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Optimize LG Nitro HD Phone Performance by Removing Bloatware

LG Nitro HD LOGOIt was the last time when we saw on how you can root your LG Nitro HD smartphone and in the due course of this article we will be talking about on how you can make use of this root with few tips which will help you to remove the bloat ware which in turn hampers the performance of your Android smartphone. It has been found that with many stock / default applications, the consumption of RAM takes a hit and in turn utilizes very high amount of RAM which slows down the phone’s overall speed. Not to worry anymore as in the due course of this article we will be looking at a work around which will set your device free and the overall RAM consumption will be reduced considerably.

So, let’s proceed to the tutorial which will help you to DE bloat your LG Nitro HD Phone. Before proceeding, you need to ensure that LG Nitro HD is Rooted.

Tutorial to Remove Bloat ware & Optimize the Performance of LG Nitro HD Smart Phone:

  • Before proceeding, you need to Root LG Nitro HD Android phone and then install an application called “No Bloat”. You can download No Bloat (Free Version) or Paid Version from here to your phone.
  • Please note that there are two different versions of this “No Bloat” application, one is the paid one and another is the Free one. To make it further simple, we have mentioned the features below so that you can purchase the app accordingly.

Free version features

  • Disabling and enabling system apps
  • Creating backups of system apps and restoring them
  • Deleting system apps

Full version features

  • Creating a blacklist of system app to delete
  • Batch operation to backup/remove all blacklisted system apps
  • Batch operation to enable all disabled system apps
  • Batch operation to restore all backups
  • Export your settings and blacklist to the external storage to import them later
  • Quickly find apps using the search functionality

NoBloat1 NoBloat 2 No Bloat 3 No Bloat 4

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the application, all you need to do is to just follow the below mentioned image and the list of apps which you need to disable so that accordingly all the bloat ware is removed in your phone.
  • There are many applications which can be disabled which are mentioned in the below list.

-Application Manager
-LGHome (this is your stock UI/Launcher)

Do let us know just in case if you face any issues in the process of removing the bloatware in the comments section below as we will try our level best to sort out the same at the earliest.

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