Motorola Charm Vs Huawei U8300 Mobile Comparison

If you are looking for some good middle end phones that will help you stay connected and if you’re the kind of person who types a lot, you surely should consider Android devices with QWERTY Keyboards on them. The Motorola Charm series from Motorola have made good sales while the Huawei has a budget phone on their lineup. While both the devices look very similar from the outside, they are backed by slightly different processors and come with changes here and there. Do read on to see a detailed comparison of both the devices :

Note: The Huawei U8300 is also sold as Ideos Chat in some countries.

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Motorola Charm vs Huawei U8300

Form Factor

Both the handsets have a small form factor which feats neatly within the palm of your hand. The Moto, at 98.4 x 67.2 x 11.4 mm is slightly longer than the Huawei, which is at 94 x 64 x 11 mm. The Huawei U8300 weighs just 104 grams while the Moto Charm is 110g in weight, slightly more.

Winner: Motorola Charm


The Motorola Charm, comes with a 2.8 inch TFT Capacitive display with a pixel density of 143ppi while the Huawei has a 2.6 inch screen with a pixel density of 154ppi and has a screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels while the Motorola Charm also has the same screen resolution on its 2.8inch screen as well.

Both the phones have two touch sensitive below the display along with a physical button and support Multi-touch. There is an accelerometer and proximity sensor on both the cellphones as well. Also, note that there is a BACKTRACK touch panel on the Motorola Charm, which allows gesture based actions by swiping your hands against that on the back for various controls within the software.

Winner: Motorola Charm


Both the cellphones have a 3.2MP in the rear and record video at 480p. The Motorola Charm records video at 24fps and still shots using the camera on the cellphone, are at 2048×1536 pixels is the maximum resolution of photos on both the devices at 3.2MP mode.

There is an LED Flash on the Huawei U8300 while the Charm does not have flash. Both phones do not have secondary camera on the front.

Winner: Huawei U8300


The Motorola Charm has 512MB of internal memory and a microSD card slot that is expandable up to 32GB while the Huawei U8300 also has similar memory specifications, with 350MB of internal memory and is extendable upto 32GB using microSD.

The Moto Charm comes with a 2GB card inside the box, in most of the regions.

Winner: Motorola Charm


The Huawei has GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 bands and HSDPA 900/2100 bands which gives maximum speeds upto 7.2Mbps on HSDPA while the Motorola Charm has similar bands on GSM as well and supports 1700 / 2100 on HSDPA,  with a support of upto 3.6Mbps on HSDPA and 2Mbps on HSUPA . Wi-fi bands on the Charm support the latest band of Wi-Fi, the 802.11n and 802.11b/g as well but the Huawei U8300 has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g only, Wi-Fi N is missing.

Both the phones support WiFi Hotspot feature on them. To know how to enable Wifi Hotspot via tethering, follow these instructions here.

GPS is available on both the phones and Bluetooth is 2.1 enabled on the Moto Charm while the Huawei has only Bluetooth 2.0 and comes with A2DP support on both. EDR on Bluetooth is supported only on the Moto Fire, the Galaxy Pro does not have it. Both phones have A2DP support.

Both the cellphones have FM Radio on them as well. The Charm has RDS support while the Huawei doesn’t.

Winner: Motorola Charm

Operating System and UI:

Both the devices run on a old version of Android, 2.1 or also known as Eclair. The Motorola Charm has its own Moto-Blur UI 1.5 on top of stock Android which brings some changes to the user interface and iconography on the device along with Live Widgets while the Huawei has its own UI on the phone as well.

Both the User Interfaces are optimized to work in sync with the touchscreen and keyboard simultaneously and the BLUR UI from Motorola is a much stable and more intuitive to use than Huawei’s.

Winner : Motorola Charm

Battery and Processor

The Moto Charm has a 1130mAh battery while the Huawei has a 930mAh battery. The Motorola Charm, on 2G has a talktime of upto 6 h 45 min and 267hours of standby time and Upto 334 hours of standby time on 3G. While the Huawei has 450 hours of standby time on 2G with a talktime of 5hours on 2G.

The Motorola Charm has a 600 MHz Cortex-A8 processor backed by a PowerVR SGX530 GPU and TI OMAP3410 chipset while the Huawei U8300 has a slightly better processor at 800Mhz. This will contribute in running more applications simultaneously without the device getting hanged or throwing other error messages.

Winner: Huawei U8300


The Huawei U8300 is indeed a budget device, at very low cost. It is selling for about 150$ in the markets around the world while the Motorola Charm has solid build quality and a User Interface from Motorola, which is much better in terms of Huawei’s User Interface. The Motorola Charm, though has a slower processor, comes with a much higher battery capacity, which would mean it can last much longer if you aren’t going to use it a lot. Do check for the availability of the Huawei U8300 / Ideos Chat, and if you are looking for a very cheap Android smartphone, go for it. But if you are looking forward to a good Android experience, go ahead and buy the Motorola Charm. It’s worth the money.

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