Recovered & Man Arrested : Truck with 22500 LG G2 Phones worth $9 Million Missing in US

LG G2 Missing Phones TruckSeems like LG G2 has become so favorite that whole truck containing 22,500 Devices has gone missing. These smartphones were on their way to Louisville for Sprint as Sprint is due to launch this smartphone early next month. These phones were stolen at 6:30 p.m this Thursday at a truck stop near Gary, Ind. which is confirmed by LG Electronics. LG Electronics has reported about the same to the Police officials of Indiana and Illinois state police and also FBI has been notified about the same.

If we get into some numbers then, LG lost around $9 Million which is good amount of money for LGE. We have assumed that at least LG – Sprint will be selling each device for as low as $99 which corresponds to $9 Million (22500 * 400). With the likes of Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S and HTC One already dominating the market, it will be a task for LG to handle this crisis situation. This news comes as a shocker to not just LG but also to the other manufacturers who needs to make sure about the security of their device shipments.

Though it will be very early to say on whether this will affect on the launch date of device from either Sprint or LG, we will keep you posted about the same in coming days to come. We can only hope that LG gets these devices safely so that roll out don’t get delay. We had earlier mentioned that these were going to be available for Pre-Order from $199 along with a free quick window case.

Generally these kind of shipments are insured but its hard to find the basis of the insurance and the actual amount which the company could claim but for now since the FBI is also involved, its going to be a interesting case.

Update : Based on the comments, we found that these are CDMA Phones which means they are pretty useless, unless they are all unlocked and made available but this brings the value of these devices down and along with this the phone IMEI would also be already with LG which means they can anyway track the users and find the source of the devices. How many of you think this is an insider’s job?

Credit : Cnet

Update : Juan Perez Gonzalez is the man who stole this truck and is now caught because we went ahead and hit a telephone pole after stealing the truck with this huge number of smart phones in it. Finally LG & Sprint would be happy because they have the stocks back and can soon make them available to their customers.

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