Motorola Atrix HD Gets Over the Air Update with Improved Performance & Bug Fixes

Ever since the Google acquired Motorola, we have seen an observational jump in the software updates being first delivered to the Motorola powered devices treating Motorola as Google’s as their own property. But it has been two months now and only few devices have been upgraded to Jelly Bean, maybe the reason for the delay was the IFA 2012 event where every brand was pushing for maximum of devices display which will be launched in the coming four or five months until the CES 2013 or Mobile World Congress 2013.Motorola Atrix HD

Motorola is very much pleased to announce the roll out of fresh updates available for the Motorola Atrix HD users in United States. These updates are been delivered to your device via the Over the Air update and let me remind you that this is not the update to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as everyone was expecting. But this comes with various software features and bug fixes. The software update version is 77.12.22 and Motorola also provided the change logs of what is included in this update.

Improvements & Enhancements

The following is the list of the improvements & enhancements included in this update –

  • Improved Wi Fi internet connectivity with stronger connections
  • Optimized battery performance for better battery life
  • Improved camera for the better image capturing during the low light performance and it includes various other features like blurriness, better color accuracy
  • Bar code scanning on your phone will be quicker and more accurate
  • Perfectly optimized for the playback of the games from EA and Gameloft with graphical performance
  • While using Spotify on your phone downloaded from the Play Store, skipping on the next song will continue the playback without any stoppage in between
  • Optimized playback with Widevine streaming content
  • Live wallpapers is reverted back to the Factory default wallpapers
  • Correct geo tagging of the images, bug fixes
  • Several latest version of Smart Wi-Fi, YPmobile like AT & T apps have been added.
  • Its pre loaded with Quick Office for the office documents editing functionalities and supports Google apps.
  • Includes the latest version of the Google Play Store for advanced security and various apps supports

How to Update

Since this is one of the major update roll out for Atrix HD apart from the Ice Cream Sandwich the file size of this update is fairly large so we recommend users to update your phone when you have charged your device to 50 % and you should also ensure that you are connected to the Wi Fi internet network. Also you should ensure that you have taken the backup of your device by any means which you have earlier followed.

This update is been delivered to the United States based users of the Atrix HD and this comes with various bug fixes & features as seen above. Motorola might have sent you the update notifications on your device, and for those who have received this update notification, they can simply follow the instructions on screen to apply the updates or else you need to check it manually.

Once ready with the instructions you need to tap on Menu > Settings > About Phone > Software Update and then tap on Check Now. Your phone then will be communicated with the Motorola servers for the availability of the updates and the request for the download. Once it notifies that the updates are available, you need to tap on download from the message notification received by Motorola. It will take a while for the updates to be downloaded on to your phone and it will then again ask for the apply the updates, grant it. Your phone would be restarted automatically and the updates should be applied.

Once you are done with this update, you need to go through Menu > Settings > About Phone to check the version of the Android included in your phone. The Jelly Bean update of this device might be coming up very soon but no tentative dates were given.

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