Notify Callers when Android Phone Battery Low / Dead

Last Resort LogoMany times we land in a situation where we end up with a message called “Low Battery” on our phone when we are out. Now this situation can be experienced by anyone, so in this case if you receive any urgent call then how you will notify about this to the caller? Though there are many battery saving tips for your android device we may end up sometimes with this situation. So, let’s check out an application which will do the work of spreading the message about the low battery which is called as Last Resort.

With this application which is called as the last Resort, you will first have to adjust some initial settings which will make sure that this functionality is activated on your device. This application will ask you to set the battery level after which you will be wanting it to deliver the warning message about the low battery, it all depends on you that how much warning level has to be set as the recommended battery level is 4% – 6%. So, after setting the battery level for notifying the warning message, the caller will be intimated about the same. In this application, you will have to set the contacts which you wish to notify, though you might limit the number of contacts which you wish to intimate but the lesser the number of contacts you want to intimate, the more active your device will be as notifying them too eats up the battery.

Last Resort Custom MessageLast Resort Screen

But you can adjust when last resort sends the message, decide what’s best for you either 8% – 2% battery life remaining. Also, with this Android app, you can add your personal message stating like “My phone’s battery is completely dead, i will contact you as soon as possible” or something like that. Also, most importantly, you can add unlimited number of Contacts and can manage unlimited number of Messages as per your choice so that if you want to convey the message to almost your every friend about this.

Thought his process might be bit lengthy and time consuming but yes if this setting up is freeing up the user from the headaches of post tension of dead battery then it’s really a worth. This application is not free but yes with a price tag of just 99 cents this app is truly worth trying as it promises to save you when it matters the most. This application can be easily downloaded from Android Market place.

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