. Once all are done click on Close.Kindle Fire Drivers Installation
  • In my computer you will find a separate drive by name ‘KINDLE‘. This is the internal drive found on your Amazon Kindle. As I see this it only shows just over 6 GB of storage available but Amazon Kindle specs reads 8 GB of internal memory. I suppose other space would be reserved for OS requirements.Auto Play Kindle Fire Drive
  • When you double click on it you will find all the folders by default.Windows Kindle Fire Folder
  • Now to Sync any media, copy them to the respective folders or you can even create new folders and that will be reflected on to your Kindle Fire.


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