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lenovo thinkpad logoFrom now you can do more on the Go, very well said by the Lenovo as there is a whole new World which you can experience with this tablet, so let’s check out on what are the things this tablet comes along in terms of specifications. This tablet has also got some interesting applications right from out of the box which again is a great tool as you have applications like Documents to Go, Printer Share, Compu trace Mobile by Absolute Software, Accu Weather for Honeycomb, McAfee® Mobile Security, FlexT9, Citrix Receiver, My Script Notes Mobile just to name a few. So, gone are the days where you will have to download all the required applications on your tablet from the Android market place as soon as you unbox this tablet.

Specifications and Review:

If we have a look at the specifications chart of this Lenovo tablet then this tablet comes with a huge 10.1 inched screen which is comparable with the Motorola Xoom or the latest Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab which too has recently unveiled. Though this tablet comes with the Android Honeycomb 3.1 version, this tablet will be upgraded to the Android’s Honeycomb 3.2 version of which the SDK has been released just a couple of days back. If we have a look at the other specs then this tablet also comes with the powerful Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core 1GHz processor and also the specialty of this tablet is that this tablet comes along with the 16:10 IPS panel with Corning Gorilla Glass which is again one of the strongest as well as toughened glass. Compared with the iPad or the Galaxy Tab 10.1, this tablet doesn’t weigh more as this one weighs 1.65 lbs in all and comes with the standard connectivity tools like Bluetooth, Wi Fi as well as the 3G Connectivity. Though the latest standard of the USB is not yet implemented in this but this one comes along with the Native USB 2.0 and micro-USB ports, full-size SD card slot and mini-HDMI output. Apart from this this one also comes with the multi touch capability display with the digitizer input with an optional pen.

ThinkPAD Tablet

This tablet has also got a full size SD card reader along with the mini HDMI input connector, micro USB ports and also an optional docking port which can be used the way you want it. The biggest advantage is that it has got a DRM Module with which it’s possible to stream the content and also it will allow the content to be downloaded and stored locally on either the Think Pad′s on-board storage or external flash memory. Also, this one has got the full flash support and there is no such flash content that which is not playable on this smart tablet as all flash content can be played on this smart tablet which is again a best part of this tablet. This version of think pad truly stands by its name “Think Pad” which was a big hit in the world of Laptops. All in all around 25+ important applications are bundled along with this tablet which is the best part so that you can not only work on the go but also you can share anything with an ease as it’s a Business enabled tablet which allows you to stay in touch with all the latest.

One can also benefit from the service of ThinkPad as this provides a single-source solution for your enterprise. Each Think Pad Tablet is protected by a one-year base warranty, which can be extended to up to three years. The best part and also you can say that USP is that the Android OEM to offer complete protection against non-warranted operational or structural damage due to drops, minor spills, electrical surges, and other accidental damage incurred under normal operating conditions.

Do More with Ease

Along with this you also get free integrated cloud storage of 2GB with which you can store all you favorite photos, videos and files with friends and family whenever you like. This tablet has got two memory options to choose from that are 16/32GB of storage space which is again a great add on for this business tablet.

Price and Availability:

This tablet from the house of Lenovo comes with exciting option of only one colour and that is the Stunning Black with Matte finish. This tablet has been launched in the select markets as of now and the price starts from 589$ which is basically a Wi Fi version. Also, there is a Wi Fi version along with the 3G one but it’s an optional and will be available with the select operators like att, Verizon as well as also with the Sprint. As soon as you get any details regarding the same or want to share anything about this tablet then do share with us in the comments section which is there below.



  1. Jim

    October 19, 2011 at 4:45 am

    Great products but the sales process is a nightmare. I would like to let you know my experience with purchasing Lenovo Direct. This is my second purchase with Lenovo this year, a T410s with docking station and a Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet. Both orders were a nightmare. With the order of the Thinkpad Tablet, the sales chat staff placed the order wrong and confirm they corrected it. The order was shipped incorrect, no worry they would cancel and reorder with the correct options. Now I have two incorrect orders and billed twice. I emailed the rep a number of times but no answers, called others and limited responses. PLEASE NEVER PURCHASE DIRECT FROM LENOVO. NEVER!!! And you have to wait two to three weeks for orders. Buy from Amazon, pay less and get the order in two days, with great customer service. Two orders and both were incorrect and where a nightmare to resolve the issues after purchasing. Again Great Products, but DO NOT BUY DIRECT NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY FROM LENOVO.

  2. Jon

    September 9, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    Terrible spelling/grammar. I think this review was based entirely on press releases. I’m not convinced the reviewer has actually seen or critically evaluated the hardware at all.

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