Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum Project Enhancements would Hit in FireFox 58 for Android

Mozilla Firefox company had announced a project for the browser year ago, which is named as Firefox Quantum. It had gone out for beta testing and will be available for consumers very soon. Mozilla company has taken a step forward for the enduring chrome-challenger and has prepared to take advantage of multi-core setups, which are common these days. Right now, the Mozilla is using the Firefox 57 which is using the Gecko engine service, while chrome is using the Blink engine. Now, the Mozilla company is planning to change the Gecko engine and supporting the development of Servo.

The Servo is an experimental browser engine which is written in Rust for some time now. The Servo browser engine would make Firefox browser very fast. The Firefox Quantum project would be planning to ship in Firefox 57 is Quantum CSS on a desktop version which is based on Servo CSS style system. These CSS style system would be a responsible for loading web pages with appearances of elements, which are providing to load pages very fast. Sadly, the Quantum CSS is disabled on Firefox 57, but it would be enabled on Firefox 58. It is right now under beta testing if you want to download & test this from Google play store.

It also manages to prioritize tabs how you are using the browser which would actively download and render tabs based on your usage. So, this makes 30% more RAM-efficient usage than Chrome browser, which means Firefox would load the page very fast. The company has said that it would fix 469 bugs, that would be an impact of the improvement the speed of the browser. Thanks to photon project, it has done some changes in the skin of the browser and looks great high-DPI display. It would be expected to release on November 14th.

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