LG, Android and Nokia – 3 Most Mentioned Topics on Twitter ahead of MWC has given an analyzed list of the most discussed and mentioned brands/topics in the recent times, which have gone to a high rise because of the Mobile World Congress that starts tomorrow. Surprisingly, LG is the most discussed brand on Twitter, on the eve of MWC, and it is followed by Android and Nokia. Android for sure has to be on the top list, because of the buzz around regarding the various brands launching the Android based phones at the MWC, and apart from that, the Ubuntu for Android being launched.

twitter trends before mwc

LG has been down in the market lately, but at the same time they are coming back strongly with the launches they are going to make at the MWC 2012, including the quad-core mobile phone, and one of those devices out of the 7 expected ones having the new mobile OS from Mozilla. Android is next on the list of trends, and why not! It is the prime OS for most of the companies which are coming out with the beasts, trying to get to the top with the high-end phones having the Android OS. HTC is coming with the HTC One X, Viewsonic is bringing out its new Android tablets and similarly LG too is launching a range of Android phones.

trends before mwc 2012

Nokia being the next on the list, has the trend kept high because of the expected launches of the new Windows Phone mobile phones, after being titled for the largest WP phone manufacturer lately.

Our team is at the Mobile World Congress and we would be updating live from the event, for the next four days. There are many things to keep an eye on, and we are sure MWC would keep the spirit high for all the days.


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