Motorola Droid – Install Gingerbread 2.3.7 with CyanogenMod 7.1 ROM

Motorola DroidAll those who own Motorola Droid phones on their hands are pretty lucky, as they can now enjoy new features on their phone by updating it with the latest CyanogenMod 7.1.0 ROM. This version had fixed many bugs from the previous ones and a lot of new features added in the latest version.

New features in CyanogenMod 7.1.0 version:

  • Android 2.3.7 version added.
  • You will get Bluetooth mouse support in this version.
  • It includes a latest Superuser app.
  • You will see a lot of change in the photo recording feature as this version speed up the photo recording process.
  • Geolocation added to photo app.

Additionally, more number of features also added in this latest version which improves the overall performance of the phone. To update your phone with this latest version, you need to root the phone otherwise you cannot update your phone. Remember that rooting of the phone will void your warranty, so proceed further only if you are ready with this. Next up, follow all the below given instructions carefully otherwise there is a high probability of bricking up of your device.

Note: androidadvices.com is not at all responsible for any device damage. So, we request you to follow all the instructions and procedure carefully so that you can end up the process in a smooth manner.

We have divided this article into few pages so that everyone can understand the process easily. In the next page you will find the pre-requisites and then the actual process of flashing in the further pages.

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