How to Organize & Arrange Apps in Folders on Android with Custom Icons

Are you looking to organize your apps, widgets and folders that you see on your home screen and panels in a more effective way? In a broad way if you hate your applications been jumbled up randomly and you are looking to organize them accordingly then you are a right place to find the answer.

With Folder Organizer Lite Android application you can group various items on your Android mobile phone which are unorganized according to the labels and customized folders and widgets. This comes with the full support to organize, customize apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts. The organized folders or apps can be shown in a better and organized way on to your home screen panel and this is the way you can organize apps in a better way.Folder Organizer

Here in this article we will go through Folder Organizer Android applications and some of the basic tutorial where in you can create or organize folders, add shortcuts to home screen and lot more.

Create/ Organize Labels

You can create, delete, move and organize labels as well, follow the below procedure to do everything related to Labels.

  • Although this application comes with pre installed labels like Android, Applications, Games, Multimedia, Internet, Apps, Bookmarks, Contacts, users can add more labels of what they want.
  • When you are looking to add a new label, you need to click on the + button above and you will get a pop up menu.Folder Organizer Labels
  • In the pop up menu you need to provide the Label name, further more details and tap on OK button.Folder Organizer Lite New Label
  • There you go, you have your own label create.
  • To delete a label you need to tap on the drop down menu on the respective app list on the right and then select Delete.Folder Organizer Delete Label
  • Confirm your action and the labels get deleted.

That was quite easy to manage labels and organize them.

Moving Apps to Respective Folders

You can move applications which ever you think should be correctly organized by going through Apps from the home screen and tap on Apps list to get apps list on your phone.Folder Organizer App list move

Now following through the drop down menu you will have the various options of Labels, Icon, Rename, Share, Launch.Folder Organizer Apps

Now when you hit Labels, the particular application will move to that labels folder.

Adding Shortcuts or Folders To Home Screen

We are using Folder Organizer to make quick and easy access to the home screen widgets and applications. Follow the guide here to add widget or shortcuts on your home screen –

  • Long press on any of the blank screen on your screen or in the home screen and then select shortcuts or widgets. If you select Widgets, scroll and look for FO Widget or FO Folder Link or FO Item which are the three widgets available.Folder Organizer Lite Adding shortcuts or widgets
  • When you select FO Widget 4 x 1 – Folder Organizer and drop it on the home screen. As soon as you do that you have will have to select the label folder which you wanted to show.Folder Organizer Lite Drag
  • Choose a label and your 4 x 1 widget will be available. Its will look like this, so now I have a better place to organize the games which I play in my free time.Folder Organizer Lite Label
  • Similarly in this way you can add various folders, Items on your desktop in an organized way.Folder Organizer Lite
  • What more you can even customize the 4 x 1 widget by selecting Options. Various themes are available to choose from.Folder Organizer Lite Widget
  • If you don’t like the shortcuts or folders on your desktop you can remove it directly by tapping on it and when you see recycle bin drop it there.

Folder Organizer is available in the free and paid form in the Android Play Store.

Folder Organizer Lite Android Application Download

Folder Organizer Lite is an Android application which can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Lab for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Folder Organizer Lite and then click on the Install button to proceed with the installation automatically.

Alternatively one can install the Folder Organizer Lite Android application easily using the below QR code. You need to point the front facing camera to this QR code when you have ON the bar code scanner application.

Folder Organizer QR Code

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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