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Kindle Fire – Increase Performance & Speed of Silk Web Browser

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the recent best Android tablet devices with a low price range, in competition to the iBall Slide, the Ainol Novo 7 tablet devices but comparing it with some of the high-end ones like the iPad and Galaxy Tab would be inappropriate, one of the reasons being the performance where the bigger tablets are better. But you can still satisfy yourself, by making the stuff faster at least while you own the Kindle Fire and want the best out of it. Browsing the web is one of the most frequent tasks you do on the Kindle Fire, and when it lags or performs slow, there is no point in having a Kindle Fire and the purpose gets killed. There are a few tweaks needed, which could make the performance of the browser better, and all those tweaks are right within the settings of the Silk Browser that you are using.

Here is a quick list of what all has to be done:

  • Change view mode, if you care about Internet speed too
  • Disable Plug:ins
  • Disable the Page loading acceleration

kindle fire silk browser performance

Change view mode:
The view mode is one of the most important things, with you knowing that there is a lot of difference in the way sites are made for desktop viewers and mobile viewers. The mobile sites are very light, easy to load and don’t require any additional usage from the device for loading up, but for many desktop-based websites that open on tablet devices, they take up some of the plugins and thus the speed gets reduced. To change the view mode to mobile view if you wish to, open the Browser and hit the “Menu” icon in the bottom and hit “Settings”. There you would need to check the Advanced settings list to toggle the view mode to Mobile from the default Desktop mode.

Disable Plug:ins:
Plug:ins are the ones which eat up the memory and battery, and are actually not always required unless you are knowingly trying to open some content that requires some of the plugins to work. Disabling the plug:ins would be the best option to make the performance of the browser a lot better.

Disable Page loading acceleration:
Page loading acceleration is one of the features of the Silk browser which makes the performance slower but helps in loading the page faster by putting some extra load on the memory of the Kindle Fire. You need to disable that too.

Image Credit: HowtoGeek

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