Lenovo A6000 Smartphone Review

Lenovo is a kind of brand that is known for its aggressive pricing; we saw it with the flagship Vibe X2 launch last year, and we noticed it this year too. As the most affordable 4G smartphone, the Lenovo A6000 has been launched in India. By challenging the likes of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G, and the Yu Yureka with little less pricing than both of those phablets. The A6000 is available to purchase at a price of INR 6,999. We have been testing this device for past couple of weeks, and here’s our review of the Lenovo A6000.


The 5-inch form factor of the device makes it feel cozy to hold this device. While the back is a little bit of slippery, but the compact size makes it easy enough to hold in one hand. It feels like back cover uses the materials that we saw on the Yu Yureka. Although, it does seems that the A6000 is taking a much fewer smudges and finger marks than Yureka did. According to the pricing of the device, it may certainly have a premium look and feel, as the build quality is quite good too.

On the back of the device, there is an 8MP rear camera that is in line with the back panel. While the dual Dolby speakers placed on the bottom of the back are suspected to be quite good.
The back cover is unusually too easy to remove from either side. You will find a 2300mAh removable battery under the hood, along with slots for two microSIM and a microSD card. And one of those SIM slots supports 4G LTE connection. The volume and power buttons are placed quite well. To give it a slimmer feel, company has put little curves on the back edges of the device. And we thought that it worked, as the device does feel slightly slimmer for 8.9mm thickness.


Lenovo A6000The 5-inch 720p display is one of the areas where company has compromised over the quality as there is no Gorilla Glass present on the display. Meaning, this might be the reason for that frictional touch feeling, taking away the smooth touch experience.

Though, if we talk about the color outputs on A6000, they were quite good. The accuracy of the colors is pretty great, as it doesn’t seem to have higher saturation. Although, the screen is a bit reflective, thus, it gives hard time viewing under sunlight, or even if there is a bright light source against the screen.


The device runs on Android 4.4.4 KitKat, and it’s delight to know that it will be updated to Lollipop soon. As Lenovo has already confirmed it in a recent official post. It shows that company wants to bring great software experience to its users. Company’s Vibe UI looks very impressive on A6000, though; it has changed some elements like notification panel, and recent apps menu.

Like most of the mobile vendors, Lenovo also pre-installed a lot of apps, while some of them are the usual social apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are some apps like Shareit, Syncit, Security, and File Browser that can be quite useful in some situations.

The Vibe UI has no app drawer, and it might be displeasing for some of the users out there. To counter that company has made available few personalization options under the desktop settings. There you have options like wallpaper scrolling, swipe to change wallpapers, as well as the transition effects for the home screen. Other than that, there is not much of customization can be done in terms of appearance, as there are only two themes available for the device.

Hardware & Performance

Lenovo A6000 - Opened BackThe A6000 is powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 410 processor, which surely performed well. With an overall excellent performance for the price range, the device is a little beast. Though, we did experience some issues when multitasking level was too high for the device. And since there is only 1GB RAM here on the device, the apps switching gets little slow when you have more than ten apps running in the background.

Now talking about the benchmarks, the scores are quite low. It is all because of 1GB RAM; as the device would be left with a handful of free RAM. Although, that didn’t take away the gaming experience we had while playing Asphalt 8 and other heavy graphics games with much ease. For a fact, the gaming got much better with the Dolby speaker output. Although, if we take the actual performance in account, then it was a similar experience on Yu Yureka while the Redmi Note 4G had way lower when compared with both the devices.

The battery capacity of 2300mAh seems like a decent package on Lenovo A6000. It can easily last throughout the day. It is quite better when we compare it to Yureka’s 2600mAh battery, which won’t even last more than half a day. Considering you play few minutes of gaming on both, A6000 and Yureka, the battery would be much faster on the later one. It is all because Yureka heats up a lot, while A6000 barely heated up to 45 degrees, even playing continuously for more than half an hour. All this considering that they have same 720p resolution display.
While the Dolby loudspeaker was ON, the device got drained of 21% battery for around 45 minutes playback. And if it is used with headphones, the battery drainage could be reduced much easily.

When talking about connectivity, the 3G standby time was pretty amazing, as it was only 6% battery drop noticed on a 12 hour overnight period. All in all, the 2300mAh battery on Lenovo A6000 was our companion for all day, giving around 2 hours 45 minutes screen on time, 1 calling and occasional data usage. Although, we weren’t able to test the 4G LTE connectivity.


The rear camera on A6000 is of 8MP while it is not a good number considering 13MP camera on Yureka and Redmi Note 4G. But overall, the camera results didn’t give us any chance to take it negatively. It’s a fact that getting a decent camera from a well-known brand is something, and that is what Lenovo has done here. While the front facing camera doesn’t have great quality but is decent enough for video chats.

The low light captures didn’t produce great results, but then you can’t expect a high ISO rate from a budget friendly smartphone. However, the Asus Zenfone 5 is an exception. But the camera doesn’t give too many reasons to hate, as the bright light captures were quite appreciable.

The interesting point to note about the camera app is that, the autofocus is too quick, which certainly helped in wasting no time to capture quick moments. We rarely needed to refocus manually.


The first thing that is not to like about this device is that there is no Gorilla Glass protection for the display, making it prone to damage display. Talking about second thing, the cameras. The 8MP rear camera module might not be enough for photography enthusiasts out there. While the third thing that we would like to mention is that, battery capacity of the A6000 is comparatively lesser than its competition in the market, which counts as the con.

Final Verdict

Cutting it short, there isn’t a better smartphone you could get under INR 7K pricing if you are in the market for a 4G device, which has great build quality and good software to support it. Except 4G LTE connectivity, there are some more advantages on A6000. You get Dolby speakers, Snapdragon 410 Chipset, and decent software interface.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and Yu Yureka have a better battery ratings than Lenovo A6000, but only Redmi Note 4G can out run the standby time of the battery on A6000. While Yureka can’t dare to go a step further as it has deep heating issues. So, if you are hunting for a budget friendly 4G smartphone with good battery life, this can be your choice. Keeping in mind that the device would get Android Lollipop update as promised by the company, it sure is a worthy device.

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1 Comment

  1. Dr John Mohan

    March 17, 2015 at 6:30 am

    I bought A MotoE.It fell down and the supposedly Gorilla glass did break.
    What do you suggest i do?

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