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May that be any platform or place, the practice and education can never end. One of the most competitive exams around in India and abroad would be the MBA entrance exam with huge number of aspirants every year, and limited availability of the admissions makes things harder when the exams are attempted without proper training and practice. A company named MingleBox has released an Android App that helps in preparation for the Common Admission Test that is the standard exam for the graduates to try for the Master in Business Administration course.

minglebox cat prep app cat prep learning material

The App is named as CAT Prep and it provides the students with various study materials, and around 60 practice tests that would strengthen their confidence and practice before their actual exam appearance. Apart from the study material and the practice tests, there are 4 full length mock tests which come with the time limit, so you can have an edge on something similar to what you see in the real exams.

“ is always eager to take new initiatives to enhance the quality of the products delivered to the student community. With the Indian Android market moving at a brisk pace and it being the season of MBA exams, this app is our attempt to help the aspirants prepare for the exams on the go.”

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Review by AndroidAdvices:

The CAT Prep app is made in a way that it supports all the screen resolutions very easily, and so doesn’t contain any graphical or multimedia material, having just the plain text which is pretty good for someone who concentrates more on the educational part. The app is just below 3MB in size, and as the data is available even when the internet connection is not available, the material is well compacted into the 3MB size available for offline reading too.

Though the app is well made, we think that it should have a better version later on during its public release, for the tablet devices and larger screens, where it would look better with some image-rich content. There is even a community coming up soon within the app, we are unsure what that is as of now. It should be some group discussion board which on the later stages, would require the internet connection for the discussions between the various aspirants about the CAT and the subjects.

cat prep mock test cat prep community coming soon

Minglebox has created a good and simple platform, which can later on go to a better level when the community opens and more mock tests and practice tests are included.

The app gets 3/5 for the material it provides, but that shouldn’t be really enough as just a few hours and the purpose for having the app ends. The Cat Prep App for Android is available for free download from the Android Market.

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