Modi Run – A Mario Like Free Android Game on Indian Politician Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi who is expected to become to the next Prime Minister of India, has got himself a new game which is on the lines of the game Mario which was a very famous game last decade. The game is not endorsed or sponsored by him but probably by some fans.

Narendra Modi has got a huge buzz and on the same lines we earlier covered that a few new Android Smart Phones would be launched dubbed as SmartNamo, Smart Namo Saffron One, Smart NaMo Saffron Two & Smart Namo Phablet. The game comes with just 12 rounds where in the minister has to cross different states.

Modi Run Android App Narendra Modi Game

The application has a UI which is similar to the Mario game though there are no coins nor any princess and the only goal is to reach the end of the stage and win the state by passing all the obstacles. The game is pretty simple which a small kid can also play and comes with a decent UI which runs on budget android smart phones too. Currently the game has already been downloaded around 1 lakh times which is not a small figure and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 which is pretty good.

Modi Run Stages App Narendra Modi Game

The best part is that the developers are getting the maximum coverage because of the users who are promoting this application within their social networks and also the thousands of comments which are flooding on the app page on the play store where they are supporting the politician. Overall this can clearly indicate you that if you are into app development then you can take this app as an inspiration and start developing apps.

Click Here to Download the Game on your Android Device Now.

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