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Get the Moto X Camera Wrist Flick Feature on Any Android Phone – Download App

The Moto X smartphone is one of the best devices in the market, and it is the interface and features which contribute a lot to it. One of such features is the gesture where you need to just shake your Moto X to start the camera app. A simple flick of the wrist, and the Quick Capture feature is activated.

A developer Suyash Srijan has released a free app named QuickCamera which is doing the same function, i.e. replicating the Quick Capture feature of Moto X to bring that to any Android smartphone, although you might need to be a part of the beta group to get this feature working.

QuickCamera App 1 QuickCamera App 2 QuickCamera App 3

This is a gesture feature app, which would need you to rotate the camera twice to launch the default camera app, and it takes anywhere between 1-3 seconds based on your phone rotation and the response from the phone. And just like you see in the Moto X, there is a little vibrate which would tell you that the gesture is recognized and the camera app is going to be opened. The reason for this is to let you know that the gesture is recognized and there is no need to rotate more, or it could give some errors.

The QuickCamera app is still in the Alpha stage, so the users who are getting any errors can report them and expect to see quite a few updates in the near future with the fix for each. The app is going to run both when the screen is turned off, and when it is on. For now, it’s the accelerometer which is going to detect these movements and turning the camera on, but in the future versions, it should be the gyroscope which would do the job.

QuickCamera App 4 QuickCamera App 5

One of the areas of improvements which we would be seeing in the near future is the proximity sensors which are the ones to let the phone know whether the phone is in the pocket or in the hands, but for now what we are seeing in the settings is the ability to set the threshold of the shake which triggers the launch of the camera app.

You can download the app in the Play Store but before that, you will need to join the beta community – Link.

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