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Giveaway #4 – Win The Samsung Galaxy S III SmartPhone

Samsung Next Galaxy PhoneWe have been covering the News and Buzz around the Next Galaxy Phone from Samsung which could be the S3 or Galaxy M and all these rumors would come to an end in just another week when Samsung would officially launch them on May 3rd. We know that all of you love the Android Smart Phones, which is the reason we are going to giveaway the Next Galaxy Phone launched. Whatever be the price of the device, be it $700 or even $1000 we would just Buy it and ship it to your Home anywhere all around the world. Do make a Note that this giveaway is not of the S3 which is speculated by everyone but any Galaxy Phone which Samsung launches next week.

This Giveaway is Simple, since you are already subscribed to our blog either on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email you have already entered few of the Entries and have to just the daily tasks like Tweeting / Sharing about this Giveaway for winning Extra Points which would help you in increasing the chances of your winning.

Winner Selection & Announcement Video

Congratulations to the Winner Pravas Zestken who has won this contest and would be given the Galaxy S III Device. We are coming up with two more giveaways this month. So Stay Tuned for the same.

Do make a note that there are Two compulsory tasks which you need to Perform only once in the above requirements, while the optional tasks can be performed every day for Increasing the number of your Entries and ensuring that you Win this device. Once you have completed everything Comment below and let us know why you would like to Win this Phone, who knows if we like your answer we will send a few bonus goodies too.

Note : We have extended this contest for a few more days for the S3 India Launch and also ensure that few more users get a chance to Win this beautiful device. We know few of you would feel bad but we wanted all our readers to give a try.


  1. id love to have a samsung SIII, my phone is not working well due to my one year old son slammed it on the floor… and dont have enough money to buy a new one… il be thakful if i will win this unit… thanks God bless… :)

  2. The reason I would like to have this phone is because I have never had a real phone and I would like to have this expirence of having a real phone. The only phone I had was a trqcphone and that didddnt realy satisfy me but any ways I hope that I can win one of these one day.

  3. i really would like to win this phone to help me in certain situation like if i dont have access to a computer i can use it as my computer and so forth i really love this phone and would be gradually greatful if i am the next possible winner like i say its a cool smart phone.

  4. Thanks for the contest…us who cannot afford such phones have atleast a chance to own one..whoever wins, congratulations..
    if it’s me well and good

  5. S3 is one of the great phone that samsung had launched..
    And i am happy that http://androidadvices.com is bringing on a competetion with s3 for the winners…
    hope they will have enough of them for all user , provided me too..
    thank you for reading my comment

  6. please dont think that i am oversmart….

    i wil be always thankfull to you if i win s3

    even if i dont win i will be thankfull….

    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls…..
    give me galaxy s3…

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