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Mobile Utilities & Task Killer by Norton which is the pioneer in Antivirus and security protection have come up with an all in easy to use manage tool application. This application manages your device effectively and easily and importantly it’s free to use.

The overall capabilities of Mobile Utilities & Task Killer includes – easy to use app killer, app uninstaller, SD card manager, SD card app backup assistant, battery life indicator, data usage, CPU speed charts, real time battery monitors, memory monitors, network status monitor, track Wi Fi usage, CPU speed, battery status, memory status, network usage and much more.

This application also keeps the track of phone usage include the minutes used, SMS usage, data usage and warns if you exceed your set limit. This also provides a quick access to system information such as Android version, hardware details and network and much more. Finally when you are running out of battery this phone gets your automatically in Power Saver mode wherein your phone will automatically get in battery lasting longer by turning on unwanted functionalists like live wallpapers, Wi Fi, Bluetooth or internet browsing.

As soon as you install this application and run it you will be provide with functions like Apps, Usage, Device and Installer. Its clearly understood that App will give you the list of Android application installed on your mobile phone and along with that it will provide you the – option at the end of each application name to stop it instantaneously.

Mobile Utilities & Task Killer

Coming to the usage tab, it provides you insight of total phone usage with incoming and outgoing calls, total SMS usage with incoming and outgoing and total data usage with mobile and Wi Fi. There is option of Settings located at the top where in you can set data limits, call limits, roaming alerts and lots more.Usage Tab

When tap on device section, it will provide you the battery specifications, CPU usage, network, internal storage details, sd card storage details and the memory details with beautiful graphs time by time which is what I loved about this application.

Device option

When you tap on the Installer option it will search in your SD card for all the APK files which it can find and list it to them. Moreover it also tells the status whether its installed or not installed along with the version number. You can click on the application name and install it directly there itself.Installer Tab

Mobile Utilities & Task Killer Download

Mobile Utilities & Task Killer is a free application available for download at Android Apps Labs. To download it directly on their mobile phone you need to visit the Mobile Utilities & Task Killer Android Apps Labs listing page and then click on Install button to download this application directly on their mobile phone.


This is a great application and all in one utility, it saves your time by providing so many utilities in one application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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