Microsoft might Allow Android Apps Functioning on Windows OS – Report

Good news for the Android lover’s as Microsoft is considering allowing the Android apps to run on Windows and Windows Phones. Yes you read it right! Microsoft is discussing about the topic which is said to be in the early stages and Satya Nadella the new CEO of the company will have to take the decision on it according to The Verge.

Android App on Windows

There two fractions inside Microsoft, one saying that the company should allow Android apps to run inside its platform to fill the app deficit and the second one thinks that it would not be a wise choice and will lead to the death of the Windows platform altogether. If all goes well and the plan works out then Microsoft will use a virtual layer like the Bluestack’s solutions to run the Android applications on the windows and these app will be provided in its own store.

The company wants to enable Android apps on Windows and control the store that consumers download them from, but it’s unlikely that it will want to handle the complex job of supporting an additional platform. Instead, if such a plan goes ahead, it will likely involve a third-party enabler,” writes Tom Warren of The Verge.

The decision will be taken after carefully considering all the factors and presently there is nothing much to comment about as we lack the specific details. This decision will be a big one as it as it will decide the fate of the company.

We already know that Nokia X will be running on Android platform and this device is expected to showcase at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) this month. If this phone Smart phone gets launched, Microsoft should be having an eye on it and decide about the Android applications running on the Windows platform after reviewing the customer’s response to it. So would you like to Android apps running on Windows platform? Will it be worth considering? Let’s wait and see what Microsoft decides and stay tuned for more information, as we are heading to the MWC event to bring you live updates.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Murray

    February 14, 2014 at 7:40 am

    What I would like to see is the availability of these apps on the Surface PRO, then it would truly be the perfect machine. Just before anyone thinks I am only windows based, I have Samsung 10.1 Note, various branded laptops, have used apple iPhone, run Server 2012 and Win8.1, and have an S3 as my phone. So, quite open minded, but find for work the Surface Pro is the MOST flexible.

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