Giveaway #4 – Win The Samsung Galaxy S III SmartPhone

Samsung Next Galaxy PhoneWe have been covering the News and Buzz around the Next Galaxy Phone from Samsung which could be the S3 or Galaxy M and all these rumors would come to an end in just another week when Samsung would officially launch them on May 3rd. We know that all of you love the Android Smart Phones, which is the reason we are going to giveaway the Next Galaxy Phone launched. Whatever be the price of the device, be it $700 or even $1000 we would just Buy it and ship it to your Home anywhere all around the world. Do make a Note that this giveaway is not of the S3 which is speculated by everyone but any Galaxy Phone which Samsung launches next week.

This Giveaway is Simple, since you are already subscribed to our blog either on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Email you have already entered few of the Entries and have to just the daily tasks like Tweeting / Sharing about this Giveaway for winning Extra Points which would help you in increasing the chances of your winning.

Winner Selection & Announcement Video

Congratulations to the Winner Pravas Zestken who has won this contest and would be given the Galaxy S III Device. We are coming up with two more giveaways this month. So Stay Tuned for the same.

Do make a note that there are Two compulsory tasks which you need to Perform only once in the above requirements, while the optional tasks can be performed every day for Increasing the number of your Entries and ensuring that you Win this device. Once you have completed everything Comment below and let us know why you would like to Win this Phone, who knows if we like your answer we will send a few bonus goodies too.

Note : We have extended this contest for a few more days for the S3 India Launch and also ensure that few more users get a chance to Win this beautiful device. We know few of you would feel bad but we wanted all our readers to give a try.

  • op mundra

    Please give me the device …..I will use it for a good cause

  • op mundra

    I want to have this device to help my poor friend who is in need of a phone

  • rachel vargas

    id love to have a samsung SIII, my phone is not working well due to my one year old son slammed it on the floor… and dont have enough money to buy a new one… il be thakful if i will win this unit… thanks God bless… :)

  • justin

    The reason I would like to have this phone is because I have never had a real phone and I would like to have this expirence of having a real phone. The only phone I had was a trqcphone and that didddnt realy satisfy me but any ways I hope that I can win one of these one day.

  • shaneika

    i really would like to win this phone to help me in certain situation like if i dont have access to a computer i can use it as my computer and so forth i really love this phone and would be gradually greatful if i am the next possible winner like i say its a cool smart phone.

  • Rahul

    S3 is one of the great phone that samsung had launched..
    And i am happy that is bringing on a competetion with s3 for the winners…
    hope they will have enough of them for all user , provided me too..
    thank you for reading my comment

  • Vipin Abraham

    please dont think that i am oversmart….

    i wil be always thankfull to you if i win s3

    even if i dont win i will be thankfull….

    pls pls pls pls pls pls pls…..
    give me galaxy s3…

  • Vipin Abraham

    I Just love tech …….
    my favourite operating syatem is android… i like samsung the most…..

    to be frank
    i dont have money to buy this phone
    coz i am just in 9th class
    it is my greatest dream to buy a phone like s3…

    i dream to buy s3 coz i love smart phone hackzz ………

    ma present phone is galaxy ace duos ..
    which is rubbish ,no use at all ,dont even support any custom romzz

    so i need a galaxy s3…..
    hi hi ….:-)

  • D’pak

    It doesn’t matter if i win or loose
    its the matter that who will win
    if i dont win i will be sad but i’ll be happy for the one who wins the phone
    i will think that god never made phones for me that is why i am watching this site through a cyber cafe
    best of luck to all the participants

  • Sulex

    I would like to have an android phone to know much about what is going on around the world

  • Gaurav

    Haed luck for me not discovering the giveaway before

  • Saad

    oh man, my dreamy smartphone but i can’t win:(

  • Shashank

    Man i want it!

  • Arbok

    It’s an amazing phone. Simply amazing. Me like.

  • Pradeep Neela

    thanks for your feedback

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 giveaway

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  • Vaisakhan Sreekumar


  • catherine t. reyes


  • catherine t. reyes


  • Yuval aloni

    this would be awesome to get for my GF, its our 1 year anniversary!

  • Yuval aloni

    this would be awesome to get for my GF, its our 1 year anniversary!

  • Virendra Godha

    Hope this time I’m the lucky one to use your products.

  • Rhience Draesca

     wow SAMSUNG SIII is cool!! this phone is one of a kind. I already experienced how to use SIII and i was super amazed …cool internet web browser. cool gui features specially for camera (photo) and games. a super fast loading without traffic….all the features of the this phone was super awesome. and im craving to have this kind of phone. i’m using samsung phones for almost 2 years now and i love working and experimenting on samsung phones especially on  all the downloaded apps even if some apps are not compatible im finding ways to make it compatible to samsung. and with the new samsung SIII i cant wait to explore it thoroughly and experiment with it. I LOVE SAMSUNG SIII nature!!!! The Best!!! Cheers for all the proponents of samsung SIII!

  • akgarg

    Samsung did their excellent business as statistics shows and if you give me this dream able smartphone i assure you that this is going to like that i am eating it daily………………

  • Amit Garg

    Samsung did their excellent business as statistics shows and if you give me this dream able smartphone i assure you that this is going to like that i am eating it daily………………

  • ashish singh

    just three words:

    I WANT IT!!!

  • ashish singh

    just three words:
    I WANT IT!!!

  • Christine Vergara

    i dont have galaxy phone yet so please let me win this phone… 

  • Kskanavsood7

    i am lg p500 user…a sick old hardware android……i have many roms for it on xda of kssood …i cant imagine my life without android…i tried but i cant afford any new phone …want to help make samsung galaxy s3 users a little better…i promise to bring down a development rain on s3 if i win one.

  • samantha

    hey. I want to win this phone because 1 i don’t have a phone and its hard having to have all your friends texting and talking on their phones and your not . another reason is because when my friend call me or my bf i have to talk to them on the house phone. lastly is because i’m in high school and say something happens to me i would need a phone to call for help. Thanks You and i hope you pick me.

  • Nimesha Kariyawasam

    This is the ULTIMATE DREAM phone right now at the market.. I’ve so longed to hold a smartphone becuase the one I use now is a black and white phone with very basic options. A phone like this would change my life, literally.
    and thanks a lot for holding the contest and giving people like us, who can’t really afford such a phone, a chance for winning..

  • Akash Mukherjee

    all i hav to say is

    let me win if you chose me, my whole life will be totally changed
    and also i’m a phoneless Hippocratic creature
    pls give to me pLLLLLLLLLLllllllllllllllllllllssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssss

  • pawan jeph

    please do not do anymore comments as the winner is already announced and the giveaway is over.

  • Shilpa8

    Frankly, I want to win this phone bcos I dont have an Android phone and also I love the features of this phone:) My friends and family members advice me that there is no use of playing such online contests as it is a waste of time and u will not win anything!! But I dont agree to this. And I want to prove them wrong. For this I want to win this contest!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee pick meeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Shilpa8

    Frankly, I want to win this phone because I dont have an Android phone and also I luv the features of Samsung G S3 very mch:) actually all my friends and family members advice me not to play such contests online as it s waste of time and u will not win anything!!! I want to prove them wrong and I trust this website….pleaseeeeeee pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  • Shilpa

    Frankly, I want to win this phone because I dont have an Android phone and also all my friends and family members tell me that there’s no use playing such contests online amd its a waste of time, u won win any mobile phones etc. So I want to prove them that all this is wrong. So thats why I want to win this phone and show them. Pleasssssssssss pick meeeee!!! I trust this website….

  • Shilpa

    Frankly, I want to win this phone because I dont have an Android phone and also all my friends and family members tell me that there’s no use playing such contests online amd its a waste of time, u won win any mobile phones etc. So I want to prove them that all this is wrong. So thats why I want to win this phone and show them. Pleasssssssssss pick meeeee!!! I trust this website….

    • ComeOnDude

      haha dude, lame excuse xD
      you would have to be a complete moron to believe that this website would actually be fair and let someone win xD
      This website is probably like any other website sayings stuff like this: “fake”:)

      And even if there was a SUPER RARE chance it wasn’t fake, you would have a bigger chance winning the lottery;)
      This is one big stupid fake contest xD

      I bought the phone, and that’s the way to get it cheapy!;)

  • Roshan

    how did u win plzz give me advice how did u won it??

  • sarbjit1234

    i also want

  • sarbjit1234

    i also want

  • sarbjit1234

    i also want

  • aatif

    Congratz to the winner :) 

  • aatif

    Congratz to the winner :) 

  • aatif

    Congratz to the winner :) 

  • amit singh

    Good to include galaxu s 3 india launch in mind as well

  • amit singh

    Good to include galaxu s 3 india launch in mind as well

  • Pavan Somu

    Congrats Mr.Pravas Zestken

  • Saquib Najmus

    congrats! Pravaz, luky boy and thanks for giveaway androidadvices

  • Sajan Shetty

    I really wanted to win this giveaway. Anyways congrats to the winner
    Pravas Zestken. Hope you have an awesome time with your phone :)

  • Saad Naeem

    this is going to be the best android phone till the next samsung comes out

  • Saad Naeem

    Cant wait for this phone ! its gonna burn iphone iphone into ashes!

  • lemmy

    congratulations to the winner but this will be the first and the last time i will ever participate in a giveaway by an india. I knew the price will goto an india because of the shipping cost and all. i ust spammed my walls for 30 days for nothing. all said and done i will always visit your site cos its cool. but as for your giveaways count me out it is for indians. am a Nigerian

  • Pravas Kumar

    Yay Thank You So Much Android Advices…

  • mike cain

    Another great phone, samsung ur #1

  • mike cain

    Another great ohone


    dear android advices team,
    well could you please give the blue s3 rather than the white one??

  • Vignesh

    hoping to win its taking a toll on me

  • Vimal Chintapatla

    Who Is The Lucky Winner?

  • Jazza

    Can’t wait for them to announce that I’ve won!

  • Kashif Ali Talpur

    how are the winners??

  • Roberto Bortolussi

    Hey, when
    announce the winner?

  • Huy McSlither

    Best upcoming Android phone!

  • Vaibhav Chavan

    Uh waiting 4 the results

  • Manbir Singh

    So when r u announcing givaway winners..Android Advices??

  • sheena atienza

    Whos thr lucky winner? hope its me…hehe!

  • Manbir Singh

    Android Advices..Rockss………Galaxy S3 Rocksss……….I hope i will win this giveaway this time………..

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Who is the lucky winner ??
    **All 10 fingers crossed**

  • Sangimed

    How much time we gonna have to wait for the results ? :D

  • Sangimed

    How much time we gonna have to wait for the results ? :D

  • Manjeet Gulati

    plzz give me this samsung smartphone i want it very badly

  • Pardeep

    Waitint for result :))

  • Pardeep

    Waitint for result :))

  • Brian Corpuz

    When will they announce the lucky winner?

  • Brian Corpuz

    When will they announce the lucky winner?

    • Sangimed

      Good question :D

    • Sangimed

      Good question :D

  • Zishan Amlani

    eagerly waiting!!!!!!!!1

  • Zishan Amlani

    eagerly waiting!!!!!!!!1

  • Ayush Chand

    Giveaway of a phone made by humans for humans to humans. But most humans can’t afford. :)

  • Ayush Chand

    Giveaway of a phone made by humans for humans to humans. But most humans can’t afford. :)

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Hoping and praying every second to WIN this give-away … :)

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Hoping and praying every second to WIN this give-away … :)

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Contest over … Waiting for the results …
    Too excited !! Who might be the lucky winner ?? Eagerly waiting ..
    Best of luck to everyone who participated … :) :D

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Contest over … Waiting for the results …
    Too excited !! Who might be the lucky winner ?? Eagerly waiting ..
    Best of luck to everyone who participated … :) :D

  • Amandeep Singh

    I am learning android programming. I would love to test my developments on this phone.

  • Amandeep Singh

    I am learning android programming. I would love to test my developments on this phone.

  • Az

    soo, who won?

  • Az

    soo, who won?

  • Sachin Goral

    My craving for a SIII is justified cause there might be no one on earth having problems that I have, like: blue‛tooth’ pain, eyes craving for some rest through vibrant screen, fingers gone red trying to type a filthy old keypad, and worst of all: constantly plugged on charge trying to charge that bulged battery feels like overcharging my cooked brain. Well you could cure all those diseases of mine by just feeding me that mammoth MOBILE+TABLET.

  • Sachin Goral

    My craving for a SIII is justified cause there might be no one on earth having problems that I have, like: blue‛tooth’ pain, eyes craving for some rest through vibrant screen, fingers gone red trying to type a filthy old keypad, and worst of all: constantly plugged on charge trying to charge that bulged battery feels like overcharging my cooked brain. Well you could cure all those diseases of mine by just feeding me that mammoth MOBILE+TABLET.

  • Farhan Mehmood

    who is the winner? *Fingers crossed* :D

  • Farhan Mehmood

    who is the winner? *Fingers crossed* :D

  • Hari Narayan

    Participated Hope I will win!

  • Hari Narayan

    Participated Hope I will win!

  • Aasim

    When are the winners going to be announced ?? Eagerly waiting …..

  • Sajan Shetty

    Praying to WIN this :)

  • Sajan Shetty

    Praying to WIN this :)

  • Mohammed Aamir K

    So whose the lucky winner ??? Is it been announced yet ???

  • Mario Amaral

    I really need a new phone, mine still isn’t a smartphone, and my wife already has one, but i still haven’t had what is needed to take these new technologies to better keep in contact with her. Getting the hand on this new smartphone would be like receiving the best news in the world dedicated to me, and there wouldn’t be only two persons (me and my wife) that would become joyful with it, but all my contacts (more than 500 cellphone numbers, not counting friends on Facebook and Twitter followers) because i would become so much closer from everybody at the same time!

  • Sangimed

    Almost the end :D #exited

  • Tamara

    I would like to win this phone because my phone which i got not last january but the january before is utter crap. Im in need of a new phone. My phone needs to be charged each night, sometimes more frequently, it freezes all the time, the camera freezes it, it runs random stuff in the background which makes it slower. I really need a new phone, and i would absolutely LOVE a samsung!!!! Ive been wanting one forever!!!! Would make leaving home next year and going to uni that much easier :)

  • shashank

    I like to win this because its the best android device in the market right now :D, also want to experience the AMOLED dispay which i heard is amazing.

  • BibboKid Ako

    I am an incoming 4th year high school student, gonna use it for school purposes. Android is better that IOS especially in comfortability of usage. The S Voice will surely help me. Hope this can be my 2nd android phone. The first time I used android, I was just like .. WOW ! :) Excited to use this amazing phone. :)

  • Nexy Allenegui

    i just wanna give it a try to win this for my cousin… Im helping him with his studies by giving him a little support financially… And i would be more happy if i could give this to him as a graduation gift! In god’s will… ;) m
    ore power to android! All the best to you!

  • Nexy Allenegui

    i just wanna give it a try to win this for my cousin… Im helping him with his studies by giving him a little support financially… And i would be more happy if i could give this to him as a graduation gift! In god’s will… ;) m
    ore power to android! All the best to you!

  • J-Nar

    Hope to win this time

  • J-Nar

    Hope to win this time

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Always wanted to own a high-end Android smartphone …
    Hope this one is my lucky shot .. :)

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Always wanted to own a high-end Android smartphone …
    Hope this one is my lucky shot .. :)

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Woohoo !!! Only 1 day left !! Too damn excited !!
    Hope I win this time as I have never won a giveaway before …

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Woohoo !!! Only 1 day left !! Too damn excited !!
    Hope I win this time as I have never won a giveaway before …

  • Madhusanka Lakmal

    hope that i can win :).. so excited to hear about lucky winner.. I LOVE THIS AMAZING PHONE ALOT!

  • Madhusanka Lakmal

    hope that i can win :).. so excited to hear about lucky winner.. I LOVE THIS AMAZING PHONE ALOT!

  • James Pham

    The Samsung Galaxy S III is simply beautiful. I love it’s design and how it was inspired by nature. It is such a remarkable device that has so much packed into it. I would love the honor of owning such a splendid device. I have always loved Samsung phones and this phone just boosts my desire to own this amazing phone. :)

  • Fred 忍び

    In all honesty, I want to win this giveaway because I am looking for alternative methods of taking notes in class. I’m not too fond of tablets because of the increasing risk of being distracted while listening to a lecture and class, lol, and I wouldn’t want to carry around a phone and a tablet everywhere I go. With a 4.8 inch screen, I believe that I will easily be able to take notes daily while still using it as a primary communication device. Thank you for providing the opportunity to win the giveaway and good luck to all the entrants!!!

  • Fred 忍び

    In all honesty, I want to win this giveaway because I am looking for alternative methods of taking notes in class. I’m not too fond of tablets because of the increasing risk of being distracted while listening to a lecture and class, lol, and I wouldn’t want to carry around a phone and a tablet everywhere I go. With a 4.8 inch screen, I believe that I will easily be able to take notes daily while still using it as a primary communication device. Thank you for providing the opportunity to win the giveaway and good luck to all the entrants!!!

  • Fred 忍び

    In all honesty, I want to win this giveaway because I am looking for alternative methods of taking notes in class. I’m not too fond of tablets because of the increasing risk of being distracted while listening to a lecture and class, lol, and I wouldn’t want to carry around a phone and a tablet everywhere I go. With a 4.8 inch screen, I believe that I will easily be able to take notes daily while still using it as a primary communication device. Thank you for providing the opportunity to win the giveaway and good luck to all the entrants!!!

  • john ray

    I love the way Samsung surprises us. The way it all begins about the rumors about the newt galaxy phone is among the rumors that catches people interest. Im one nf them who had waited what would be the next galaxy phone and indeed of along months of waiting it surprises more even. This wasnt the S3 im expecting for but without a doubt i will give it a try in writing a little article about this. Godbless Samsung believers and futuristic fan!

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    This is so amazing. With you I’m feeling alive.

  • Fred C.

    In all honesty, I would like to win this giveaway because I’m looking for alternative methods of taking notes in class. I’m not very fond of using tablets simply because of the size and the increasing risk of becoming distracted while listening to a lecture, lol, and I don’t want to carry around a phone and a tablet. But with a 4.8 inch phone, I feel like it is an adequate size to take notes daily and still use as a communication device. Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to win this giveaway and good luck to all the entrants.

  • Pardeep

    only one day to go :)

  • shivam sharma

    i tried type of offers in this site but i never won is you blocked the Indian user or you just do this to get attention worldwide

  • Kevin

    Waiting for the last min.. :)(:

  • SNH

    Wow, almost finally over! I think the Samsung Galaxy S IV is out now :P

  • Bryan Kwong

    I really hope I will win this!! Thank you for the chance

  • Jessie Tapia

    Would like to win this phone. I would use it for nursing school.

  • Sidd Nath

    I would love to own the S3 because its the most amazing flagship every released by Samsung. Would love to own a device with a powerful SOC and less worrying about the fact that it looks nothing like the I phone Plus I’ broke and I can never afford it :p

  • neha

    You are mine

  • Jeremy Miller

    I would really love to win this I visit your website daily and Facebook page hourly :) I havea s2 the screen is cracked and my USB port doesn’t work so I had to buy a external battery charger and I don’t have much money and never win at anything this would be great thank you for the chance Android advices

  • Swaniket

    Less than two days left .. too excited !!
    I am simply fascinated by the ICS firmware and the S-voice app in Samsung Galaxy S III !! its so Awesome !! Can’t wait any longer ..
    Hope I win this give-away … Although best of luck to others too !!
    :D :D

  • mohan

    i have never used a android device but i m crazy about it and planning to buy one next month. I want to have my 1st experience the best so if it would b galaxys3

  • mohan

    i have never used a android device but i m crazy about it and planning to buy one next month. I want to have my 1st experience the best so if it would b s3, i sure i would get the best

  • mohan

    i have never used a android device but i m crazy about it and planning to buy one next month. I want to have my 1st experience the best so if it would b s3, i sure i would get the best…….

  • Firdaus

    ICS 4.0 + understanding human nature = best smartphone
    Gonna fully utilise to increase my study life productvity

  • Deepak Gupta

    This phone here is going to change the way I perceive Mobile computing. This phone here is gonna rock my world.

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    You see me yo , this is Galaxy SIII scenario.
    Winning in every place cuz your my lucky ace, pray it for me. oh yeah!
    Winning in every place cuz your my lucky ace , everybody wants it here for me.

  • Nishant Singh

    If i win samsung galaxy S3, i wont just use it…..i mean not jus games and apps….but i also love customizing it and discovering its features and sharing it with my friends :)

  • Nishant Singh

    If i win samsung galaxy S3, i wont just use it…..i mean not jus games and apps….but i also love customizing it and discovering its features and sharing it with my friends :)

  • Nishant

    If i win samsung galaxy S3, i wont just use it…..i mean not jus games and apps….but i also love customizing it and discovering its features and sharing it with my friends :)

  • Nishant

    I don jus keep a phone….i use it to the full extent….not jus games and apps…but also customizing it and exploring all its features and sharing it all with my friends :)

  • EricWarmerdam

    Currently have a sgs2 that just broke on me..too broke to buy a new one..all my money goes to school bills. I appreciate the opportunity to win a new one! Thank you!

  • Yaseen Shareef

    i use a nokia 101 ryt now…..before this a vodafone magic box set… doesnt even have a camera………all my friends are using high end devices……and it makes me feel sad sometimes……..and i use the ringtones of blackberry and samsung galaxy after downloading them…..will feel on top of earth if i win this…..i really would wanna hold it once…….in front of my friends………….i hope so……….because if i dont win then it will take me a few years to buy this one……..maybe even longer than i expect

  • Ibn Shajahan

    awesome phone in the galaxy..

  • edward

    am a Google mapmaker, a regional expert reviewer for that matter and i love Samsung devices. i have never used any Samsung device running on an android platform and i think this can be one of the best opportunities for me to own one. i want to do all the mapping and all the reviewing from phone wherever i am. i only pray that this is my chance.

  • Rinku Singh

    Awesome….Every time I see this phone, just can’t stop dreaming about having it…Never had a smartphone till now, infact never got a chance to have one…but definitely would like to start with this one…have heard alot about the special features that it has and I believe it would be quite handy in my work and day to day life activities…Thank you so much and I hope that I just get lucky to get my hands onto it :)

  • Wasiqabdulwahab

    How can updates ics for galaxy tab p1000

    • Amit Bhawani

      This is not the right post to ask this question!

  • Arrays

    One of the awesome smart phones I have seen. I do not own any as such, I really want to get one :) Hope to get it !!

  • Abhishek Prasad

    There is no reason to get this awesome phone. I need this phone.

  • razak

    bcos i’m a NO:1 samsung android smartphone fan!!!support u all d way!!

  • Sahil

    I have never had an android device have been saving up for one. Plus i regularly keep myself updated with the launches and stuff and have a keen interest in mobile phones, i so need this high end phone!!! :D

  • razak

    bcos i’m an all time NO:1 samsung smartphone fan!!!

  • Swaniket Trivedi

    Owning a high-end Android smartphone has always been my dream !! Hope win win this contest … :D

  • Aneesh Bhatnagar

    I want this phone because it is the next generation of Smartphones! And also because its a Samsung Galaxy series phone! I have had pretty good experience with them and really like their phones!

  • Varun Malhotra

    It’s my first time, I ever joined any giveaways, I usually think they all re scripted, but If an reputed blog such as urs hosting giveaways, then how could I miss that opportunity :) I hope I won Galaxy S3 :)

  • Mai

    I haven’t had any smartphone before. Hopefully, I will win this thing.

  • Flav

    good luck to everyone! :)

  • Rakesh Narang

    Entered, I hope I’d win.

  • Mary Anne Yap

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing to beg and to beg only to make me the luckiest winner ever of this S3..I am using S2 now and it would be better if my S2’s brother will finally meet his long lost brother!please, have a heart for them….


  • SrihariRao

    Thanks for the giveaway..

  • Ganpat Shinde

    hey nice give away …. if u want to prebook this phone snapdeal has a great deal on that

  • eroadie

    i have never been so thirsty for any giveaway but this one is i cant ignore and i need thid phone badly ,… fingers crossed … gud luck to everyone ….

  • sumoni

    hoping to win this time around! :P

  • chelymlopez

    omg .. 1 day to go .. :D i’m so nervous .. i really hope to win.. :D

  • Sunil Duggal

    great giveaway for one of the best smart phones with very smart features to compliment the daily life style… i m so looking fwd to have this as my primary phone once the results are announced

  • Mike

    I would love to win!

  • Shinigami Gyan

    Hope to win this time

  • Nour Talat

    Awesome Give Away I Wish i Win

  • Yogesh Kumar

    Many of my friends have I phone and they show it off all the time, If I win this superb galaxy s3 which is Samsung flagship phone all of them will certainly have no answer of that.

  • Arvind Kumar

    Hope to win this time…finger crossed

  • Mac

    Ouch, waiting for the final of this giveaway… I’d be the happiest man on the Earth if I could touch such an amazing device! Thanks for this giveaway to entire Android Advices team and initiative! Wish you all the best!

  • Vandan Sood

    For me it would be the dream coming true i have awaited the launch of this for for almost a year now but sadly call it my bad luck when it comes out i kind of cant afford it right now
    So if i win it would be the best thing ever happening in my life so keeping my hopes up and believing in luck
    PS thanx android advices for bringing this opportunity to the people :D

  • Dsellers2

    Just pull my name out the hat and you’ll have an advertiser for life. Not to mention I’m a big Android fan.

  • skander

    if i win , I’ll send you my new galaxy mini so you can do another give away with it!!! hahaha

    • Amit Bhawani

      Thats a nice barter system offer but how about trading a S3 instead of mini?

  • Antonis Lazarou

    3 days left!!!

  • Ahmed Ali

    Samsung galaxy S3 is the best phone in the present time 

    and i wish that i will have this high-end phone in this contest 

    i hope this and i will start share 

  • mahochan

    3 days ^_^

  • Piyush Shrivastava

    Wish to win this because I am an andriod developer and I myself don’t have an android phone. I cannot afford one. I test my applications on others’ phone.

  • Manish Kataria

    Lets who’s the lucky guy / gal.

  • Ekbote Aditya

    It is great that you people are organising such giveaways. It feels really good to enter one, though i have won none. Still Thanks for taking the initiative. Best of Luck to me and to you!

  • Gabriel Salgado87

    I’ll like to win this phone because the Galaxy line is simply the best, quality superb phone ever made, Galaxy is the future.

  • Pardeep malhani

    3 days to go :))))))))))

  • Joshua

    Wow i sooooo badly want to win. 

  • Pranay Patel

    This gadget of Samsung can male a new benchmark to new Smart phones.
    It will appeal more and more for the others. 
    It will really helps more and more to worlds news and all. 

  • Samael

    Hi everybody, i’ve never had a smartphone and if i should buy one i would buy this (i dreamed it last night and i don’t think it’s a good thing…), so let’s try!
    Anyway, thank you for this giveaway and sorry for my English!

  • Ibn Shajahan

    I want to experience and apply Artificial Intelligience applied in this awesome phone

  • akasharora

    I need Galaxy S III because I love all Samsung Galaxy and as this is the latest Galaxy smartphone so I really need it badly :) Well I have filled all above entries. Android Advices – Keep Sharing this type of Giveaways. We all techies need that :)

  • Anne Yap

    I wanna wanna wanna million wanna win samsung! make me your lucky winner!

  • Napoleon

    I am using iPhone for the past 3 years. But I have noticed that the Samsung galaxy is the best among the Android phones. My long term eager to buy a galaxy is not happening because i cant sell my iPhone due to poor response or less price. If I happened to have one Samsung Galaxy III through this giveaway offer I will be so happy. Let me see what happens!

  • j. Carcano

    Loving the mentioned features and great hardware of the phone is more than enought reason to get this!

  • Napoleon

    Like this

  • Napoleon

    I am using iPhone for the past 3 years. But I have noticed that the Samsung galaxy is the best among the Android phones. My long time eager to buy a galaxy is not happening because i cant sell my iPhone due to less response or less price. If I happened to have one through this giveaway offer I will be so happy. Let me see what happens!

  • andy

    I was once an apple iphone user, but a taste of galaxy s2 and the android system has me hooked. Once you turn android, you never go back lol.

  • Sofian

    Too long I use IOS devices … with this Samsung Galaxy SIII, it’s time to try out the power of Android devices… hope I can try it soon … awesome giveaway …

  • Liam Smith

    I reaaaaaaalllllyyyyy hope I win!!!1 irealy want a decent android phone and this would make my day!!!!!

    good luck to every1 tho =)

  • Adelani

    Jutice delayed is justice denied.Why don’t we get it done now!
    Please l need the phone now not tomorrow.

  • Patrick

    i hope to get the new galaxy s3, i really l
    ike the phone and android 4.0.

  • ashish

    i’m commenting again, lol.
    i entered 2 more entries – twitter and google plus share.


    so i guess, why i want this smartphone is because i really want to explore what all the hype is about the Androids. A cousin of mine has a HTC Desire, but that’s old, but still. It was awesome! You know the feeling that some people have, when they goto auto expos and stand or sit in the supercars or cars of their dreams?! DAMN! haha, that was the feeling when i was operating my cousin’s phone. It was like, man ! Unbelieavable! We have advanced so much! The Linux like water waves theme was awesome! And it had all these FPS 3D games just like on computer! It was a computer in a hand!

    From that day onwards (it has been more then a year and a half i guess), i got hooked to news about Android. In the meantime, i also gathered information about how Android market made millionaires out of individual developers – a fart app with a million plus downloads earned someone millions! Man how cool is that! lmao. And a friend of a friend of mine had developed an app that could allow you to use the accelerometer of your droid as a wii-controller, for your playstation. That guy made lakhs too. (Although to be honest i don’t know how. Currently in India, the merchant option – being able to put your android apps on the google’s android market for a price – is not yet introduced, which is disheartening because its us guys whom they outsource their coding needs to! And it has been i guess more than years since the launch of Android).

    I’m currently also delving into Android development. That’s a means to an end – build an app, earn money, and buy a droid :D
    I know i don’t have a droid yet to test on, but what the hell. Anyways, the merchant option isn’t available in India yet, so i’m going lazy on the development. But giveaways like this sure fire my hopes up! haha. Then i could just install my OWN app on my own phone! lol.
    I actually do that with Python for S60 for my Nokia E63; its fun.
    Coding IS fun.
    alrighty! haha. best of luck to others too :)

  • R.P.M.Lakmal

    Every People has their own dreams.. but, some of them only can reach to make them come true..
    because, It is all about the Luck,Fortune and Effort on those dreams!

    4 days more left to..
    I’m still an university student and dreaming how I use this phone on my hand :),actually I love this amazing phone alot and I want to win this! because buying this phone is difficult and a dream for me.because of money. that’s why I’m so excited for this.and other thing is, I never had a smart phone before. so i want to win this and explore the world more with this amazing phone.. :)
    so keeping hopes to win this, I have been doing relevant requirements on this giveaway everyday.and hope that I’m lucky enough to be the lucky winner for this amazing smart phone :).
    finally, thanks a lot dear ‘Android Advices’ for making this giveaway..
    I wish all the best with your works on everyday. :)

  • Napoleon

    Eagerly waiting

  • Phibes

    the main philosophy of Bruce Lee, and i follow it: “absorb what is useful” = use a Galaxy s3

  • Rajarshi

    I want to win this because I just want to win, no other option. I NEED the Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Rock

    I love this device and so I am participating in this contest.

  • tosin

    even if i dont win, i beleive that whosoever will win these is a deserving person. and i trust the judgement of those who will select the winner

  • Sky

    I would love to win this because I’ve been stuck with the same phone well past my two year contract because I really can’t afford to buy a new phone. Not to mention I could definitely use a camera, and the camera in this phone makes my own digital camera pale in comparison (which sounds pretty pathetic, but the camera is indeed pretty old). On top of that I would love to be able to have my email updates pushed to my phone instead of having to use the horribly slow, pathetic browser on my phone to access my email. It may not be the best phone in another couple of months, but it sure as heck would beat anything I can afford right now (not to mention it would save me having to update for at least another three or four years! :D ).

  • Shankar

    Winning an S3 would be like gifting a Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani to a starving man, who has only experienced dry rotis and onions in his lifetime!

  • Jason W

    Are you kidding. The only reason why I should be the reason is I know where to come for the best news and updates. Android Advises. Please. This is my one stop source for the best info on the internet and every social network out there. You guys rock and what better reason to give me the goods is by being your #1 fan. Peace!

  • SNH

    Why I want to win? Because I am a geek and love to play with new gadgets. But I also am a bit cheap (I prefer frugal but it is what it is), so don’t always splurge – I do have mouths to feed after all! So I typically have used, refurbished or try to find new items on sale. For instance my first flat screen was brought from Circuit City when they were going out of business, by 1st iPhone was a refurb brought through a friend that worked at AT&T, my first Android phone used from eBay, my first HD camcorder again brought from eBay used. For once it would be great to have a truly “new” item! Currently I need a good smartphone with WiFi (I don’t spend on data plans – frugal remember?)

  • DD

    So the white S3 is the norm color compared to blue?

  • Nikhil Bansode

    If i don’t win i will do DDoS Attack on your blog.

    • theanuragest

      @nikhil someone is getting angry……….

    • daddy

      well start googling stuff about ddos to learn it. i think you don’t know nothing about it. and i’m winning :D

  • yousaf tahir

    im cazy abt glaxy cel nw im usng s2 .i hvent enough mney to buy s3 .i wish i hve s3 .s3 is owsme and fastest device .cn we chnge cell s3 mine nd s2 ur .

  • Hassan Haleem

    Is there anyone who will now want the best phone in the market. I want it because its simply the awesomest phone

  • Ng Yao Zhu

    I would really love to win the next galaxy phone because the people at Android Advices are AWESOME!!! You guys provide people from all around the world with informative stuff on android which are in my opinion, really very useful. I look forward to winning it!

  • pphil roberts

    i am constantly telling of the benefits of android as opposed to iphone etc so a new phone would alow me to show even more.:-)

  • Adelani

    If the best thing in life is truly free and Samsung S3 is acclaimed the best phone in the world at the moment,l deserve to be one of the winners.Don’t l?

  • Muhtasim Shams

    I would like to win a samsung galaxy S3 phone because my family is not as rich as most of my friends’ and they keep showing off their cool phones and stuff which makes me feel bad and jealous. and getting a phone like this is like a dream for me! but since it’s pretty obvious I won’t win, thanks to my usual luck, congratulations to whoever wins! :)

  • Joshua

    Android is simply the best OS ever. simple as ^_^

  • Pankaj Gehloach

    I own an Android Blog, and don’t have an Android Phone lol. Mom refuses every time, Dad never listens. Well, I’m never that much lucky, but I wish “someday” and may be GOD have a big surprise for me. Anyway, you people are really so nice. And Best of Luck, everyone out there.

  • Vijay

    I want it tooo my all friends have this phone must want / need this phone pls give me this phone.

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Cool giveaway!

  • Steve Hedges

    I would love and need to win this phone as my Galaxy Note pooped itself and being on a disabled pension I need a phone really badly, housebound without one

  • Jawahar

    Done all the entries. Hope to win this time :)

    • theanuragest

      best of luck jawahar

  • Puya

    I want to win this because of its amazing display, android 4 (ics) and because it’s simply amazing.

  • Joan

    no way im wining but its fun to participate

  • brandon

    its gonna be one of the best phone and i always like androids.

  • Dilip Rajendran

    Hope i Win this :)

  • Razi

    Me big fan of u………..big fan of u r vedios n big fan of s3 mannn i really wanna have this please n u dont know hw much i love s3

  • Liju

    I have never owned a touch screen smartphone and am still using my 5+ years old Symbian device. I’m very much interested in an Android device but can’t afford a good one as I’m fresh out of college and still on the lookout for jobs. So this giveaway is my chance at winning a superb device like the S3. A heartfelt thanks to the team at Android Advices for this giveaway and this site. I’m a regular reader and viewer of your youtube videos. Thanks guys, Keep rocking!

  • Dale Emery-Smith

    I would really love to win this phone because I come from a poor family and I’ve never had the best of something. My mother is a single mum with four kids and we are just above the poverty line in terms of money :( All my phones have been hand-me-downs from my older brother and they were already outdated when he got them. My current phone is the G1, thats how out of date I am. I love Android and envy all my friends with new and better phones. I would really like a chance to shine and not be embarrassed because my family can’t afford new things

  • RG



      there is no one who don’t love his mom ^^ and we’re all poor :)

  • arka

    big one!!would love to win :)

  • Marlon Bonilla

    well why do I have to win this? gee, well I don’t have particular reason but I think the feeling of winning something would be like the best thing in the world! :) rock on!

  • Anirudh

    Hope I win this Giveaway . But many participants . Thanks Amit !

  • umashanka

    Did all.

  • Suryagopan

    I use to visit android advices daily, its very informative and i use to know all the news about android from here… I started applying custom RoM’s for my Galaxy S by referring your articles, which never failed me and my device… After that i use to update all my friends devices to latest firmwares or custom ones by referring articles from here and i became a ‘android doctor’ for them with the help of you:-)… Such a useful site this is….
    Whoever wins the S3, its a token of respect for them and if its for me i would say “am damn lucky!”… :-) If not the S3, i liked that small collectible robot(green one)… I will be more than happy if i get that too… I will be hanging out here daily till i have an android phone..

  • Alban

    nice giveaway. thanks alot guys at Android Advices

  • Gaurav

    Want to enter the Galaxy mania. Hope i win :)

  • devil

    i want to win

  • R.P.M.Lakmal

    this is all about luck & fortune..
    I want to win this galaxy S3 smart phone and bring it into my country.. :) It’s The My Dream.. hope that I will be the lucky winner..

  • Abdulla Hussain

    I have been dreaming of that BEAST for months. Unfortunately no matter how good my tastes are for wanting the KING OF ANDROIDS, I am just dead broke to buy something of that Caliber :(. Well anyhow I am a student doing my Diploma and Currently developing an Android Application for my College, I figured why not give it a shot. If I am lucky I’ll win it. Either I am gonna be happy even if it goes to another person because its just a plus one to the world of android. Everything about this phone is desirable. There is no flaws, since its got Hardware to Compete and Beat the Best phones out in the market now. The aesthetics of it is actually jaw dropping. The Marble Blue color is personally my favorite. Well either I am really hoping I win this. Good luck everyone who’s participating. :D

  • anurag

    this is great to have an indian site organising giveway of this much value…
    i had visited this site couple of times earlier but never hooked on …but the word s3 can make any droid fan stay at a point for forever so looking fwd from this giveway & best of luck to all participants.

  • omkar kathe

    wow !! what a phone !! iphone killer , i need this phone badly

  • Bhuvan

    i m a big fan of samsung smartphones and

  • sneha kathe

    i never used smartphone before i m not crazy about smartphones like my brothers but this device is really awesome and i would love to win this

  • Guyano Bhiccoo

    Wonderful contest… Congrats to whoever will win the S3….

  • Kiran Kumar S D

    I would love to win this one… can really take my profession to new level..I am an architect…I always look forward for technology to help me explain my designs to clients…hope to win this..

  • Swaniket

    9 days extension !!! This will decrease the chances of winning as more and more people will participate. But I won’t give up.. No way…
    I really want to win the Galaxy S III …

  • Belal

    Hope i win :) so i can show my friends the power android has over ios.

  • Abhijith V M

    Completed every steps before some days. But forgot to comment. I can;t find any single reason for NOT winning this phone. Who on this earth doesn’t want to hold this beast in their hand!

  • pathum

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    pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me

  • Roy Samuel

    Could you kindly put the date of the article, author etc, at the beginning of the page / article, than at the end?

    • Amit Bhawani

      Any specific reason why you would want that? Because not everyone reads / needs that.

  • Amit

    Amazing giveaway…. but u definitely need luck by chance……..

  • Prashant Negi

    This is the giveaway of the century by Android Advices A Galaxy S3. I wanna win This phone and be the lucky person of the century.

  • pathum

    the date is extended…………noooooo

  • tosin

    yes extending the date means opprtunity for more people to participate

  • chelym

    the date is extended .. oh well , its okay .. i’m goin’ to make many entries as much as i can everyday.. I really hope to win.

  • Pavan Somu

    I am glad to see that the Giveaway have been extended for more 9days. The more you extend the more points I will gain :)

  • ashish

    well giveaway or not, i’m gonna have one of these devices in my hand some time soon. and then a ‘vette, and a porsche and a beach house and..


    May the deserving win. But, may the Force be strong with me :D

  • Dinesh Nalluri

    Hi! Wow! You rock for arranging such an amazing giveaway! The best phone in the world and you are giving it away!! I seriously want to win it!

    I would really love to win this phone! i am following the galaxy series of phones ever since Galaxy S released! i would really love to win this phone!!

    Congrats to whomsoever wins this beast of a phone!!

  • David Smith

    You are kind most teenagers would keep it and nnot care about anyone but you do i think it is a good quality to have. Hopefully you win so i can see your dad and if i get it you can have it

  • Nicole

    I love this website, it’s giving everyone a chance at getting rare prizes. I would love to win the phone as I absolutely love android phones and I would love to explore how much the phone has been upgraded and I would love to experience it for myself as I never owned one before and I have only seen others with them. I would like to say in advance to the winner congratulations on winning the prize. I look forward to participating in more contests from this website. I like this website so much that I’m going to recommend it to my friends and family. websites don’t get any better than this.

  • Pardeep

    ohhh Date is extended :(

  • Rashmi Sinha

    first of all, thanks for organizing this giveaway. Hope I will win it. :-)

    I want to win this android Samsung phone so that I can utilize it in my blogging activities even when I am not in front of my laptop. I do have a Symbian phone which I don’t find much helpful in wordpress blog management.
    Once I am having android smartphone, I can utilize my time even when I am travelling or waiting in queue for cinema ticket :-)


  • Joseph

    I’d like to win this phone so that I can finally pass my iPhone over to my wife.

  • sireesh

    not using technology is like being illiterate

  • Harsh Aggarwal

    I love Android but never used that, i have Samsung text pro… I really want to experience android ….I’m following about Galaxy S3 since it’s image was released . I’m crazy about its magnificent features like S-voice, direct call, and many others. I really love to Win Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Swaniket

    Less than 2 days left for the giveaway to end …
    I would like to say “Congratulations” to the winner in advance !!
    More importantly, a big “THANK YOU” for Android Advices to keep such a great giveaway.
    I don’t know whether I am going to win or no … But whoever wins this giveaway and gets a Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be one lucky person (too damn lucky !!).
    Fingers crossed … too eager to use Galaxy S III and Ice Cream Sandwich… Sadly my phone does not support ICS :( Hope I win this Super-Smartphone …

  • Adelani

    Winning is sweet and i am a winner!

  • Mariel Mangubat

    badly want it and need it:)

  • Sophia

    I want to win this phone as I would like to use it to introduce NFC technology to nonprofits to show them how they can use it to engage their base. In addition, I would like to use the phone to educate health-focused foundations about the possibilities of using biometric technology with NFC to innovate the delivery of health care.

  • SrihariRao

    thanks for the giveaway. :)

  • chelymlopez

    hope to win :D i’m sharing this everyday .. i want this to be my first smartphone.

  • tosin

    I really hope i win this. it even seems am the only Nigerian here i just hope i have a chance. i have been spamming all my walls with this wonderful giveaway for almost a month now all because i cant afford any expensive phone due to the fact tham am a student as well as an orphan. I hope i win this

  • najmus

    oh!Samsung why r u making such galaxies tempting like birthday cakes eager to get the hand on it, androidadvices help me to get my hand on it

  • Pavan Somu

    I am daily sharing this giveaway. So I hope I will win this giveaway definitely. Lets see how is my luck

  • innjung

    I really2 want the Samsung Galaxy S III.All the features it have, just AMAZE me!I want it so BADLY cause it will be the first ever Smartphone for me.

  • Lee

    I need to win this phone so that my trusty Nexus One can finally take a well deserved snooze, as it seems to be getting rather lazy lately.

  • Adam

    Nice one, I haven’t got a phone so this would be sweet!

  • Luke Pettican

    This isnt for me, even though i really really really really want it. If i won i will give it to my dad. He works long hours to provides for my family and i think he deserves an treat. Don`t you ?
    Ps he has only got a bad old nokia phone so i think he needs an upgrade.

    • David Smith

      You are so kind i wish i had a son like you hopefully you win so a good guy can win for a change. Do you think you would be able to video your dad getting it?

      • Luke Pettican

        Thank you, i dont see my self as kind i just think i will be a small token of my thanks and he will love it. I am sure i can video it

  • R.P.M.Lakmal

    3 days more left to… i really want to win this amazing smart phone and explore more things in the world with this one :)
    expecting to win…
    and thank a lot android advices for making such a giveaway for all of us worldwide :)

  • Adelani

    To hold,to view and explore.Samsung Galaxy S3,so near and yet so far.

  • Avi Singh

    The world’s most powerful smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S3. Who wouldn’t want to have this phone? If I win this phone, I’m gonna give my Galaxy S2 to Mom.

    • Luke Pettican

      Or you could give the s3 to her

  • muhannid khan

    would love to win this phone because its the best phone out there!!!

  • Vidit Chopra

    Samsung Galaxy S III is surely the best from Samsung. With expandable memory, removable battery, a huge screen, Flipboard(no longer exclusive though ;)), it surely has everything that a smartphone should have! Given the Benchmark Scores the device has shown both on Quadrant Standards and AnTuTu Benchmark, waiting to lay my hands on the device. The only thing to worry about- the battery life! Rest, the device appears to be awesome!

  • Harsh Aggarwal

    I want to win this at any cost !..I love Samsung Galaxy S3, can’t wait for that …. fingers crossed !!!!!!! Please god help me win this

  • Pardeep

    Random (dot) org ! help me and select my name for the winner :) only 3 days to Go

  • Zee

    I was looking for this phone since i heard it was in built! till now i have read almost all the websites posting about Samsung Galaxy SIII! I had always liked this one to be in my hand all time!

  • Alvin

    I like this phone because I’m a human being and this phone is designed for humans :P. This phone also bears a new form and look from the Galaxy series.

  • Aman

    Hope to win

  • Hp Tan

    it’s everyone dream to have an awesome gadget like this…and this kind of chance maybe comes just once in a year…hopefully i can win this as my 1st smartphone cuz i really need it for my studies…btw… GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! :D

  • Ricardo Faria

    I Just Love it.

    i want to develope room for this galaxy…

  • Avinash

    Hi Amit ..

    Winning this phone from this Giveaway,I just want to prove the people whose orders totaled more than 9Mn that they could could saved their money with a few tasks by participating in this wonderful Giveaway by AndroidAdvices :) and also win my First Android Phone which could be the envy for others.

  • Azharuddin shaikh

    I m still in S3 just want to hold it hard and Thanks guys for such Giveaway and Following post :

  • tosin

    today’s optional task completed

  • Prashant Negi

    Giveaway of the century a Samsung Galaxy S3 by Android Advice WHOOOOA, I want the giveaway and be the lucky person of the century. Plzzzzzzzzz give it me.

  • Swaniket

    Wow !!! I wish I had a Galaxy S III !! Android Advices is awesome as they have decided such a superb giveaway !! If I win this giveaway, I promise to give Android Advices almost 800 – 1000 subscribers/followers !!! Seriously looking forward to win this giveaway … :D

  • mohammad

    9 MILLION pre-order!!!!! I realy want this phone.
    i wish i win this phone becaus i want to keep my galaxy note too.

  • Bhupinderpal Deol

    Wanna feel the power of Most Anticipated beast of smartphones.

  • najmus

    the big day seems so long eagerly waiting to get the hands on galaxy

  • Murali Aggithaya

    Wow great phone to giveaway in such a time. Hope to win this super cool phone :/

  • mcny

    Gs2 isn’t stimulating me as it once did. I need stimulation! Stimulate me with the GS3 and we’ll be friends haha site tho, really!

  • Bryan

    Which contact info do they contact the winner. I need a smartphone to help my wife with her life! It would go to my wife of course.

  • cosmin

    hy! i think you guys are really great first for your articles second for this contest. i would really love that s3 if i ever get the luck of getting it. and that would only make me love you even more

  • Joan

    i wanna win

  • chelymlopez

    please let me win .. i badly want a smartphone , :D

  • mojo706

    I’ve always wanted an Android phone but there is only one issue in Kenya the Android phones are expensive hence I traverse the internet looking for giveaways hope this time I will win!

  • amal krishna

    I need a smarthpone…:)

  • sunil

    GiveMe the GiveAway

  • Hammad Maqbool

    Its great giveaway. Hope I could win from Pakistan.

  • Joan

    I would love to win this for my fiance we live in Panama city panama and i love him to pieces but he is CRAZY in loved with this devices it would be amazing just to be able to give him something really nice for him he is amazing im crazy for him haha 5 years later and still good so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me win ….i would send you the pictures of him getting it if i win

  • lito


  • Aravind

    I would love to win a galaxy and use it for my robotics. I heard that android is compatible with Micro-controller Programming and i cant wait to try that out!

  • Sulemanzp

    Thanks AndroidAdvices for giving us such a great opportunity.
    I would like to WIN because AndroidAdvices like its users to Win… and after all Its Galaxy! Dream of every heart…

  • Ariff Tajuddin


  • manu

    love the new s3

  • Wast3dkid

    c0ol this giveaway
    simply amazing the samsung galaxy s3……. just want to win it, its just another fabulous creation from samsung. :D

  • Geoffrey

    I need to win this so I can make a phone cake!:) Then maybe I can make a free call and eat my new phone!!…lol

  • najmus

    a valuable gift from the people who care have galaxy s eager to get sg3

  • Avijit Dey

    It’s an awesome opportunity to win something truly stylish & world class by a company i admire & it will help me to keep in touch with the world even on the go…

  • abhi

    The most sexy will now be my galaxy

  • Nirikshit Pujari

    The only cell phone launched by samsung which look different from all the other model launched by them. All model look same (except this) whether it be samsung Y (costing 8.5-9.5K) or samsung S II (Costing 29k) the only difference in them is just a display Size. Now samsung is ready to compete with giant like HTC & MOTOROLA. This device will definately give a premium feel to the user, which is very important for smartphone.

  • Adelani

    What are a perfect welcome to a great phone!Let set the ball rolling.Thanks.

  • xhawkx

    This would be really neat to win because it will keep me flowing with the new technology.

  • Prashant Negi

    Giveaway of the century a Samsung Galaxy S3 by android advices, greatt!!!

  • tosin

    hmmn so many good reasons to win

  • mary anne yap

    for a year i used iphone…then i shifted to samsung s2…the difference is like Wow!!samsung is user-friendly.whether u r a businessman or a gamer or even just a normal phone-holder….it really gives u the best satisfaction ever!

  • Randy Neighmond

    Android Advice giveaway of the Samsung SGS 3.
    Wow! First of all, I would probably donate on a monthly basis for awhile to Android Advices, I would be so thankful.
    The reason is, I have been through hell the last 5 years.
    My mother, whom I loved dearly, died in 2005 and found out about it at work.
    My Dad passed away just back in 2008.
    Then, I went from good health all my life to being diagnosed with Diabetes & complications of Diabetes in 2007 along with being diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy in the latter half of 2007.
    Now, I cannot work any longer due to my disability.
    Getting this phone would really get my spirits high.

  • Cyvelle Torefiel

    I would like to win this to explore new things from a new phone. I think this phone is gonna be the best.
    It’s my birthday on May 15 and if i win this, this is my gift for myself.

  • Franklin Manao

    I should win this phone because I believe that this phone would make my everyday living an amazing one, wherein technology goes beyond your imaginations.

  • najmus

    eager to see the count to reach 0 days, who ever gets it a very good gift from androidadvices Galaxy 3 beautiful as its appearance in the sky

  • Ramit Hooda

    I want to win this phone because i want to have the feeling of winning this cell phone with my efforts and this feeling of winning is something, which money can’t buy. I want to feel this feeling. :)

  • Nimsrules

    Was looking forward to a fab giveaway just like this one. Have recenly lost my cell and have been using Nokia 1100. LoL, Fingers crossed. Hope I win.

  • Jitesh Golecha

    How will you select the winner? #confused

  • Jeet Dholakia

    Thanks you so much for coming up with this giveaway, completed all the steps please count me in.

  • dlb

    Want to win phone to overcome disabilities!

  • Sanchit

    Have been following you playing around online since you has started your blog at Your experience and thoughts helped me define my life ahead of me and influenced in shaping my career.

    I have been working on my own website(a blog before) called Observer’s Paradise ( Not one from the high class family, I had always had a dream to own one of the best devices/gadgets ever produced, but Everyone does not get what he wishes to achieve. Although with your guidance, managed to reach so far in the field, I would be very much lucky and blessed If I could win ‘Something Big’ as exclaimed by Samsung. Although I know the processing would be randomized and It all depends on Luck, Still there is nothing bad in Trying as someone truly said: Try Try Until you Succeed.


  • Nitin

    Awesome Give Away. Will Love to have one in my hand.

  • Cyvelle Torefiel

    I would like to replace my old phone(samsung also).
    My sister’s,my aunt’s and my father’s phones are all Samsung.
    We want samsung that much! <3

  • lito



    add me in yahoo


    add me in

  • kalu

    Check ou this

  • TheJungle

    I’d be so happy to get this device. I have Galasy S [1] and I’m satisfied about it, i love it. My brother bought SGS 2, and I know i won’t be disappointed with SGS 3, beside that – it will be upgrade of my dreams. You can make my dreams happen.

  • Cyvelle Torefiel

    I would like to win this samsung galaxy for me, my family and my friends to have fun during at school especially during summer.
    If I win this this is my 2nd phone. My first phone(also a samsung I do not know what model) was given to me by our kind neighbor.

  • hin

    it will be the first android phone, if you let me win that Samsung Galaxy S III

  • lito

    I was not ecpecting to win this promo, since they are many who place their comment arround the world.thanks God if I’ll be lucky one, who have’nt try any samsung unitto use it.

  • Yasmin

    Im so excited

  • Yasmin

    Im so excited!!!

  • farhan

    I want to win the samsung galaxy sIII phone :)

  • Prerak Trivedi

    Finger Crossed. I would be happy to see S3 just after finishing my exams. :D #Eagerness

  • Yuni Ardita Sari Dewi

    Awesome. I’m in. Hope for the best! :)

  • Rahul Agarwal


    I have samsung galaxy s i9000. The day i bought this phone, i subscribed to your newsletters. Have been upgrading os on my phone since then with each and every update :). Got stuck 1 or 2 times but was able to go through the process with your help. Really a great website for people want to have latest info on all the phones. Samsung galaxy s 3 seems awesome, wld love to have this one as my next phone. :)

  • Gurjot

    want dis coz wanna replace ma andro to a higher version
    fed up with small sgace
    soooo plzzzzz give it to me

  • abhinandanbr

    i wanna win this at any cost…for my girlfriend.

  • najmus

    think this time it is mine

  • jim saunders

    Have sg2 and love it so cant wait to get sg3

  • John

    Great competition, especially as my Galaxy S is on its last legs !!

  • Wendell Jaime

    I need this phone and im a HUGEEEE fan of samsung.

  • ashish bhojwani

    the phone’s good…mmm great…looks awesome !!
    you’re giving away such an awesome thing….\m/

  • Janardhan

    just wondering what is the next technology would be from the duo.. Samsung and Android.. best combination for the best output.. rocking:)

  • Marcelo

    I would like to have this phone because its the best thing that it would happen to me in long time! :)

  • najmus

    galaxy is a gem worth to own

  • Mahendra

    A new Samsung Galaxy S III SmartPhone will be freaking killer replace for my old Nokia 3110c. :D I’m gonna see if I can win one.

  • Vivek

    I want this phone because i dont have any !

  • chelymlopez

    Hope I win :) I want this so badly :)

  • jim saunders

    Think it will be better than the nexus

  • Manas Shah

    I’m a more than huge fan of ANDROID and Android Advices too!
    On the other hand, I also Samsung which makes the world-class phones in the world ( Take the G-Nexus as an example ).
    Also, I’ve no mobile device right now so I’m very very much longing for a new phone which has newest and the best technologies in the world. Recently, HTC also released their ONE series which is also pretty cool but Samsung magnificently wins over after the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. So, a lover of Samsung, Android and newest technology would definitely want to own a lovely phone which is offered by the great team of ANDROID ADVICES! ;-)
    Talking about the formalities which include tweeting, sharing on G+/Facebook and everything else, I’d definitely do all that stuff to win this phone.
    Now, I think this comment is getting extra-long so I should end it! :-D
    Thanks, AndroidAdvices!

  • Fenil Desai

    Whenever I search anything for android, google always takes me to It is truly the best site for android content..Amazing user engagement…U always love 2 comeback everyday…

    Now for the most amazing smartphone, I want the SGS3, to check out the most exciting new features – Smart Stay, Direct Call, Smart Alert, Face Zoom, SlideShow, S-Voice, S-Beam, All Share Play & Cast..Can’t Wait to get hands on the beast…

  • Ashutosh Joshi

    All done. I desperately want this phone, because my old phone has drown into water..!! Hope I win the phone.

  • Marija

    Wonderful competition, thanks!
    I’m entering because I love the concept of Android (as opposed to iOs) and because I have quite a story to tell re my current Galaxy I. I bought it in the States while on honeymoon :) with the explicit understanding that they would unlock it for me after 2 months. Which they did, but then after another month they locked it again! So, I’m proud to say that I managed to unlock it myself (after having never done anything similar before!) only to then drop it in a sink full of water! Aarggghhhh. So I had to change the mother board, and it now works again, finally, but it’s a bit slow and freezes often. So, since I can’t afford to buy another one myself at the moment, I’d love to win this :D Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance!

  • Kulita ngalasiya

    I really need it cause the phone am using is really playing me up,i dnt have money to buy a new one and i’Ve really wanted to own the galaxy s111 smart phone.

  • Bao Dao

    Hope i’ll get one =D

  • Hiten Kumar

    Entered..!!!! All DOne..!!!! Hope i win!!! Cheers..

  • Charles Burnette

    Staying in the galaxy family, SG2, dyeing to get my hands on the SGS3 every since I first heard about it, now that I have seen a brief introduction of its functions and smoothness, hell yeah I want it.

  • Mike

    I would really like to win this phone so that I can give my mom my Gnex. She is afraid of smart phones…. Too complex she says! I know she could handle ics! please help me, help somebody else! I love you guys!

  • pathum

    finers crossed

  • Russell Brown

    I wasn to know if there is a an ICS UPDATE ffor this device either official or click method would be nice. last time all I manrTaged to do was make a nice door stop.

  • Garry

    I have completed all steps please enter me Neel.

    Android Advices is my first portal for all news for my and other Android devices and all new related news.

  • charlesyeozc

    I’m tired of using my iPhone and i need a change of scenery

  • Germano

    Samsung it´s becoming the new nokia in some areas like fast delivering of new phones. This phone it´s a sample of this way of thinking, and i really enjoy to make part of this S III Party :)

  • Iyida Oliver

    I want to win this phone for the sake of my reputation. I only could afford a Nokia 1100! Being lawyer in Nigeria isnt easy, you know.

  • anand

    Samsung is growing up at rapid speed. Cant wait to get hands on this device.

  • Sniper Monir

    Thank You

  • tosin

    i really hope i win this thingy

  • Amit

    according to some sources price of galaxy s3 would be around 40K and thats too expensive so i would love to win from here and take home my dream smartphone

  • Ignatius aboagye dacosta

    Galaxy s3 is the real monster

  • najmus

    from good to better to excellent no words to describe Galaxy S3 think u will b mine What a beauty!

  • Janardhan

    Samsung is one the best in the market and with Android OS it is got to be the bestest of the best. I am a great fan of Samsung and Android market.. I wanna win Samsung giveaway and hope to also :)

  • Swaniket

    Galaxy S III has released !!! Getting too excited for 18 days to pass and get over with this contest !! Waiting to know who might win the Ultimate Android .. hope i win this contest !! :D :D

  • Vimal

    Thank you for all your efforts,Android Advices.

  • Anil Sardiwal

    I am IN :)

  • Sunil Duggal

    This seems to be the perfect companion for my Galaxy Note. How much i would love to see both these beauties in each of my hand. Send it on my way

  • Chiranjeev

    This is one of the biggest giveaway by Androidadvices as a Samsung galaxy S3. I need this smartphone because of it’s features. #Hope I will win.

  • Mohd Hafizi

    I would want this phone badly for me to discover the function so that it can be use and simplify my daily routine to be more productive.

  • chelymlopez

    hello , oh so there are already winners . ? too bad for me , i did not win ..huuhuh, i really want to have this smartphone since i don’t have one , cause i can’t afford.. i’m just a commoner :(

  • lito

    those winning a promo like are blessed. And i hope to wi too.

  • Darien

    I’d really like to win this. The only smartphone I’ve ever owned was a Blackberry. For 2 weeks. Before I was robbed. I’d like to experience a REAL smartphone before I die.

  • Adelani

    l congraltulate the the lucky winners including my self and everybody that took part in the fun.Better luck next time!

  • Pardeep

    hope I will win this giveaway

  • SNH

    I NEED a new smartphone! Had a 1st gen iPhone been using for perhaps 4 years now. WiFi started acting up so decided to try an Android but went with an older (cheaper) model running 2.2.1 and guess what? WiFi issues! Keep getting “Page not available” messages even though I am connected to my WiFi. If I don’t win this Samsung phone I may have to go back to using my Nokia 9300i – please! Not that! (Actually it wasn’t too bad but it’s a brick and slow compared to today’s smartphones).

  • Sanchit

    After the launch, I must say I am spell bound and I would be extremely greatfull to Amit Bhawani and If they could send in a device for me which I could never be able to own because of its high price.

  • Beniamin

    Hello Neal
    Greetings from Romania.
    O hope that the Samsung Galaxy s3 will smash all the competitive phone.
    I already know that i win this contest.
    Regards Beni

  • Nikki

    I am in love with my Galaxy S2, it is out of this world. Take me further with the new Samsung launch.

  • Sai Praveen

    Count me in :)

  • Azharuddin shaikh

    I never experienced any Android smartphone before so why not to start with most talked and awaited one. Need it badly coz more stuffs to cover but out of my range so if u could help me to get one……… really thankful for arranging such Giveaway :)

  • chelymlopez

    hope i’ll win :) i want it so badly since i dont have any smartphones :) hoping to win …

  • najmus

    Ride the Galaxy and conquer the Universe.

  • Soham Adhikari

    I would like to have the new galaxy because the Samsung S series Galaxies is the best. as every one like to explore new galaxy why wouldN’t i like to explore the next galaxy as friendly as the Samsung galaxy

  • Barry Cochrane

    It’s here,the day of the new galaxy.when boundaries are moved, horizons,Stretched,and aspects of life eXpanded.
    Today? The new Samsung GAlaxy is revealed!

  • Sean

    I don’t own any Android smartphone so to win the Galaxy S3 would be a fantastic start…

  • Tobi

    I want to win a Samsung Galaxy simply because it serves the main purpose of a smartphone in enabling users to become productive while enjoying all the perks and entertainment of having a multifunction phone. Who doesn’t want a ‘Stylish, Social, Smart’ phone that looks classy and easy to use yet so hardcore in delivering the goods? No idle moments and always in the loop (plus perfect as a birthday gift! hehe)—that’s only few of what the Samsung Galaxy promises. So why do I want to win? WHY NOT!”

  • Wilhelm Brodmann

    I like to win this phone.I like android and got the galaxy SL. It rocks. The new phone will be the best and a flagship for Samsung. I hope the best for Samsung.

  • Carreen Walton

    I neeeeeeed an Android Blackberry isnt cutting it at all and i’m a business woman and need the best that is out there

  • Vishal

    Galaxy S III is one of the best android smartphone and I need it badly :)

    I hope I win it :)

    Best of luck for the success of this contest

  • dale

    Hmmm! wud love the new android device :) i hav the galaxy s at the mo and can say its the BEST phone ive had! every1 i know including my better half hav the iphone 4 and all laugh at my android device!! but whilst they payin for there itunes im getin tunes for free :) the only thing theyve missed on the galaxy s is a flash for the camera :( but wud stil pik this phone over the iphone 4 anydays :))

  • Naren Dran

    I hope i win this time

  • suraj jain

    Done.. all 15/15.. Hope i win it.. havent won anything worthwhile in this century

  • Amit Shaw

    Hope i can change my Nokia phone to Samsung…. Anyhow i want to win this. Thanks.

  • Pradeep

    It’s going to be mine :)

  • Puneeth

    Samsung has the highest market share beating Nokia and it is all because of the Galaxy series (and Android series) phones. Hope I would win this giveaway..

  • hein win

    I hope i win this time

    • Yogesh Patel

      All the best!!!

  • Manish

    Maybe make myself a little more mobile. This phone would surely help me in keeping up with my work on the move.

  • Alan

    My Galaxy S2 is my first ‘smartphone’ & WOW! can this little box of tricks perform miracles! Easy to use, brilliant screen & picture quality & even more important, it’s RELIABLE! Don’t know how I ever managed without it!

  • amshak

    Why i want to win:

    Call me a selfish bastard but even though I just bought a Galaxy S2, I want this phone bad. Why, you may ask? Well, there are several variants of the S2, most of them are quite different from each other, but not this one. I got the i9100g, a lesser quality phone with a crappy processor and gpu as compared to the original i9100. It has very custom roms and kernels and doesn’t even have ics. Its full of bugs and even lags sometimes. It being my first android phone ever, I felt cheated and angry. You sir, can help me though! You can help this poor angry child get rid of this P.O.S (piece of shit) and give him the S3 (or the next galaxy phone). I really don’t want the (next galaxy phone (which is S3)) for its specs, I just want a phone which I can customize to my hearts content. Oh and it probably looks really sexy, just sayin’

  • Sourabhh

    Gone were the days! When people were waiting for iPhone! now all wait for Samsung New Launch!

  • imcny

    Iv started with the Galaxy line since the Vibrant, Nexus and Gs2-this stuff is very expensive, yet very addicting..

    But technology addiction is better then chemical abuse (which I no longer partake in) however its just as expensive if not more! And as tech being my new drug for years now, the funds to feed this addiction has worn on me with this economy, and what an enabler would be to just give me the GS3! Enable me! Enable me!!

    (ironically the abbreviation to your site is A.A. lol)

  • Rishiraj Sisodia

    Thanks for the Giveaway.
    I am in :)

  • Brandon Cordon

    I definitely want to Win This Phone! I have the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G and love it. I’ve even used to to get extra footage and inserts during film making. My iPhone friends already comment on what they love about it and wish they had, but the S3 will be the real iPhone slayer. Supposedly it is predicted to compete with the iPhone 5, so it would be pretty freaking awesome to have the best phone in the game. I don’t get to spend much being an indie film maker, but this will probably be the next phone I purchase should I get a good gig.

  • Mohit

    What is the condition to get that giveaway ?

  • Mohit

    what is the condition ?

  • varun

    if i get this phone i will just do videos like you do on many phones i dont have any phone yet!
    so i hope i will get a chance to win the next galaxy because i also want to taste how android is and i want to get in the world of it @advicesmedia please make me win …….

  • Barry Cochrane

    Galaxy S was good
    GALAXY S2 is very good and versatile
    But with Galaxy S3 we’ll boldly go where phones have feared to go – and get there quicker.

  • kaushiik

    Wow, samsung galaxy every student’s dream. You guys are doing great service. Congrats !

  • G. Arumuga Perumal

    I am living with a basic phone, looking for a good phone/tablet, going through androidadvices site for updates on new releases and reviews. Would obviously be happy to get one.

  • fatos

    I want to win cuz i’ve never owned an samsung before and want to see how good android Os is .

  • varun

    why i should win this phone is pretty simple …technology addicted …i already have the galaxy s …and a big fan of galaxy series …the android os is the best one can have …the most extensive one .. keeping my fingers crossed

  • varun

    The reason why i should win this phone is pretty simple …technology addicted …i already have the galaxy s …and a big fan of galaxy series …the android os is the best one can have …the most extensive one .. keeping my fingers crossed


    I’m in :D good giveaway :3

  • Saarthak Sachdeva

    Android Advices, the best droid blog,
    Never leaves us behind, and leaves any flaw.
    The most wonderful giveaways, after all,
    Like the next galaxy, for one and all.
    Before launch, It is a gread deed.
    I feel that It is amazing indeed

    • Amit Bhawani

      Nice Poetry, Good Luck for your Entry.

      • Saarthak Sachdeva

        Thank You.. This is really a very generous giveaway

      • Saarthak Sachdeva

        Sir, I have a small request. Please make the instruction about Google+ sharing clear. Many users had been commenting on the post, and I had been under the same impression for a lot of days. then I understood that the link about the time had to pasted. It is not quite explanatory. Thank You

        • Saarthak Sachdeva

          sorry I meant “had to be pasted”

  • Saarthak Sachdeva

    I am really excited for the next galaxy, because, being a developer, I know the potential of this phone. I follow it regularly, and Imagine if every android device was like this, then the power of android would be fathomless.It is truly the supersmartphone, and I’ll definitely put it to get use if i ever get my hands on it.

    Android Advices is truly the best tech, android blog. Its the blog I refer the most for new apps/games help etc. Even if I do not win, I’ll be glad I found this blog!

  • Taube Adrian

    The best phone ever, Samsung Galaxy S3 !

  • Ralph

    wanna win

  • Wilhelm Brodmann

    I like Samsung galaxy and the android OS.

  • Amit kathe

    just few days left guys , Are you Excited??

  • Sunil

    The phone is very slim and it resembles my size. I think it will be very easy to carry and very useful while traveling. There is second thought about the software and from the outlook, the device looks brilliant. Moreover we cannot ask for more, because its a phone and not a computer! But kudos to the developers for trying to give us a mini-computer on the go.

  • Ahmad

    International Craze = Samsung Galaxy S3

    • Clive

      I never expect to win anything and I’m never disappointed!!

      I bought an early S2 and now many of my friends have one as well. Some of them only bought an S2 recently. I would absolutely love to steal a march on them by having an S3……but, can someone tell me why iPhones have so many devices that you can dock them to and Samsung Galaxies don’t?

  • Vignat Vora

    I own Samsung Galaxy device and would love to get another one as this is the first time I am participating in the giveaway :)

  • Wilhelm Brodmann

    I like android and I will never give up on android OS. I got the galaxy S and I am proute to have a phone like this.

  • Chatwin

    Have you considered about putting some social bookmarking buttons to these blog posts. At least for twitter.

    • Amit Bhawani

      There are already added at the end of the articles.

  • Larry


    • Larry

      Also please remove me from follow up email – too much for email

      • Amit Bhawani

        You can do it from the email you receive there is a unsubscribe option.

  • Rezetane Sidali

    SAMSUNG the word itself contains SUN ,
    well , samsung has so sophisticated devices and machines ,
    hope i win the new galaxy :D

  • casper johnston

    i would like a little luck for once as i never win anything so just hope i do win something

  • Mayur

    yep, Samsung Smartphones have cool features and galaxy series is awesome.
    Let me try my luck on this giveaway, Hope i win :)
    Best of luck to all participants.

    • Mayur

      I would like to own this phone because I never tried Samsung Galaxy series (specially an android) phones and my brother owns Samsung Galaxy S2, and I want to give surprise to him by having this cool device in my hands :)

  • Bruno

    After having to put up with the LG P990; I feel like I deserve the nest Samsung device as a reward for my martyrdom.

  • Bihari Andrei

    Well, I would love to have this since I already own the S II and I’m very pleased of this smartphone.The reason why should I receive the giveaway it’s rather simple: technology addicted.My opinion about what specs the S III will have: nothing.I bet Samsung will surprise us with something very pleasing and performance.I’ve shared and liked and done that sort of things but not sure if that’s the steps…but count me in, I always check your site for news. :)

  • No Real Name

    Around a year ago, i had at least 6 or so Android devices. Some were 2 of the same model for testing purposes, so i could duplicate an issue. The past 12 months, i have had to sell each and every device, without purchasing a new 1, and a fun and exciting hobby became very depressing. Nothin like searching for new updates for devices you no longer own :( Times are tough and work is hard to find and i was hungry. Before the time i was forced to sell my first device, i bought all my phones as soon as they were available and if they were not available here in the US, i imported them. My very 1st Android, coming from Windows mobile like many, was the HTC Evo 4G aka Supersonic, purchased in July 2010. Less then 2 years, i’ve owned 39 Androids all together, with 8 or 9 at 1 time. Not all my devices were activated, 3-4 at the most (at 1 time, 2 yrs ago), most were used as wifi-only devices or toys. To me, ROMs are like Crack, ClockWorkMod is my crack-pipe, and no bootloops are my high :) I’m the biggest addict there is!!! My *only* way to get a new and current device is to possibly win 1 which is why i would like, no love, to Win this Phone from AndroidAdvices!

  • Ashay

    am a avid android lover and also a true geek in terms of technology. am always upbeat with all the latest news in the world of technology and also run a successful facebook group on the same “Technoholics”. And Samsung Galaxy S3 will be a great phone with 1.4 Ghz Exynos 4412 chipset with an overclocked Mali 400MP gpu and 1 gb ram and 8mp camera with a 4.6inch 720p screen and i am sure that i will make use of all its features. that’s how much i depend on android. hoping to win this as cannot afford it on my own.done all the steps. now its up to you guys.

  • saurabh

    Because it is the Samsungs trusted manufactures next flagship device

  • Hursh

    Great Giveaway . Hope I win this time

  • ashutos jain

    entered and done all steps honestly sir

  • Larry

    I just rooted the SGS-4G – with Heimdall over at xda- If I win this phone I will be able to run more sophisticated custom roms by the way ROOTING =greased lightining performance

  • Abel

    This is really great opportunity! Well since I’m from Africa Ethiopia, I will show to ma friends that this Smartphone is Heaven sent! LOL :D

    • abel

      I seriously need this! I am an enthusiastic who wants to be graphic designer and video editor. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance (or afford) to have a device like this which would help me in exploring different ideas and to geek its technologies. Well good luck to all of us anyways!!!! cheers!!

  • shalvika

    Who doesn’t love Android.To have this device is nothing like my dream but if there is an opportunity, why miss it? So I am just trying my luck to win it because it is THE SAMSUNG GALAXY. And after all to win it through a giveaway is a different feeling.

  • shane eaton

    I have had all the galaxy devices and love them they are with out a doubt the best out from wieght to quality hope to win actually get one free

  • kvkskumar

    I really love to own this phone. this is gonna be s3 because even the benchmarks have been released and the rumors are increasing. I really want to own the s3 and start experimenting with it and get the best of its power. Its specs are mind blowing. I really love your blog because you give very fast information and I have been following your blog for very long time.

  • Swaroopa

    One of my colleagues is using NextGalaxy Samsung S3 SmartPhone. It is so good and I really love to have one. I hope I will win the contest and prove my luck here at Android Advices. Thanks for providing an opportunity.

  • Pavan Somu

    Awesome Giveaway.. I would be such a lucky person if I win the Giveaway. Completed all the steps.

  • Raju GSG

    I love to own a galaxy phone and it’s a nice opportunity for me to win for free on i am a great fan of this blog since a year because not only advices how to update your phone to latest software but also advices how to keep your phone safe and secured. I have subscribed to feeds on my opera mini to know the latest news and latest apps for android. i like you guys for updating all android news.
    I would like to win Samsung’s Next Galaxy phone because Samsung is World’s No.1 smartphone manufacturer and the next galaxy is going to be a feature rich phone which will help me in capturing live moments wherever i go, i can keep in touch with my family n friends even when i am abroad and it will be a status icon for me if i win this phone. above all latest Android 4.0 rocks and i wanna taste the flavour of ICS now, will you help me!!!

  • Naser @ Tech Blog

    I am in. Hope to win Galaxy S3. Thanks for the giveaway @Android Advices

  • ginger

    I love this one

  • Oleg

    Can’t wait for this phone – should be amazing! I’ve owned the S1 for a while until it got stolen, and I’m waiting for the next Galaxy phone to come out before I buy it. Of course if I win, that would be even better as I could save money and buy college textbooks instead. :D

  • Mohammed Aamir

    Apart from the great features the Phone has , i would love to start my android development from this device including writing rom’s and kernels and many other mods. So in the process i will learn Android as well. Hope i win the device . Eagerly waiting :)

  • jayakrishnan

    east or west ginger bread or ice cream sandwich you choose it through and the contest is superub

  • Olcay Ertaş

    If I win the phone I would like to give my Samsung Galaxy SII to one of my friends who does not have a smart phone yet :) Good luck every body! :)

  • larry

    Another entry

  • Ton Ang

    i hope you send to the Philippines! hahaha

    i think it will have a larger screen, faster processor and at least 1GB Ram…

  • muhannid khan

    i want this phone because i love the galaxy s series by samsung and i would love to add this one to my collection thank you :)

  • Amit kathe

    Is it mandatory to have an Ebay account in order to receive this prize??

    • Amit Bhawani

      No, we will buy it from the Best Listing and ship it the Winners Address, you don’t have to worry about that anyway.

  • Emmanuelle

    I would really love to win S3 because I’ve been stuck with the Galaxy Apollo for the last 3 years :( because I can’t afford a better one, and would love a phone that will last more then 10 hours at the most and has better specs.

    Either way thanks for all the usefull tips I have seen on your site, it’s been very helpfull.

  • donskie

    I owned samsung galaxy s and Sii i have been using it. Being the education sector it has been a great help. I can browse my documents even when Im not in front of my computer. It’s easy to review things even when you are away. The gorgeous screen and camera gives superb picture that would not let you miss a moment. With the imminent release of SIII I am sure that it will bring the smartphones into a higher level. It will be bring a new way phones and human interact.

  • casper johnston

    i thought id enter but never lucky at any prizes may be il win if i think im lucky

  • Aman

    All tasks done !
    I hope i will win this one :D
    One of the most awaited phones !
    Android! :D :D

  • Mark

    I have your website as an homepage both on my PC & Galaxy S. Because I think it is the best place to get the updated news, firmware & apps for the rest of the smartphone users.And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.We have the best resource for our smart phone like yours.keep up the team work.People who work together will win.

  • Shitij

    I heard the rumour floating around as to the S3 would compete with the likes of Iphone 5.Moreover I have never had apple and android devices and now when #androidadvices has given us a chance to have one,now my dream has still risen from the dark and wish it is fulfilled otherwise it will be shattered and broken into pieces

  • Sumedh

    Large display screen, high resolution, a brilliant camera, a lightning speed processor and android 4.0.These specs are great.It is a great smart phone.I would love to have that.After all,it’s ‘galaxy’ from Samsung….

  • Raghav

    Let’s see what happens..

  • Vineeth PV

    I’d tell you I want you but I don’t know how.
    Once am with you.
    I’ve never heard silence again.
    Now I’m standing alone.

    In a lonely world thinking.
    One day you will be mine!
    I won’t dare to stop thinking of you.
    Until I finally have you in my hand.

    Holding you tight like my Honey baby.
    And I’m dying to have you.
    Cause I know for sure.
    You are mine!

    Great Giveaway!!..thanks

  • Ariff Tajuddin

    cool.. currently working on SII and it’s performance is undeniable!!! SUPERB!!!

  • ujwal

    I’ve been wanting to buy a android phone for a very long time but couldn’t afford it..Now with this giveaway i think i stand a chance of my wish coming true.Thanks in advance :-)

  • Navi A.

    I need the next galaxy to play in, to work in and to get social with amit. It’s just my love toward gadgets and nothing, like to collect as many as I can.

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    I’m really waiting for you my dear S3…………..

  • Diego Gaspoz

    I’m a huge fan of Android advices and devices…

    I hope you guys keep up the good work with the site and all the help you provide us

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    That’s a huge giveaway! Thanks to Android Advices. Hope to win…

  • Ryan

    the Google+ tasks ask for comment in the post to confirm. can’t understand what it means.
    Does it mean i should comment in the link which i shared in my profile?
    Thankyou and really nice giveaway from such a good blog :)

  • Akshay Redij

    Was so surprised seeing a Indian Blog giving away such expensive gadgets which isn’t even launched yet. Firstly congratulations to you guys.
    Lastly, why should I win this gadget. It was my wish or rather a great to get a large displayed android phone and Galaxy S2 was the only phone coming into my mind. But, unfortunately I couldn’t get it because of the pricing and stuff, & ended getting a Galaxy S. Was heart broken. I still have that dream of mine to fulfill, would be a dream come true if you guys end up fulfilling it for me. I hope I stand a chance to win.

    Thanks a loads for this kind of giveaways guys! :)

  • tosin

    Am from Nigeria and i know how feature-loaded an android phone is especially one from samsung. I love this phone but i cannot afford it yet so this will be a opportunity for me to own one

  • jason campbell

    no and it will not be out this may next may for the new galaxy

  • Sanchit

    Have been following you playing around online since you has started your blog at Your experience and thoughts helped me define my life ahead of me and influenced in shaping my career.

    I have been working on my own website(a blog before) called Observer’s Paradise ( Not one from the high class family, I had always had a dream to own one of the best devices/gadgets ever produced, but Everyone does not get what he wishes to achieve. Although with your guidance, managed to reach so far in the field, I would be very much lucky and blessed If I could win ‘Something Big’ as exclaimed by Samsung. Although I know the processing would be randomized and It all depends on Luck, Still there is nothing bad in Trying as someone truly said: Try Try Until you Succeed.


  • Swapnil Mantri

    I Definitely want to own one the most anticipated & eagerly awaited phone of the year 2012 ! and after using my beloved N82 for 4yrs now i am in the market for new mobile ! & what better phone to own than SIII !

    • Yogesh Patel

      Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II, HTC One X and Xperia S.

  • Nabeel Panjwani

    I need this phone replace my galaxy s which i’ve had for 2 years. Its perfect for what i need as a developer i would too test apps on the bigger screen to scale for bigger phones

  • Nemo

    I need this phone! I’m an early adopter, it’s in my bones. I’ve got to be on the bleeding edge of new gadgets, and the S3 is the next jewel in the crown

  • Pete

    Pew that was hard finding what to do.Hope I win because I can’t afford to buy myself but would love to own this super efficient device.It is capableof running the world so would save men loads of work and give me more time to play.

  • Amit

    how will you choose the winner?? random selection by computer OR of your choice??

    • Amit Bhawani

      Its going to be Random winner selection

  • Tejas K

    Wow This is awesome . I want to win because I don’t have a Android phone , And this is gonna be the best android yet .

  • Husain Soni

    Well, Im subscribed to your blog since last 6 months but have never seen so many comments or excitement for any of your blogs. This proves how fam. us are the galaxy line up phones. We all love samsung galaxy s3 even before it is launched which shows our trust on this wonderful company samsung that it will never disappoint us. May the best contender win.

  • Karandeep Singh

    Waiting eagerly for the new galaxy super phone. This would be the best combination of hardware and software, better than any other smartphone available in the market. The only reason for which Samsung is known as the King in the territory of smartphones, and again it’s going to prove the same. There can be no reason which I can give to own such an awesome phone. Its the best!!!!!!

  • Vijay

    Hello, I loving Android Devices. Android’s all Galaxy Phones are very cool. I want one of them.

  • shane eaton

    Chace to win the next galaxy what I want to win

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    i always check out android news/advices on a daily basis. hope one day i see my name winning this one. thanks for this great oppurtunity! *thumbsup*

  • Ahmad Awais

    Fingers Crossed

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    Well actually i play a lot of games i need a ps3 psp and other devices . If i get this device it will be the best thing evee.

  • Swaniket

    Simply AWESOME !!! Never even had dream that i could possibly have a chance to get a super-smart phone —-> Galaxy S3 !!! I must thank Android Advices to keep such a great giveaway !!

    Right now I can think of only one good line :-

    “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime …”

    • Swaniket

      Also, today is my birthday … If i win this contest, i couldn’t possibly get any better gift than a high-end Android smart phone !!

  • Adelani

    The current Samsung Galaxymini l have has formed part of my life.Having an advanced model makes life more complete.

  • Amaan Rizwan

    I have a FM colour phone,no sight of any SMART PHONE in future

    So i have hope,that ANDROID advice can change it,its the only way for me left :(

  • Mahesh Makvana

    Samsung has always come with surprising things and am sure that this time, it will follow the same thing and we will see a COOL and Surprising product getting launched.

    I have been a big fan of Android and Samsung phones. I can’t expect a Samsung phone without Android sitting in it. It’ll really be an amazing experience getting my hands on this phone if I win this giveaway.

  • Aakash Gupta

    Well, thanks for that awesome giveaway Amit. I have liked the post on fb, tweeted it, shared in on google + and Linked in.

    My reason:

    I have been using samsung galaxy ace from past 7 months and it looks like it doesn’t have the qualities that a perfect smartphone should have.

    Batter back up of galaxy ace is worst.
    Its 5MP pixel camera is quite good for clicking pics but very bad for making videos.
    Lack of front camera is one of its major drawback.

    So, I’m looking for a perfect Smartphone and I’m sure the next phone which samsung is going to release (Either Galaxy 3 or any other) will have all those facilities available.


  • ziaul

    i wish to win this fone bcos i wait for this for long tym since i heard about samsung galaxy s3…

  • Arvind Passey

    I have a Nokia E72… and with the kind of dives I make into the social networking world + the kind of notes I need to make for my creative writing, I need a good smartphone. A Samsung smartphone will fit the bill! :) Most important, Amit knows this is true.

  • Yash Bhatia

    Been an Android enthusiast since the HTC G1 days. I would love to win an S3 because it is certainly going to be one of the best Android smartphones around when it releases, no doubt about that.
    The cherry on the cake would be winning it from AndroidAdvices! A great phone from an even greater website! :D

  • Mhretab

    WOW, this is awesome! I hope I will win!

  • Tiaan Kruger

    Ive had a iPhone for a while now, but ive always been interested to see how Android(and the Samsung Galaxy series in particular) is. you cant really get a good feel for it on a low end phones. Meaning im left out in the cold. If i win this on the other hand, then its a whole different story. the way i know myself, ill probably end up loving it and even develop apps for it(i am already a software developer, and i have actually started looking at IOS and Android)

  • Adelani

    Fantastic offer!


    I am a biggest fan of yours Amit Bhawani ji.
    I am waiting for launch of this phone from last two months and you had provided it as a giveaway which makes me more biggest fan of yours.I am so thankful of you to start this giveaway.If i will win this phone then, i will not have to buy it as i am going to do if i will not win this. Thanks again for this best giveaway i had ever seen or participated.

  • Harry Larsen

    Winning this phone would welcome me into this century in a big way…….god knows I am lagging behind.

  • Irfan Siddiqui

    I’m in! Will to the daily task regularly hope to win this contest this time.

  • Anas

    Thanks Amit Sir for the giveaway..

    Liked your facebook page, follwing ur twitter and Added u in circles on Google+.
    Adddionaly tweeting abt the contest, updated status on fb.

    I want to win this new handset cuz i love Samsung and thier innovative technologies and i am sure whatever is coming it is certainly a milestone in the book of samsung releases so far…

    I am in the contest now :D fingers crossed!

  • Osho Garg

    Done Every Thing On Facebook, Google+, Twitter And YouTube.
    I Want To Win This Phone :)
    Thanks Amit Bhai For Super Duper GiveAway :)

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    I think i need it, so… just give it to me! :-))

  • Mohsin Ali Waheed

    This is great giveaway and i have done all the necessary requirements. Please consider me in this giveaway.

  • Avinash Bhatt

    The Galaxy S3 would be the best smart phone to have. A size that fits well at the same time has a large display screen, fantastic resolution, a brilliant camera, a lightning sped processor and ICS. What more can you ask for. The ideal phone !!, would love to have one.

  • Jim G

    Really need a new phone that I might be able to use as a tablet…retired and 74 years old…can’t afford to buy one.

  • Saptarshi

    a very generous giveaway Amit. Thanks for putting up this opportunity. Trying my luck, think its time for me to upgrade from my old BlackBerry and would love to get this latest Android else I might get converted to Apple :)

  • Suvechchha Saha

    I hope to win the contest. Done all these steps asked here. I hope, this time i will win it :)

  • empoy

    i wanna win this..cant say anything lol all i can say is want this device yeahh

  • Shieryar

    Hi guys, First of all I thank this beautiful site for all the tutorials they provide for everybody. My first Android phone was SGS and I didn’t know how to root or install custom rom but believe me the only site that helped me and give the idea about rooting and install custom ROM was the AndroidAdvices.

    My first android phone was a used SGSI, I used to play games, surf internet, send sms alot ….but its RAM wasn’t good enough to do all the stuff, then I sold the used SGSI and bought a used SGSII (Why used one? I couldn’t afford a brand new). SGSII is pretty fast but still a second hand and a has a lower dpi. Since I am a Galaxy S series user I will surely buy a SGSIII so I have to wait a year or two that I could buy a used SGSIII. It would be very awesome that I could have a brand new SGSIII in its very early release and benifit from its very new features.

    I hope that I could win the contest, I still love you guys and I even don’t miss a single post cause I am following you guys throug RSS.

  • Govind Choudhary

    Wow !! Again a great giveaway bro.Count me in.Waiting for the result ;)

  • Manish

    Wish I Win !!!

  • Nikhil

    I just love android mobiles, specially Galaxy mobile phones…and more over your website which gives all the users plenty of information and keep updating the users with new technologies…I would love to keep myself updated with the new technologies, so I want to win this mobile.

    Thank You,
    Nikhil Gupta Bojja.

  • Rommel Majumdar

    I wanna win to put this device to the ultimate test as Samsung phones are simply the best & Android Advices helps me out with the rest….. :D

  • Rommel Majumdar

    I wanna win to put this device to the ultimate test as samsung Phones are simply the best & Android advices helps me out the rest….. :D

  • aatif

    Amazing !! I hope i will win this :D

  • Saeed

    I am using Glaxy Note from the day it launched officially …earlier to his have used Glaxy S2 as well …& & & & love to have Glaxy S3 as a giveaway …because Glaxy with Android is ROCKING :)

  • Abdulsalam

    Yahoo! Just another awesome giveaway.Hope this time i should win it.I am really fond of gadgets

  • Siddanth

    Really excited with the specs of S3 and when it will be launched on may 3rd the prices would be a bit high and my adsense earnings have dropped from past few months.By s3 i can mod and review my devices with different roms and do a blog post on the roms which will help me get traffic to my site.Hope to win this..

  • Mishkat

    Well, I really want to have the next galaxy because I want to build Custom Roms & kernels for my Galaxy SL GT-I9003. Since it’s the only phone I’ve got, that’s why I’m afraid of testing my things in fear of bricking it. If so, I’ll be loosing the only phone I’ve got. So, if I’m given the giveaway, I’ll be able to test my things on my Galaxy SL without having the fear of loosing phones (since i don’t have to worry because I’ll still have the next galaxy for day to day work). So, it will be helpful for me to concentrate on my works if I get the next Galaxy cause then I don’t have to worry about having no Android at all if I mess up with SL. And besides, Android has become a part & parcel of my life & can’t think of a day without using my Android. And, you guys are the first to introduce me with knowledge about Androids, ROMs & Custom ROMs & XDA too. Now I’ve become a genuine enthusiast about Android & trying my best to be a good developer. If my friends ask me about getting info about flashing Roms & getting Custom Roms, I just recommend them over XDA because I trust you folks (I trust XDA Guys too but the procedures they give are sometimes hard for new people to understand) & you guys ensure the safety of our devices, giving us warnings & keeping the tutorials easy & simple enough to understand by everybody.

    So, I’m hoping for the best. And thanks for arranging this awesome Giveaway. Keep up the good works & keep us posted.

  • natasha phiri

    Wow!! I would love to win the s3 galaxy. I am from zambia and am a huge fan of samsung android phone. Hope i am the chosen one.

  • Sarvanshu

    Best of luck !

  • Hairunizam Mohamed Salleh

    great giftaway to win… GL to all

  • Alaa Eldin Omar Elhalaby

    I’m in because I need the PERFECT phone.
    about your question i think it will look like it in terms of the frame size around the screen but not the overall design :)

  • Husain Soni

    hey android advices what an amazing contest organized by you. I hope I win this phone as I have been following your rumour roundup since it have started and Im realli eager to get a hands on and use this phone personally. Thank you.

  • jef


    I’m hoping to win this giveaway.

    Since I accidentally found this site through Google of course, it became my daily routine to check the site for the daily updates.

    When my first and only andriod phone( samsung galaxy,as a gift ) came last year, I didn’t know anything about android. But thanks to this site, I quickly learned a lot. I immediately subscribe and bookmark the site. Checking updates once or twice daily.

    I’m scared to root my device at first , but after reading the tutorials and comments, it gave me the courage to do so.

    thank you…

    jef/ Philippines

  • parth b

    way to go..if i win…trust me….i will see to it that the blog becomes more famous and believable….unless i don’t win…people may not believe….

  • linsonl

    I love android phones from samsung. I trust this site. It keeps me update wi with all that in the android world

  • Tanmoy

    I just want to win

    • Yogesh Patel

      All the best to you!!

  • Paras Sidhu

    Awesome giveaway… I need this phone because it will be my first android phone and I am a developer. So, I want to make apps for Android devices. Thats why I need this phone. Hope for a good result :)

  • mac

    Why I want this great device? Because I’d like to develop a great ROM for it. Thanks for your giveaway!

  • Sandeep

    We all know what SG_II is capable of and how it nearly ended the domination of Apple iPhones. Really very much excited and can’t wait to check what the next SG series would be featured and packed with.

  • silas Missole

    As a technology enthusiast, and reading most of the comments on this upcoming phone,it is the beast of phones,simply a monster,the most powerful handheld device,what more can one ask forr!?

  • Larry

    I have been using samsung phones for awhile
    and just recently upgraded to a smart phone from a samsung Beat

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S 4G – which i am sure everyone knows
    does not have the latest android OS – which in my opinion
    is irresponsible (Samsung) phone not that old – Anyway I would
    like to win this phone to have the latest tech – as to explore
    everything a smart phone can -I really enjoyed learning Android
    and want to learn more = I am 69 and going strong and want to have a killer phone

  • hanumant waghmare


  • Naveed

    May be this kind of design … But samsung is the most optimistic friend and companion of human life these days ..cant live without samsung galaxy … Cheers I wish the best success for new friend lunch …. Cheers.once again …

  • priyadeep singh

    i m nt bieng shown entered bt i hv dun d 2 necessary enteries…..btw its a very good opportunity for people like us to b a part of this giveaway nd get a chance to win the nxt galaxy S…veryyy nice…hearty thnx to android advices fr giving news regarding android fr past few mnths which has been very useful to me…hoping same to b in future….hope the best deserving should get d nxt galaxy :)

    • Amit Bhawani

      Let us know if you face issues performing the tasks, you need Javascript support for your browser.

      • Pravas

        How to complete the last option? it says +1 on Google plus which i already did. And then comment on that link to confirm, how>>???
        what should i enter in that field.?

        • Amit Bhawani

          You would get a link in your google plus account when you comment, you need to enter that.

          • Pravas

            Sorry but I’ve been copying and pasting the post link so far which shows up when you click on the date of the post. Is that what you meant???

            Please guide me if I’m doing it wrong….

            Thanks again..

          • Amit Bhawani

            Yes thats the right way

  • Tommy Salvador

    Hit post by accident anyway I need this phone cause im tired of CRAP PHONES THIS IS THE 3rd Samsung Galaxy S11 E4GTouch These are great if it works – O really need the G3 and can’t really afford to to get one at 51yrs old

  • Barb

    New phones are so exciting and I believe this phone is going to be fantastic, would love to be one of the first to try it. I need a:-) new phone

  • hanumant waghmare

    The android os is amazing and samsung is the king of galaxy s3 having whole galaxy in it.

  • Charles Martell

    I’ve never owned a Smart Phone and knowing Samsung the S3 will have awesome specifications – I really, really, really would love to own this phone.

  • Barb

    New phones are so exciting and I believe this phone is going to be fantastic, would love to be one of the first to try it. PLEASE PICK ME

  • Barb

    Gadgets arex sooo exciting and I believe this phone is going to be fantastic, would love to be one of the first to try it. PLEASE PICK ME

  • Tommy Salvador

    I havw had crap phones my whole life – finally gor an iphone with.ATT – EVEN IT GAVE ME CRAP – NO FLASH rooted it abd basically made it onto a android type as mich as I could – then FINALLY got a captivate -took it back due to overheating – then a tjen wemt tothis GE4GT woth sprint

  • David Ward

    I have been following the trail of the Samsung SIII since September, 2011 through, of course…ANDROID ADVICES, the no 1 tech advice newsletter IN THE WORLD! YEAH! :-). I used an iphone for 4 years but at the same time I had SAMSUNG tv/s. Am so impressed with them I started looking at their other products. My dream is to have an SIII (or M, whatever they decide to call it) as my mobile (smart) phone. SAMSUNG have got it right with so many things in so many areas, the GALAXY series being but 1 of these areas. I am asking Android Advices to help me realize my dream. I eagerly await for each new issue of AA to hit my inbox so I can see whats new and you guys NEVER let me down. The latest was your article on Airdroid. I will beg borrow or steal (Well? Maybe not steal) to win this new phone from you guys and if/when I do, I will ALWAYS repay AA through positive feedback where/when ever I possibly can. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

  • Jack

    If I win, I will be the coolest guy in the Andes of Ecuador … otherwise, a loser!

  • Barb

    I could use a great phone to keep organized and keep in touch with all of my family…love any new gadget,Pleeeaase pick Me!!

  • tiny8sle

    Hey I have been a follower of you guys since I got my galaxy s original the first couple of weeks it was out. It is now running 4.0 and is like a new phone again. Every day I look forward to some new news on the new galaxy s an I am hanging for it. So please put me out of my misery and hook me up with this great new phone.

  • Ankit

    WOW, super like.Hope I win this phone. Thanks Amit bhai for organizing this contest.

  • KennethThomas

    big contest, hope i win this time

  • Amit

    Remember one day i told you that i would take loan against this Device no matter wheather it cost 40k or 50k
    i need this simply because its my dream device, it would be pleasure watching videos,games on huge super amoled screen, besides that i wana taste ice cream OS…
    one more reason is high end smartphones support adobe flash so i can live cricket on the go
    NFC,HD recording,GOODWILL of samsung,thousand applications,power of PC everything in one place
    wow!! i need this super smartphone badly

  • Naceron

    Whay I don’t see myself on the list “who entered”?!!! I did all the steps!

    • priyadeep singh

      evn i m nt bieng showed :(

  • Fahad

    its difficult to find out what exactly the task is….pls explain it properly so tiat max. number of people can participateg..

  • Nitin Agarwal


    Nice contest, giving away the amazing next galaxy…. may be you guys are the first one to do so :)

    Thanks for giving such a nice opportunity :)

  • MY

    Hey folks at #androidadvices. First thank you for this giveaway. I’m in Canada and your website is on my Favorites, the one place I reached out everyday to check out every news related to #android in every subject.

    I would like to win this upcoming New Samsung phone because since I got myself the Nexus Galaxy, I became a huge Fan of Android & mostly to become a huge fan of your site. I think since I discover your website since I got my Nexus, I visit your website before I even watch the Daily News broadcast on TV.

    Voila, cheers :)

  • Hisham

    Stuck with closed source jail.. Want 2 feel the freedom n power of the awesome droid thats gonna hit the peaks.. Love U Galaxy! A Galaxy’s Hero!

    • Yogesh Patel

      All the best for the contest!

  • Anas

    Please specify what are the tasks that need to be performed :)

    Count me in Android advices.. follwing ur blog for past 6 months.

    • Amit Bhawani

      You will find all the tasks in the above article itself. Are others also here finding it hard to find the tasks?

      • Anas

        sorry my bad but i am confused abt the three compulsory tasks and the other optional tasks :)
        I wil be glad to finish em up soon..

      • MY

        Hi Amit!!

        Not hard at all but are we obliged to absolutely do all 3 tasks? What if I don’t have a Fbook account (and really I don’t have one)or a twitter account etc..? I do have Twitter & G+? Will that be enough?

        • Amit Bhawani

          Yes because nowadays its commonly found that everyone has a account at each of those websites, hence we kept it compulsory. Its just a maximum of 3 minutes task to complete everything.

          • MY

            Hear ya Amit! But as for myself I don’t have a Fbook account and not planning to get one neither! I’m good with Twitter & G+. Will that count or I absolutely have to have an FBook account to be able to participate? I hope that I don’t have to have an Fbook account to join the giveaway.

          • Amit Bhawani

            Seems like you are not going to change your mind, made a small change. Facebook is now optional. End of the day this Contest if for all of you. No more changes would be done.

          • MY

            Much appreciate @amit and thank you for working things around and making fbook optional. You guys rock!! Cheers :)

      • William

        You have to login with either your facebook account or your email. Once you do that you will have three options: Like on facebook, follow on Twitter and circle on Google+

        • Amit Bhawani

          Perfect! Thats how this has to be done and if you opt for optional tasks you get more entries which can be done on a daily basis.

  • Jens Wächter

    I like exploring new tech.Make me a geek and send me this phone ;-)

  • Soham Banker

    Really excited for the new galaxy phone since the rumors have started falling out. I would love to own this phone, because it’ll be my first android device, and i love android as i have used many of my friend’s phones. I want to get over Symbian and try Android now it’s too much, hoping to win! Thanks for giving this opportunity :)

    • eric

      how many entries have you made?

  • Ram Charan Tej G

    Wow! again a big contest, hope i win this time :P

    • ashish

      i need an Android device. Because i’m starting out on Android development, and don’t have the kind of money to buy one. I mean the emulator will would ok but testing on an actual device is not the same. There will be changes. Plus, everyone around me owns a touch screen phone, with better everything then mine :P. I wanna win a giveaway for once please!! haha.

      Anyways, may the deserving person win.