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Moborobo : Best Desktop Management Tool for Android Smart Phones

Managing a Android Device generally is a mess because they don’t have a uniform software application like the iTunes for iOS based devices. If you would like to manage your Smart Phone by backing up the data, Installing / Deleting Applications then its quite hard because you will have to install respective software for the same and generally not all of them offer perfect management for these devices. Here is a solution for all these issues, called as Moborobo which is a All In One PC Manager for your Android Devices.

This is a very small sized desktop based application which supports is which is compatible with all the iOS and almost all the Android based applications. To know more first of all you need to download the latest version from their website and try it out since its a totally free application.

After you Install the software the first screen which you would get would ask you to connect your Smart Phone with the software either through USB or Wifi which is certainly an amazing feature because most of the software’s only support USB option. Lets go ahead with WiFi Option and show you how you can wireless sync your phone with the system.

Moborobo Wifi Sync

Here you need to Install the Mobo Daemon application by scanning the QR Code shown on the software which you can do by using applications like “QR Droid” available in the Play Store. Following this the browser would access the website and try to download a apk which would be the MoboDaemon.apk file. Select OK and meanwhile go to the Settings of your phone, Check on the option which says “Unknown Sources” because we would like to Install this APK onto our Phone.

Moborobo Daemon App Apk Install

Following this you would be taken to a quick tour on your phone followed by a welcome screen showing you the WiFi Connection Information and also asking for the Validation Code. Tap on Enable and also ensure that your phone is connected to the same WiFi as the desktop or your computer. At this step you need to visit back to the Desktop based application and click on Next, it would ask you to Enter the Validation Code which is displayed on your Phone.

Moborobo Phone App Validation

Moborobo WiFi App Validation Code

Welcome Screen : Click on the Connect button and it would initialize the connection and ask you to Install a update onto your current ‘Mobo Daemon’ Phone Application. Following which you are ready to go with the Phone’s detailed information displayed to you. You can manage multiple devices and in this article we are going to show you the Nexus 4 as an example.

Moborobo Phone Info Welcome Screen

To start off you can first select the option of ‘Backup / Restore ‘ and proceed with securing your Important Phone Information. This option wont be available to you under the Wifi Mode because of the amount of data you have on your phone and it would be only available in USB Mode.

Phone Cleanup : This is a Interesting feature which allows you to improve your device performance by cleaning the cache files and this could be done by removing the App Installation Remaining Files which are generally left by the apps which you would have Uninstalled.

Moborobo Phone Cleanup

Market Place : The Next Interesting feature is access to another Market Place which comes with many useful and not so easy to find applications most of which are free. Called as the ‘Moborobo Android Market Application’ which you can again download onto your phone through this desktop application would give you access to all the apps. Fnd apps based on the Top ranked and rated and then download onto your phone.

Moborobo Android Market App

Free Wallpapers : You can not only access the Images on the Device under the Camera, Device Gallery & Wallpapers section but also access the Wallpaper Center through which you can find hundreds of beautiful wallpapers which you can easily preview and download, which would automatically download first onto the desktop and then transfer to your Phone and get Installed.

Moborobo Wallpaper Center Download

Free Ringtones : Looking for a lot of ringtones? Not to worry because this application also features a dedicated area for Music, where in you have access to a section under ‘PandaApp Ringtone’ which is a huge database of ringtones where in you can select your favorite ringtones, listen to them and then set them as a ringtone directly onto your phone from your desktop.

Moborobo PandaApp Ringtone Download

So overall this application not only offers the backing up of the data but also offers some amazing features which are generally not found on the respective phone’s original software and the best part is that this is a universal application. Download Moborobo Now & Enjoy all the above Amazing Features.

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  1. Andre Dire Wolf Jacobs

    September 9, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Software does not support ASUS Google Nexus 7…. 🙁

  2. Graeme

    April 18, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Only works on Windows machines. No Apple version available. No use to me………..

  3. Nrupesh

    April 8, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Compared to Snappea , which is better for managing the phone?

    • Kevin

      April 9, 2013 at 8:02 am

      i think this can beat Snappea.

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