How to Mount & DisMount USB Sticks on Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich powered phone which introduces amazing sets of features to the Android operating system. It brings whole new overlays and users interface with Ice Cream Sandwich. This device from Samsung has been hailed as the greatest Android device and it has been receiving many good reviews for good reason. Have you ever come across the requirement of transferring files from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus to other devices or vice versa? Its definitely possible now with Galaxy Nexus and this is another gem feature of Ice Cream Sandwich though not officially.

The StickMount is an Android application developed by Chainfire developer which serve the purpose of automatically mount and dismount USB sticks on Galaxy Nexus. But before installing this application, you should make sure that your Galaxy Nexus phone is rooted regardless of what firmware you are on. This application comes as a quick fix to the current Galaxy Nexus problem of disabled USB mount. Google has disabled the feature of mounting the USB mass storage devices on Galaxy Nexus. Suggested that there are reports that Google will finally enable this feature in the next update of Galaxy Nexus, the developers are very active to find a quick fix to it and bring out an application to do it in easy way.

Stick Mount Galaxy Nexus

The StickMount Android app gives you’re the freedom to go pass the limitation and mount external storage devices like memory cards and external hard drives without any issues. Buy mounting the external storage you will be able to transfer data files directly from your phone to other phones without even requirement of a PC. This is must have application in Galaxy Nexus if your phone is rooted.

StickMount Download,

The StickMount Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs. From Android Apps Labs visit the Stickmount page on your phone and then click on Install button to automatically proceed with installation of application.

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