Xyboard 10.1

Motorola Launches Xyboard 8.2″ & 10.1″ Tablets – Specs & Price

Android tablet has caught fire but its only Galaxy Tab 10.1 which has made impressions from buyers. Galaxy Tab remained the top Android tablet for around six months and that time is enough to provide them with 4 different form factor of Galaxy Tab. The Motorola Mobility’s newly announced Droid Xyboard poses a serious challenge to Galaxy Tab or any other Android tablet.

Motorola Xyboard is popularly known as successor of Motorola Xoom and it this tablet runs on Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS certified by Google. On the hardware side it has 5 mega pixel rear camera and 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. It will be made available in two form factor of 10.1 inches and 8.2 inches and it will come with Wi-Fi internet connectivity. It will be made available either in 16 GB or 32 GB variants and the price of them are set accordingly. Tough this doesn’t have the 4G LTE capabilities the prices have been reduced considerable to $ 200 less for each model.

Xyboard 10.1 Xyboard 8.2
The widescreen HD display on this tablet is packed with bright and striking colors and this tablet is not even bulky enough. Xyboard tablet is manufactured with nano coating which repels spills of water or liquid when falls on it. With those specifications it’s needless to say that Xyboard is 4.0 upgradeable. Expecting that Ice Cream Sandwich will be available to it by the end of February 2012.

With battery specifications standing at 7000 mAh battery made up of Lithium ion, it will power this tablet for continuous usage of 10 hours during browsing over Wi-Fi, 6 days of continuous music playback and standby time of around 48 days. That is remarkeable with Motorola as now you willnot need to worry of the battery life. These tablet comes under the Business ready smartphones and tablets providing productivity and security and various other features makes this tablet a perfect devices, the reason why you should get Xyboard instead of Xoom tablet.

Motorola Xyboard 10.1 Wi-Fi with 32 GB at $ 599.99, 16 GB at $ 499.99

Motorola Xyboard 8.2 Wi-Fi with 32 GB at $ 499.99, 16 GB at $ 399.99

Both the tablets with different storage capacities are available for purchase directly on the Motorola website at its specific price and it comes with free delivery within 2 days. There has been considerable decrease in the price of Motorola Xoom Android tablet with the launch of Xyboard tablets.

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