LG comes to Fitness Tech with Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones – Details

We have seen LG unveiling its LG G Pro 2 last week in the MWC 2014. Now LG is coming up with its new fitness gadgets called as the Lifeband Touch and the Heart Rate Earphones that are the first wearables from the company. These are used to keep the user fit and track their fitness and Health with comfortable design and are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

LG-Lifeband-Touch-Time LG-Lifeband-Touch-2

The Lifeband Touch is a smart active tracker that is compatible with heart rate monitors (HRM) and also with Smart phones.  This Lifeband Touch is a wearable as simple as strapping a watch on to the wrist and is asymmetric and flexible that provides great comfort and style.  This device features an OLED panel that displays the time, biometrics and can be used to handle the incoming calls and also control the music that you want to hear.

There is a built in 3 axis accelerometer and altimeter that allows it to accurately measure the performances of the user such as measuring the speed with which the user is running or walking, the number of steps the user has taken or the number of calories its user has consumed and these thing are displayed on the OLED display with just one swipe of the finger. This Life band Touch has a unique motion sensing algorithm that turn on the display automatically when the user rotates their wrist. Like all the wearable devices, this Life band Touch has wireless connectivity with Bluetooth to transfer the data from other third party devices or Smart phones. When compared with the likes of Fit Bit and Jawbones, it seems like LG has taken this wearable business to a whole new level as all thanks to the global expertise of LG and Samsung as they have invested a lot in the R&D for wearable devices. Just few days back, Samsung also unveiled a whole new range of wearable devices for all fitness conscious geeks.


Heart Rate Earphones is a unique device that measures the heart rate of the users while they are exercising and also can be used to for playing songs while not exercising.  More over this device uses the PerformTek sensor technology that measures the blood floe signals from the auricle in side body to the external parts of the ear to capture the bio-metric data like the oxygen consumption and heart rate. This is an easy to use and comfortable device that has a clip-on medal-lion connected to the earphones that provides Bluetooth connectivity for transferring data wirelessly. This app will be compatible with the Runkeeper and MyFitness Pal app which are available in the app stores and will make things easier for you to keep a track of the fitness and set the goals.

Unlike fat and bulky wearables, LG has done a pretty much good work in this biz by coming up with these nice wearables. Both the devices are designed for day to day usage as well as for regular use making them more than fitness devices. The Lifeband Touch will be for a price of  USD 200 when launched, other details are not provided for it. The availability and pricing of the Heart Rate Earphones is not yet available but will hope LG will be coming out very soon with the details. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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