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Nexus One–Steps to Install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS

Nexus ONEIf you have Nexus One then you have no reason to feel left out in the race of new and upcoming Android versions like Gingerbread’s latest version etc. as the update will be rolling out slowly and also we will guide you on how you can easily update the Nexus One with the latest 2.3.3 Gingerbread Android version for your Nexus One smart phone here. Please note that before you proceed to update the version note that your device is not operator locked and also make sure that you have created a backup of all the sms, contacts and also the applications as in an unlikely event you may lose all the information in your phone.  Also, most importantly, it’s very important to read the procedure below carefully and proceed for the update as otherwise you will not be able to update your Nexus S with 2.3.3 update though there is no danger of bricking your phone. Also, while updating the software ensure that you don’t interrupt the installation or the processing as this may brick your device or in short may make your device unusable.

Procedure to install Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread in Nexus One:

  • First of all you will have to download the update.zip from here to your PC or Laptop.
  • Now, when the file gets successfully downloaded, you now need to rename the file to update.zip.
  • Now, with the help of USB cable, connect the Nexus One with the computer or Laptop and transfer the update.zip file to the internal storage of Nexus One.
  • Turn Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and just press the power button after which the device will be booting in the white screen with three Android Robots on the skateboard symbolizing as shown below, in the below screen just select the “boot loader” option.
  • After selecting the Boot loader option, select the “Recovery” option in the next screen and that’s it your phone will be rebooting with an exclamatory symbol and the green triangle.Nexus One Recovery Mode
  • Now, press the power button and the Volume up key simultaneously, it will take couple of attempts to get you there. So, now with the help of the track ball, just choose the option of “Apply sdcard:update.zip” and select the update.zip file which you have placed in your phone.
  • After selecting the same, the device will be processing the update and will load the same.

Nexus One 2.3.3Please note that while the process is on don’t interrupt the process as this may cause serious damage to the phone and may also brick the device in a rare case.

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