Motorola Officially allows Bootloader Unlocking of Android Devices in 4 Steps

For long period of time you might have heard the term bootloader!  For those who aren’t aware, they can understand what is Bootloader and its purpose? Its nothing but a program which controls all the applications which runs at the startup of your phone.

After HTC and Asus roadways to the make the bootloader unlock available officially, it turned out to be Motorola Mobility who has announced the availability of ‘Unlock My Device’ exclusively page where you can unlock the bootloader in four easy steps. This has just started by Motorola and we might see many more devices coming added in future. Right now only Sprint Photon Q 4G LTE is the supported device.

Motorola Unlock

Motorola highly warns users not to unlock their bootloaders for the users who aren’t aware of Android SDK. Unlocking your device will allow you to make modifications to your device which can easily damage the device. But before you proceed to unlock the bootloaders check whether you have installed the fastboot and the Android SDK, install the latest Motorola USB drivers. You should also verify that your fastboot recognizes your device as well.

Also users should understand that if you proceed with unlocking of the bootloader,s your warranty will get void and neither Motorola nor the wireless carrier will be held responsible for this harmful act. Make sure that if you proceed with the bootloaders unlocking, your apps, internal storage data, media all will be reset and you need to take the backup by whichever method you do it.

Supported Devices

Not all the devices support unlocking of the boot loader under the Unlock my Device program.

As of now the support is only available for the Sprint Photon Q 4G LTE smart phone and in the coming weeks we might see more devices added available for unlocking. Expected devices are the Motorola Razr, Xoom and Xoom Wi Fi.

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