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How to Measure the Distance between Objects with Phone Camera on Android

Looking for a tool by which you can known the dimensions of the object which you see? Thanks to Android that its possible as Smart Tools Co. as the top developer in the Android Play Store has an Android application dedicated for this purpose.Smart Measure

Smart Measure is a dedicated Android application which allows you to measure the distance and the height of an object which you see no matter how long and how big they are. This tool measures the distance of the object from your phone where you are standing till the object and also finds the height of the object as you project this app camera towards it. This calculation is done using the trigonometry basis and this works for the effective distance of about 1 to 50 meters.

The usage of this Android application is very simple, you just need to stand up, open the application and press get the distance, get height details. Many times you may need to calibrate it manually to find the accurate results.

As soon as you install this application on your mobile phone and run it, it will directly present you the camera interface and you need to thereby point the rear side camera to the object.Smart Measure App

As soon as the camera is open, you need to locate the target object in the green cross hair and when you are done you need to touch the shutter to get distance. Within sometime you distance will be known and once the distance is known using the trigonometry we can calculate the height of the object.Smart Measure App Distance

The height calculation tool is located on the left, tap on it and you will get the height of the object. As simple as that.Smart Measure App Measure

More when you tap on the Menu button you get different settings like Manual, Input height, Calibrate, Settings, Pro version and about.Smart Measure App Settings options

Calibration is done when you require more accurate measurements and this is done by confirming the horizontal direction after your place the back side of your phone completely against the wall.Smart Measure App Calibrate

Under the settings you will various other options of Height and Width and Area, Quick Shutter, Enable Portrait, Camera Zoom, Virtual Horizon and lot more but these are available for pro users only and the free users can only select Unit change, Manual calibrate option.Smart Measure App Settings

Smart Measure App Download

Smart Measure an android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for no cost. To download it directly on to your mobile phone you need to pen your browser and visit the Android Apps Labs Smart Measure page listing and when the page loads fully you need to click on the Install button to automatically proceed with the installation.

Alternatively you can download it using the Bar code scanner application present on your mobile phone. From the bar code scanner you need to point the camera to the following QR code and once the scanning recognizes open the recognized URL via browser.

Smart Measure QR Code


Unless and until you are dealing with geometry or logical calculations, you might not need this application, but if you are, yes this application is worth of it.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 / 5

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