LG Lifeband Touch Fitness Tracker with HRM Earphones Hands-on – Photos, First Impressions

The three best brands fight out not just in the world of smartphones, but now also in the wearable category, where the Samsung Gear Fit, Sony Smartband and the LG Lifeband Touch are all announced around the same time. The Smartband from Sony isn’t much into the competition here for us, because of the absence of the display would be a drawback for sure, when people have to use this as just an extra band on the wrist, and look for a solution for the watch / smartwatch. But the one from LG, the Lifeband Touch is quite cool, both in looks and in features, although it’s not one of the most comfortable bands to wear.

LG Lifeband Touch

The Lifeband Touch comes with the curved little display that shows just the white colored text content, but that is good enough to show a lot of details – clock, alarm, steps, calorie count, battery, date and the music control options. While holding, you can’t call it comfortable as its quite rigid and won’t change shape to fit onto your hand. The band is quite light but the only concern was the shape and toughness of it.

LG Lifeband Touch LG Lifeband Touch Back

The connectivity of the LifeBand Touch is via Bluetooth LE and it connects to the Android and iOS devices with the same, and there is no live tracking or reporting but there is timely syncing with the app in the smartphone. Along with this, was the heart rate earphones which had some sensors on the top for checking out the heart rate based on the blood flow to the tiny vessels in the ear. They are not really comfortable to wear, but when you are being given with some good features added to the music controls, it is for sure a good choice as an accessory.

LG Lifeband Touch Ear Plug LG Lifeband Touch Earphone Sensor

LG Lifeband Touch HRM Earphones

The below shown device is the heart rate monitor which is connected to the earphones. It is what would take care of the detailing of the heart rate and only when you sync with the app on the smartphone, the heart rate is shown. A pretty good one only for those who wanted to take daily scheduled measure of the heart rate of the person. The earphone although not comfortable, has got the extensions which would keep the ear plugs at a proper position, and help in accurate measurement of the heart rate.

LG Lifeband Touch HRM LG Lifeband Touch Headphones

What I really liked about the accessory is the way it shows the different notifications, and how easy it is to sync the band with the smartphone. Another big plus, is the compatibility – you would getting to see the app available not just for the LG devices but also for the other Android smartphones, and the smartphones on the other platforms too. This is where the Samsung wearables lack behind, with the limited compatibility.

LG has partnered with some of the fitness apps such as RunKeeper to make it easier for users to check the stats if they were already using such apps to keep a track of their fitness. The charging of the lifeband touch and the heart rate monitor is possible with an extra small accessory which has the MicroUSB slot for the charging of the device.

This one is expected to be priced at around $200 and we could know more and compare with the other wearable devices when it is launched in the market, which should happen not earlier than the 2nd quarter of 2014.

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