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MapMyIndia CarPad 5 Navigator 5” Tablet Launched – Specs & Features

MapMyIndia provides unique navigation maps and driving directions for your devices on cars via maps for mobiles and tablet PC. Finding it hard to get the tablet vendors interested in their deals, MapMyIndia has come up with an Android tablet called CarPad 5 in India. Everyone knows that Tablet PC market will be on high until 2016 and it’s the right time to settle for the best. The company has designed this tablet as purposely a navigator orientated tablet with all in one capabilities.

MapMyIndia CarPad 5

Going through the specifications of the CarPad 5 it runs on the 1 Ghz Cortex A8 processor designed by Samsung and it features built in 3G function for internet access. Unlike all the tablets which are with 7 inches display, this is with 5 inches capacitive touch screen display which provides a maximum resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Speaking of the screen size this is a more like a Phablet device as we generally see through with LG Optimus Vu, Samsung Galaxy Note. MapMyIndia might have promoted this product as tablet, then it would have been nice.MapMyIndia CarPad 5

The tablet is equipped with Bluetooth, 4 GB of SD card memory, a GPS support, Wi Fi internet connectivity and 2,000 mAh battery. The screen of it is actually smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note which is a 5.3 inches phablet and the only intention of MapMyIndia to launch this tablet is to provide better navigation system in India featuring Aura, the best 3D GPS navigation system. Aura is the application which provides the real time traffic details, house level searches, security track and trace, discount offers in the nearby areas and lot more which even Google Maps doesn’t offer in India. Since so many voice assistance have come for Android as well, in our sense Aura navigation system with voice guidance would have attracted many more consumers!

CarPad 5 is priced at Rs 20,000 which we think is quite high for the tablet. Alternatively you can go with Galaxy Note but you have to adjust with normal Google Maps services for navigation which works good in India except for the rural areas. Comparing with other tablets in the market this is priced atleast twice or thrice than all the tablet seen in the market. We have Attitude DakshaMicromax  Funbook ProLacs TabletBeetel Magiq 3G Tablet, Ice Xtreme 7 an another Android 4.0 tablet, Nabi2 a kids tablet, Alphabetics launching Alpha Edu-I and Edu-II educational Tablets, cheaper Wtab 7.2 Launched by Matrix One at $ 88, Mercury mTab, Ultra Tab A100 by Zen Mobiles, BSNL TPad, FunTab Fit by Go Tech, Popular Reliance goes with Upgraded Reliance 3G Tab at same price, Fujezone 3G TabletSruta 7 TabletMicromax P300 TabletMercury mtab2 tablet, Zinglife z97tHCL Me X TabletTabplus Rio TabletReliance 3G Tablet, Spice Mi 270, Zync Z990, Eser A10 tablet and the never ending list of tablets. This is available for purchase online at

Question we might have to our readers is that “Will you get time to see navigation maps on devices in India while driving car considering we have so much traffic in India, we don’t get time to see anything other than driving?”

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