OlivePad launches this week – with Android Froyo

One of the most awaited Android-based tablet devices in India, the first 3.5G kind here – OlivePad is finally coming in this week into the Indian market. The OlivePad VT-100 was to be launched much earlier by the Olive TeleCommunications, but they couldn’t and didn’t want to launch it then as the Android OS was getting a new version, i.e. the Android 2.2 Froyo and they wanted to get the same in OlivePad. So the tablet device now would come directly with the latest operating system version of Google Android.


The device is going to be costing around Rs. 25,990 and would support the 3.5G networks too, and it would even work like a phone if you insert a SIM card. The OlivePad has a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen and many different options for connectivity, apart from the couple cameras (3MP back camera and front VGA camera for video conferencing). Can’t comment on whether the pricing is reasonable or not, as the specs talk in the support for pricing, Froyo being installed in it, and the specifications make it comparable to any other good quality touch tablet made with Android.

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