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How to Listen to News & Emails On your Android Phone Hands-Free

Listen to Emails and News Email ReadingThe Android phones and tablet devices have been taking the users into a better world with the loads of applications which makes it easier for getting things done on the go, and there are several feed applications which would help the user in reading the news while traveling, and the time that they used to spend earlier in reading the news or mails, is now saved for some other productive work. To make that even better, there’s one application which would read out the same news or emails without you having to read it by yourself.

Listen to Emails and News” from StreamShell is one such application which would do the news reading a lot easier for the users, and it acts as a narrator for your favorite news sites and the various RSS feeds. The list of channels comes by default with some of the most famous sources, but the app would let you add your email accounts to the list of channels, and make it read the mails.

Initially after the installation, the “Listen to Emails and News” app would download some necessary data it needs to run and for the text-to-speech conversion. After that, there are just a few simple gestures which would do most of the stuff for you. To shuffle through the categories, you need to swipe left or right, and then tap on the category you want to go into. To go back, you need to swipe upwards. You can choose whether to play or pause, and also go hands-free where one of the best features of the app comes into play – Hand gestures for shifting between the different news or mails.

Listen to Emails and News Listen to Emails and News 3 Listen to Emails and News 4

One can add channels, which includes both the normal feed channels, as well as the email channels so that the app reads out the emails one by one, and the customization can be done with the symbols of stocks and weather.

Listen to Emails and News Profile Listen to Emails and News Swipe Listen to Emails and News Settings

While hearing to the voice you can choose to send the email reminder of the same news, in case you wanted to read it later through your email. Enabling the handsfree would activate the sensors which would detect the hand movements and based on that, would shift through the news.

Listen to Emails and News Instructions Listen to Emails and News Reading Listen to Emails and News Stock and Weather

A user can set the profile, so that the same channels automatically play whenever you run the app. A few changes can be done even to the voice, where the pitch of the voice and the speed can be increased or decreased based on your comfort levels. Going into the settings, one can easily select the channels which they directly want to listen the news from.

Listen to Emails and News Voice Listen to Emails and News Channels

The Listen to Emails and News app for Android is a pretty decent one, and does a good job of not just reading the feeds but also the emails. It’s available for free on the Android Play Store.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Daniel Brown

    November 22, 2013 at 2:52 am

    This application is not user friendly at all.

    I use Web2go application every day and its the most easy to use app I have ever used. Works like a car radio.

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