Moto ACTV – Steps to Root & Install Android Market Place

MOTO ACTV Title LogoMoto Actv, the very own World’s first Android Watch too gets the root treatment. Now you may ask on what can you do with the rooted Android watch, one thing which you can benefit from rooting is that Rooting opens up the Android Market Place which we will see in the next article but before that we will check out on how to root the Moto Actv. Before we proceed, you need to go through the list of pre requisites which you need to follow and followed by which we will see the procedure in the every same page. Very soon we will also see Android powered refrigerators.

Note: This article should not be applied to root Motorola Actv Model and should not be applied to the phones which have model number as Moto Actv.

Disclaimer: Please note that we should not be held liable or responsible in any manner in whole or in parts if anything wrong happens to your device which is the most unlikely if you follow the instructions as prescribed in the due course of this article.

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Quick Pre Requisites:

  • Please note that you need to ensure that the watch is charged to a maximum possible level so as to ensure that it doesn’t get turned Off in the middle of rooting update.
  • Also, all the data need to be synced with the Moto Sync or else all the data will get erased.
  • Ensure that you are on the 4.55.78 version firmware version which you can check from your Moto Actv device from About section from the Settings.

So, assuming that you have followed all the instructions which are mentioned above, you can now proceed to the procedure which is mentioned below.

Procedure to Root Motorola Actv Android Watch:

  • First up you need to Download the Motorola Actv Firmware Boot Image in your computer and then you need to turn Off your Moto Actv Android watch so as to enter the watch in the recovery mode.


  • After turning the Android Watch, you need to hold the Power Key and start Key for 3 seconds and then need to release the same so as to enter the watch in the fast boot mode. If the device powers ON in the normal mode then you need to again try to enter the device in the fast boot mode.


  • Now, once you get into the fast boot mode, you need to now connect the Moto Actv to the computer using the Original USB cable which you got at the time of purchase and then run the following commands in the command prompt in your computer.

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot reboot

  • After this, once the device is rebooted you will be able to connect the device in the adb mode using the Zergrush tool. You can also additionally make use of SuperOne Click Rooting tool to root the device.

Android Market on Moto Actv MOTO ACTV LAUNCHER Angrybirds on Moto Actv

  • Once the device is rooted, you need to make a backup image of your system partition as there is no stock image available. You can do this by running the following command as root on adb shell.

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk1p18 of=/sdcard/system.img bs=1024

  • Now, exit the ADB and type in the below mentioned command,

adb pull /sdcard/system.img system.img

  • Now, take the system.img and save it in the safe location as we will be needing it later. Now you can load the launcher using the adb install command or also you can remove the default launcher by again mounting the file system and saving the launcher to the sd card. As soon as you do this, the launcher will be installed successfully. You can use the Honeycomb launcher 1.8 which is tried and tested.

mount -t ext3 -o remount,rw /dev/block/mmcblk1p18 /system
cp /system/app/Launcher2.apk /sdcard
rm /system/app/Launcher2.apk

  • Now, that’s it you can now even install the Google Apps by downloading it from the Cyanogen Mod’s website. Once you are done with this you need to now re enable the mass storage sync with the Motorola tools and run the command stop adb in the adb shell itself.

Do let us know just in case if you face any issues in the comments section as we will try to ensure that all your issues are sorted out at the earliest.


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