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MWC 2012: The Galaxy Note 10.1 from Samsung is official – Banner images at venue

The rumors aren’t rumors now, its official when we talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which was expected to launch at the MWC 2012 and confirming that, the Fira Palace Hotel has the walls filled up with the large images of the same device being showcased already, photographed by each passerby. There is nothing else given except the photos which confirm the news, but we will have to wait for the specs and actual info to show up at the Samsung stage in the MWC.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The only noticeable difference between the Galaxy Tab and the Note 10.1 is the presence of stylus, the photos show a big pen-like-stylus getting the stuff done. That for sure would be a great upgrade, but we have to confirm which network it would come with, and the data network levels, whether it would be a 3G or 4G. The Galaxy Note 10.1 looks almost similar to the Galaxy Tab, but we would be coming up with the actual specs when we see it unveiled at the MWC 2012.

Source: Mashable



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