Nokia X Tear Down – Looks What’s Within this Budget Android Smart Phone – Parts List

The month of March 2014 would be exciting because we would be seeing the launch and availability of the First Android Smart Phone from Nokia and its dubbed as the Nokia X along with X+ & XL. Confused? Well these are not T-Shirt sizes but actual models and we have covered a few articles on them along with videos. Nokia X X+ Hands-On, Nokia XL Hands-On

Today there was a tear down of the Nokia X showing all the parts which were inside the body and surprisingly they look similar to the Nokia Asha or 3310. Check the following image for more.

Nokia X Tear Down Parts

The parts clearly show the front panel, a camera module, motherboard, earphone module, display, removable back cover and around 11 screws. Surprisingly the battery is missing in this tear down, apart from which everything else is quite similar to what was shown in the Asha 501 phone.

It would be a surprise if the price of this phone crossed USD 150 or Rs 8000 because that would make it a hard sell. Nokia Fans who have been loving the Android OS would be ready to shell out money but for Nokia to make a bigger impact in terms of market share they should focus on a better pricing especially at launch.

Check out our Hands-On Video :

What are your thoughts about this new Android Smart Phone and would you be buying this?


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