Monitor Website Uptime on Android & Add Status Widgets on Phone

Are you a blog or a website owner? And you always love to check your site whether it’s up or not so that it’s not disturbing to your readers and your revenue is always ON.  Maintaining a 99.9 percent uptime is something everyone wants and though your hosting provider promises of 99.9 percent up time, there might be some issues which may lead to site down. Every now and worth users are looking to keep monitoring their websites and blogs. If you have a laptop or PC then are no far away to monitor your site and rectify the problem whatsoever but what if you are away from your home and wants to check whether your site is up or not.

Site Checker

The Site Checker by Random Artifact is an Android application which allows you to check and monitor your websites and blogs through intuitive widgets. If you are system administrator or a full-time blogger or a web developer and have an Android phone and you are out of your workplace then you can check out your site at any time using this app. The app does the work as it mentioned in the name of it.

If you find the response Status as 200 then it’s safe to say that your site is up and running fine. If you get any other message in the Status like 404 then your site is having a problem and you should look for fix of it. You can retest then and there itself if you think that result might be wrong.

How to check Uptime of a Site

If you want to check out for a site, then you need to open the app first after downloading of it, then click on Menu and select Test to add a site. You have to now provide the name of the site and the URL of it for testing. You can check multiple sites at once and once the results are executed it will show with exact status of the site.

The features of Site Monitor app as follows –

  • Check for unlimited number of sites for status
  • Simply Provide URL and have a go
  • Also shows the favicon of the sites
  • Fast and efficient
  • Simple and easy to use interface

Site Checker Site Checker Site Checker

Site Checker Download

The Site Checker Android apps can be downloaded for free at Android Apps Labs. You just need to click on Install now button while browsing on your phone.

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