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Lenovo Vibe X2 Smartphone Review

I like the phones that are designed with no ugly corners, badges or even silver bars. Especially in the case of Vibe X2. The company is calling it a first multi-layered smartphone. We take a look at why it might be one of the best flagships you can get under the INR 20K pricing.

Lenovo Vibe X2


First up is the Design perspective. With its layered design company managed to make its design quite attractive. The model that has arrived in India moves from gold to shades of orange in three layers, which is followed by the display layer. Company also bundled a rear panel for the protection of the device. That adds another layer.

Overall the device looks brilliant with its multi-tone colored look. Lenovo has also made a special edition with bamboo back, but unfortunately it’s not available in India right now. You can customize the look of the X2 with accessories like additional battery and speaker layers. The battery layer will make it bulky, but it will also double the power of the device. Though, I’m not sure about the extra speaker layer, as you can have a Bluetooth speaker. However, I will not mind an extra camera layer that can add zoom and the macro capabilities.


As far as the display goes, we do have the 5-inch display right here. It is a 1080p display that adds up to a PPI of 441. The display provides the incredible crystal clarity and crispness. It offers a great viewing angles even in the sunlight. As you can push the brightness levels that will almost overpower the reflections from the sun. At this price range, you don’t have so many manufacturers offering the Full HD display.


I can keep talking about the design, but then it will be all superficial in the end. As the performance is all dependent on the hardware specs. The Vibe X2 has pretty good specs at this price point. The device is powered by a one of its kind True8core Mediatek processor named MT6595. According to the company, it is the fastest Mediatek processor ever built. It is complimented by PowerVR G600 graphics and 2GB of RAM. There is no microSD card expansion slot, though; 32GB of internal storage would be enough to install big games and apps.

Lenovo Vibe X2 - Internal Storage

The device also supports the 4G LTE bands regarding connectivity. But it would be of no use until 4G network starts to spread wide in India. With these tough specs, the Vibe X2 gave incredible performance rate. We had no complaints regarding that. There was not even once instance, where I thought that it was lagging behind the flagship phones in any way. It could be the most powerful phone around, certainly in this price range.


Coming to the software on Lenovo Vibe X2. A lot of consumers don’t like manufacturer’s tweaking the stock Android experience. So, that can be an issue with some users. Company has introduced a new lock screen on X2. You will notice all of these bubbles around here. And if you hit the time right here, what happen will that all of these bubbles will appear with most used apps. So, you can click on the bubbles and directly jump to the app.

Lenovo Vibe X2 - Lock Screen

As well as there is a feature tab in the settings app that includes all the interesting features of the device. I would have liked an app drawer instead of all the icons appearing on the home screen. Though, the interface is made quite intuitive for the users, making it a great experience.


Talking about the camera on Vibe X2, which is not great at all. While company touted the camera experience, we didn’t felt the same. On the rear, the device has a 13MP shooter and on the front there is a 5MP snapper for selfies. The rear camera produces pretty decent photos in the daylight. But, the low-light capturing experience was pretty poor, as it was not able to show any detail. Whereas using the flashlight didn’t have any impact too, as the photos were washed out with too much brightness.

The front facing camera was pretty good compared to what we were expecting on a 5MP selfie cam. Lenovo has also made some addition to improving the selfie experience. As a company added the five easy modes to take photos. The modes include 3 seconds timer, the tap screen, voice controls, blink and the two finger hand sign. All these modes make your selfie experience quite a delight.


It is hard to find why Lenovo couldn’t have given a battery capacity of at least 3000mAh. Though, the current 2300mAh battery gives whole day’s charge. But only if you use the device with auto-brightness. Now it would not make sense to have a 1080p display and not use the full brightness feature. At least occasionally, while watching videos.


In my books, the Lenovo Vibe X2 is the best smartphone you can get around the price range of INR 20K. With its Full HD screen, fastest processor and incredible multi-layered design, it appeals hard. The only tough competition that Lenovo would be facing is from the Huawei’s Honor 6. As both the devices sport high-end specs and available at the same price point. Now its up to you who have to decide, which phone is best for you.



  1. Jason

    February 1, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Thanks for the opinion. I will go with Mi4 and i saw your review on it. Thanks for the cool review!

  2. Jason

    January 26, 2015 at 8:33 pm

    I heard that Glass is little fragile and do you think i should go with this one or wait for Mi4.

    • Vishal Toshiwal

      January 28, 2015 at 6:27 pm

      I‘ve been using this devices for 3 months now, and until now it has just one scratch on the back, the design and build has hold up quite good. Though, if you are expecting a good battery life out of X2, then it probably isn’t the right choice for you. While Mi4 will give you better battery life.

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