Maylong M-150 7″ Android Tablet at 99$ ePad / ipad Clone

Here is another interesting Android based tablet in the market which is claimed to be the iPad killer not for the features but for the price and this is because the device costs just $99. The tablet called as Maylong M-150 is a 7″ display based device which runs on Android v1.6 which is outdated but still useful.

Maylong M-150 Tablet

The tablet runs on 800×480 display along with some of the best features which are required on a portable computer ie the WiFi, a resistive touchscreen, internal speakers, microSD card slot to handle your data through a memory card with upto a support at 16Gb maximum.

Here is the features list :

  • Google Android™ Operating System
  • LCD color touch-screen 7-inches
  • Full Internet browsing capability
  • Experience YouTube at your fingertips
  • Easy access to emails
  • Download and play games
  • Included digital music, video player and digital picture viewer
  • Digital picture frame
  • e-Book reader
  • Download and install custom Google Android™ Applications

This can be a recommended product if you want to gift a touch screen based device to your friends or clients or else if you would like to run a contest and offer this product to your following. You can connect external devices with USB support and also enjoy decent enough battery life.

If you check out the screenshot of the device above it looks like a photoshopped version of the Apple iPad. lets hope that these are some real products for sale by the maylong group.

Here is the unboxing video of the Maylong M150 device which comes with some information on the features of the device. It looks quite bulky when compared to the iPad in terms of thickness but you cannot worry about this when you think about the price factors. The package comes with a dongle, charge adapter, stylus and a user manual or instruction book.


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  2. This seems to be a complete rip off of the design of iPad. And at just $99, it is well under the budget. The 7-inch screen is not that big, but Android 1.6 version, too traditional isn’t it?